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Chief Keef has been arrested for DUI, not even two weeks after he left rehab.

The weed-loving rapper was pulled over in Highland Park, Ill., early March 5 for having expired tags on his 2010 Jeep Cherokee, according to reports.

When officers approached the vehicle, they say that it reeked of pot and, according to our sources, Keef openly admitted to smoking before driving.

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Police administered a field sobriety test and Keef failed.

He was placed under arrest at the scene. In addition to DUI, Keef was also charged with driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance.

The rapper was released after posting $300 bail.

Keef had just left court-ordered rehab for weed addiction in February, and three days after his arrest, he posted a photo of himself smoking weed on Instagram.

Clearly that stint did him a lot of good ...

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Rapper Chief Keef has been ordered jailed by a Chicago judge after the 18-year-old rising hip-hop star allegedly blew off a child support hearing.

If police see him, he will be arrested on site.

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Keef was ordered to appear in court back on September 5 to explain why he hasn't paid $20,000 in child support to his baby mama in the past year.

He no-showed, and the order for his arrest was issued. If police see him, he will be jailed until he pays roughly 20 percent of his total child support debt.

It's not clear why Chief Keef is not paying up.

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Chief Keef, a 17-year old rapper on the rise, was arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct and marijuana possession, according to local reports in DeKalb County.

Chief Keef Mug Shot

Details are still coming in, but Keef - who has performed with stars such as 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa - was reportedly busted for smoking weed inside his hotel room.

He Tweeted not long after his booking that he "Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k."

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