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According to British tabloid reports, Chelsy Davy is on the verge of dumping Prince Harry.

The reason? Davy is fed up with the prince spending so much of his time out partying with his army friend, as opposed to spending quality time with her.

"They are going on holiday together and hopefully will patch things up," a source said. "But Harry likes drinking with his mates. Chelsy will have to resign herself to that â€" or it will be over."

Chelsy Davy, Harry

As brother William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton can relate to, Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are going through a rough patch.

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If there were doubts about the status of Prince Harry's on-again, off-again relationship with Cheslsy Davy, this should erase them for good.

The 22-year-old student - who split with her royal beau briefly in November - was a special guest as Harry received an army honor Monday.

As Chelsy Davy looked on, beaming proudly, Prince Harry, 23, was handed a campaign medal for his service in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry

A file photo of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy.

The blonde Zimbabwean sat with Prince William, 25, a fellow lieutenant in the Blues and Royals, to watch the ceremony led by Harry's aunt, Princess Anne, in the less-than-glamorous surroundings of his Combermere Barrack.

Prince Harry - dubbed "Hero Harry" in the British press - blushed slightly as he chatted with Anne while she pinned the medal on his left lapel.

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Celebrity gossip tabloids, in compliance with the Ministry of Defense, had agreed on a reporting embargo regarding Prince Harry's recent deployment to Afghanistan.

Therefore, girlfriend Chelsy Davy was understandably concerned when it was reported Thursday the 23-year-old prince had been serving there since December.

"She was so worried when his location was revealed unexpectedly," a source told Us Weekly. "The worst kind of things had been going through her mind."

Chelsy Davy in a bikini. No wonder Prince Harry doesn't wanna die in war.

Before Prince Harry left, he called Davy to reassure her that he was safe.

"It was one of the happiest and emotional moments of her life," the insider said.

"She was in a state of ecstasy and tears. Honestly, the things she had been thinking in the hours running up to that moment. All she wants now is to see him again â€" it's been such a long time."

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What caused the split between Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry?

According to entertainment news reporters in Great Britian, Davy dumped Harry after she found text messages to another woman on his cell phone. However, the pair have been in touch with each other the past few days.

Does that mean hope remains? After all, Kate Middleton and Prince William also broke up for a period of time and then got back together.

"Chelsy was - and still is - the love of his life," said a friend of the 23-year-old Prince.

Chelsy Davy Picture

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Celebrity gossip rags in Great Britain must be having a blast these days.

First, of course, Heather Mills went insane on national TV.

Next, Sir Paul McCartney started making out with Nancy Shevell all over the place.

Now, Prince Harry and his girlfriend of more than three years, Chelsy Davy, have broken up, according to reports in London newspapers.

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

What caused the split? Supposedly, Davy was upset with the prince's playboy lifestyle, including his attending the rugby world cup final in Paris in October instead of celebrating her birthday with her.

As People magazine states, the couple met during Harry's gap year between school and joining the army. They spent a lot of time in Africa, camping out and watching the wildlife on exotic safaris in countries such as Botswana.

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Princess Diana was honored last night - but it was two other British women that really made news.

And, no, for once we're not talking about consistently nude English models such as Keeley Hazell or Lucy Pinder.

The Royal Wedding Couple

Chelsy Davy who has been dating Prince Harry for about three years, planted a smooch on her man during the show, while Kate Middleton smiled supportively at Prince William from just two rows behind her concert-promoter boyfriend at Wembley Stadium.

While the former couple has been solid for years, Middleton and William have recently been seeing each other again after breaking off their five-year relationship in April, friends have told People magazine.

Dressed in a white trench coat and a black-and-white print dress by Issa, Middleton rocked out to the show among the other young royals and friends, putting her arm in the air to "Shine" by former boy band Take That and grooving to Lily Allen and Nelly Furtado.

Kate Middleton plays the role of loving girlfriend during the concert honoring the late Princess Diana last night in Britan.

The charitable concert â€" held on what would've been Diana's 46th birthday, 10 years after her death â€" was opened by the princes, with a rousing "Hello Wembley!"

"This evening is about all that our mother loved in life â€" her music, her dance, her charities and her family and friends," Prince William told the 60,000-strong crowd, after being introduced by Elton John.

Meanwhile, Army officer Harry mindful of those he would have been serving alongside in Iraq had he been able to go, added a word of praise: "I wish I was there with you. I'm sorry I can't be. To you and everyone on operations we'd both like to say stay safe."

David Beckham, soon to start his soccer career with L.A.'s Galaxy, got one of the biggest cheers of the night when he stepped onstage. Before he introduced Take That he called the evening's hosts "truly remarkable. The nation should be proud of them."

The show included acts from Diana's era (Rod Stewart, Supertramp and Bryan Ferry) and those from her sons' (Diddy, Kanye West and Fergie).

If they had asked her to contribute, it's safe to assume Sam Cooke would have bared her large breasts, as well.

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We apologize to Prince Harry.

The Hollywood Gossip staff has done an efficient job covering the love life of his brother, Prince William. But the only time we've even mentioned Harry was in a less-than-serious comparison of princes that included Michael Jackson's son.

Two Princes

Time to make amends: here's Harry at a cricket game with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The couple looks pretty serious, having gotten to first base in the photo above. While marriage might not be on the twosome's minds - as it reportedly is for William and Kate Middleton - it's nice to see a pair so smitten.

Unlike Chris Richardson and Lauren Conrad, this couple appears to have long-term potential.

Chelsy Davy Biography

Chelsy Davy Photo Chelsy Davy looks to be quite smitten with Prince Harry. You see a lot of Chelsy Davy photos in which she is all over the Prince. Or at... More »
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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