HBO Chairman has got some rage issues. For good reason, Chris Albrecht isn't exactly in charge anymore.

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In the wake of his Las Vegas arrest this past weekend, HBO has decided to cut ties with its Chairman and CEO, Chris Albrecht.

In a statement obtained by TMZ, parent company Time Warner Chairman and CEO Richard D. Parsons said:

"Jeff Bewkes (President and COO of Time Warner) and I believe that this is the right decision for the company. We thank Chris Albrecht for all of his contributions to Home Box Office over the years."

Albrecht, who had been with HBO for 22 years, look a leave of absence as of yesterday, saying he "agreed to step down ... recognizing that I cannot allow my personal circumstances to distract them from the business."

HBO Chief Operating Officer Bill Nelson will temporarily take over Chris Albrecht's duties until a new CEO is appointed.

Albrecht was arrested over the weekend for allegedly beating his girlfriend up outside the MGM Grand Casino after the prizefight between Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Wonder what Rich Eisen had to say about that on SportsCenter.

Yesterday, Albrecht sent a letter to the HBO staff, which stated that he was "deeply sorry" for the Vegas incident, and revealed that he is a recovering alcoholic who had slipped.

Mel Gibson knows the feeling. So does Naomi Campbell... although she would likely beat Albrecht's ass if he tried that crap with her.

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Everyone puts up their dukes down and then.

Mario Lopez likes to spar with Oscar De La Hoya.

Chris Albrecht likes to go a few rounds with his girlfriend.

In the wake of his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend outside of the MGM Grand Casino over the weekend, the HBO Chairman and CEO has taken a leave of absence (voluntarily).

According to the CEO of Time Warner, Richard Parsons, Chris Albrecht has been granted the leave - at his own request - while the incident is sorted out by police.

In a memo to the HBO staff, posted on Gawker, Albrecht said he was "deeply sorry" for the Vegas incident. We should think so - even Jason Wahler hasn't assaulted a woman yet.

He said it was "a wake-up call to me of a weakness I thought I had overcome long ago."

Chris Albecht went on to write that he had been a sober member of AA for 13 years, but two years ago he thought he could handle drinking.

"Clearly, I was wrong."

Albrecht said he will go back to AA and make things right. Just hope he doesn't run into Britney Spears at a meeting and get pissed off at her horrible fashion sense.

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Sitting at home and watching the likes of Eve and Busta Rhymes get all this publicity for their DUI arrests, the other D-list stars out there have to be thinking, "What about me?!"

Guess it's no surprise that the super-uncool "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star, Ty Pennington, was arrested early Saturday morning in Los Angeles on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol and drugs while driving.

The extremely annoying carpenter, a poor man's (straight) Ryan Seacrest who got his start on the TLC hit "Trading Spaces," was arrested at 12:35 AM. He was released two hours later after posting $5,000 bail.

The Ty Pennington arrest news follows that of Chris Albrecht, the HBO chairman busted on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend over the weekend.

Chris Albrecht was in Las Vegas for HBO's broadcast of the much-anticipated championship boxing match in which Floyd Mayweather, Jr., defeated Oscar De La Hoya.

That was unexpected enough - even more so than the Rich Eisen-Alycia Lane-Suzy Shuster drama from last week. Nut the Ty Pennington situation shook our staff to its core.

At our daily staff meeting, the chairman and executive editor of our celebrity gossip department assessed the Pennington arrest with the following quote:

"You can't help families move into new homes when wasted. I expect more from Ty."

No doubt millions of American families feel the same way.

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