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Last week, we received word that Karrueche Tran had broken up with Chris Brown after he posted a racy, candid photo of her online without her knowledge.

Today, a preview of Karrueche's appearance on the BET talk show Just Keke seems to confirm that Karrueche and Chris are done. 

Talking with host Keke Palmer about her relationship with Brown (Because, really...what else would she talk about?), Karrueche fought back tears while describing the ups and downs of their time together, particularly her very public feud with Rihanna.

"I've never dated a celebrity before, so it was very new to me, paparazzi and all that," said Tran. "Even the situation with Rihanna. The reason people tuned into this so much is because it's relatable. It's the case of the ex. We all go through it."

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Chris Brown and Drake had beef at one point, and with good reason.

This wasn't a case of one dude subtly throwing shade at another in song. The two hip-hop/R&B giants both dated Rihanna and the romantic rivalry got so intense that Chris and Drake brawled in a nightclub after the Drizzy reportedly taunted Breezy about banging "the love of [his] life."

Amazingly, Chris and Drake hugged it out and quashed the beef last October and it now it seems they've got a full-blown bromance going on.

Chris Brown and Drake in the Studio

That's Chris and Drake collaborating in the studio together and it's not the first time the two have advertised their newfound love for one another on social media lately.

The truly surprising thing about this unexpected friendship isn't the fact that the two rapper/singers were able to get over the fact that both dated and apparently fell in love with Rihanna. Rather, it's the many ways in which Chris and Drake are total opposites:

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Chris Brown famously crooned that "these hoes ain't loyal." Well, Karrueche Tran may not be disloyal, but she sure is playing hard to get these days.

Completely stubborn and giving Chris the silent treatment, she's still not speaking to Brown following their July 4 fight over that thong photo post.

Moreover, she put him on a "no sex" punishment until he gets his act together ... they'd have to start talking again first for that to matter, but still.

Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Selfie
Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown team up on the most disgusting selfie of all time.

As for where the R&B singer stands on their relationship at this stage?

He'd gladly welcome her back and start fresh ... if she reaches out.

“Chris is my boy and he’s expecting her to call him,” a source says. “Chris loves her, don’t get that twisted, but at the same time, he ain’t no punk.”

“He’s stubborn and still trying to work through his emotions."

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Troubled singer Chris Brown continues to throw around gang language like he used to throw punches at people in/outside of clubs and/or his pop star ex-girlfriend.

This time, he's dropping Bloods references on Instagram:

Chris Brown Gang Language

The 25-year-old captioned an otherwise unremarkable photo of his shoes today by writing, "It's bool! I stand on my own two feet when life gets brazy."

Almost immediately, the Instagram image was deleted.

"Bool" and "brazy" are terms associated with the Bloods, the infamous street gang, who often replace the letters of words that begin with a C with a B.

The rival Crips do the same with B-words. So tight.

Earlier this month, a wild Chris Brown was throwing up gang signs and shouting out the Bloods while drunk out of his mind after the BET Awards.

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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are reportedly on the outs after the singer posted a photo of his girlfriend in a thong to his Instagram over July 4 weekend.

Yeah ... these things happen when you're Chris Brown.

  • Chris Brown Thrusting
  • Karrueche Tran Thong Photo

On Independence Day itself, the two were spotted partying at Nobu Malibu, but later in the weekend, things apparently turned sour. Says an insider.

“Karrueche and Chris are done. They’re not speaking.”

The reason? A very sexy black and white shot of Karrueche Tran in a tiny thong that he put on Instagram. He later deleted the pic, but the source says:

"It seems she was upset by Chris’ photo."

If indeed the couple is broken up over this, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, as there has been strife between them brewing of late.

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Chris Brown was released from jail in early June, and the troubled R&B star vowed he never get locked up again.

His plan was simple: stay sober and eliminate gang influences from his life.

Less than a month after his release, however, he's already broken the first rule (Brown got drunk after the BET Awards on Sunday), and now it seems he's on his way to violating rule number two:

That's Chris throwing up gang signs the same night he was later spotted getting carried out of the club.

Experts say Brown's gestures are specific: he's indicating his involvement with the Fruit Town Pirus - an offshoot of the notorious Bloods.

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Chris Brown was carried to his car after partying at an LA nightclub on Sunday night.

Chris had been celebrating his post-prison return to public life, and was seen doing shots to toast his performance at the 2014 BET Music Awards earlier in the night. 

The problem is, Brown was just released from jail in early June and he's reportedly been staying clean and sober ever since being sprung.

That means between his sentence, his pre-jail rehab stint, and the weeks since his release, Chris hasn't had a drink in over six months.

No wonder the liquor hit him a little harder than it used to!

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Chris Brown was released from jail less than a month ago, and according the terms of his probation, the troubled R&B star is not to partake in any drinking or drug use.

But it looks as though the insiders who believe Brown is "too hyper" to quit partying might be right, as Breezy was caught being helped to his car by two friends after leaving an LA club last night.

Prior to partying until the wee hours, Brown performed at the BET Awards and announced the release of his new single via Twitter. 

The night served as an unofficial return to public life for the controversial artist, who recently served ten weeks behind bars for a probation violation stemming from his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

Brown qualified for early release during his latest lock-up, serving just over half of his 131-day sentence.

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It's official: prison did not rob Chris Brown of his dance moves.

The singer made an unexpected return to the stage at the 2014 BET Awards last night, showing off his style and his rhythm during a rendition of "Loyal."

Say what you want about the woman beater (please!), but Brown knows how to perform. See for yourself now:

The artist, who was released from prison in early June after having his probation revoked, and rumored to fear a Rihanna reunion at the Los Angeles-based ceremony, didn't stop at the above performance either.

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A Chris Brown reality show could be coming to BET in the near future if the network has its way. Executives there are reportedly serious about the idea.

They've already held focus groups to find out if viewers would turn on their TVs for it or be turned off, and it turns out the response has been positive.

Chris Brown Smoking Weed
Chris Brown smoking weed - 3 joints at the same time no less. What a class act as always.

The group, comprised entirely of African-American women, was more or less split, but a majority said they'd watch ... to see if Chris would screw up.

Hey, any ratings are good ratings, as they say (or should say).

According to sources close to the situation, BET has made it clear to several production companies that if they want to produce this show, they'll air it.

The theoretical show would chronicle Chris Brown's life after jail, which involves him liking Rihanna pics on Instagram and other exciting activities.

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