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Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and celebrity gossip commentator Chelsea Handler are in the midst of an awesome feud. Here's the rundown:

Handler wrote that "Michelle really believed that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were separated and was 'shocked' to see them at the Oscars. I guess she doesn't read magazines, which makes sense since she basically has one on her face."

Good one. Offended by the tattoo joke, McGee then retorted on Facebook that Handler should "use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin... I've seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken."

Harsh. Handler then addressed those comments on Wednesday's Chelsea Lately, wrinkling her forehead and quipping, "look at my forehead you dumb bitch!"

It gets better still.

Michelle McGee is no fan of Chelsea Handler lately... or ever.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee went on the offensive on Facebook, writing: "Dear Chelsea, glad to see my grandma's old clothes put to good use in your wardrobe." Oooh.

"Her mu-mu's look AMAZING on you. P.S. You need to hire another midget to hold up those saggy boobies. All that breast feeding Chuy has really taken its toll."

Chuy Bravo is Handler's personal assistant who appears on her E! show.

That was a low blow. Your move, Chels. Make it a good one!

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From a Barbara Walters special to The View to the So You Think You Can Dance finale, Adam Lambert is everywhere.

The controversial singer may have his detractors, but Chelsea Handler sure isn't one of them.

Lambert appeared on her E! talk show last night and shared many laughs with the host, who isn't exactly the most conservative person on the planet. As you can imagine, she's fully on Adam's side, even offering up a gay employee as a possible boy toy for the star.

See what we mean in the video below:

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Kourtney Kardashian is scheduled to give birth next month.

But don't worry, readers: her sister may get knocked up and take over the family's tradition of milking every possible second of pregnancy for money and attention.

Appearing with Chelsea Handler on E!'s Chelsea Lately, Lamar Odom said he was anxious to drop his seed inside his wife like a basketball through a hoop.

Asked when the couple wanted to have kids, Lamar replied: "Soon." When the host followed up by asking if they really wanted to have children right away, Odom again chimed in:

"I do!"

Incredibly, Odom didn't need to read this line of a cue card this time, as he likely did during his contrived wedding to Khloe.


Because little, talentless, attention-starved kids running around isn't a scary enough thought, Khloe said she and her husband are considering a reality show.

"Ryan [Seacrest] has been talking to us about it. I mean, right now, we have so much going on, but we don't know. We've got to get through the holidays, and then we'll discuss it again after that."

What does Khloe Kardashian possibly have going on?!?! Sigh. Watch the full interview after the jump.

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One is a comedian.

The other is a Dancing Star.

But readers of Playboy will get a chance to see both Chelsea Handler nude and Joanna Krupa nude in the very near future.

There will be two different covers of the magazine's December issue this year, as Christmas comes early in the form of a pair of scantily-clad blondes. See for yourself:

  • Joanna Krupa, Playboy Cover
  • Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover

But what if this wasn't the case? What if Playboy made subscribes choose between Krupa and Handler?

Which of these women would you rather strip down and saddle up?


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Chelsea Handler will be on the cover of Playboy in December.

Thanks to Jay Leno making a few calls to his connections, we now know what the cover of the issue (which will also feature Joanna Krupa nude) will look like.

Jay surprised Chelsea Handler with an enourmous version of the E! personality's cover, featuring the Chelsea Lately host (who quit drinking for "like a day and a half" to get in shape) standing in some faux snow, clad in a white bikini ...

Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover

Chelsea Handler in Playboy. Would you wanna handle her?

The holiday-themed issue should make for quite a nice stocking stuffer. What we wouldn't give to find this under the mistletoe. Okay, not really actually.

Prior to the cover being unveiled, she joked that she was excited, particularly for her dad, who was going to love it "because he thinks I'm very sexual."

She's better looking than she is funny.

Still, upon seeing it, she got laughs by saying "We need the guy that airbrushed me to come back." Here's the video of Chelsea Handler's Playboy cover ...

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Last night on E!'s Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler got Kristin Cavallari in the hot seat and talked about how The Hills is, like, all totally real. Yeah right.

Chelsea mentions that since Kristin wants to be an actress, The Hills should be a good fit. Ha. Cavallari then basically said she's just doing it for money.

Hey, gotta respect the honesty.

The host then finds out what the starlet plans to bring to the MTV show. Basically, Kristin says that unlike Lauren Conrad, she actually has a personality.

Oh, snap. She also opens up about Audrina Patridge and Justin-Bobby, and says her feud with the former was because of false rumors about the latter.

Decide for yourself whether Kristin Cavallari reveals a little much "reality" about her feelings for her career, The Hills and its former leading lady ...

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Allure lives up its title this month.

In the May 2009 issue of the magazine, which goes on sale April 21, a quintet of beautiful women bare it all. They are:

  • Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi;
  • Comedian Chelsea Handler;
  • Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku;
  • Actress Sharon Leal;
  • True Blood star Lynn Collins.

Why pose nude, Lynn?

"Women with confidence in their bodies are the sexiest thing, so I put on my cape of courage and did it. It was quite liberating!"

It was quite sexy, as well.


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If there's one thing we've learned in a year and a half in the celebrity news business, it is that Britney Spears and no pants go hand in hand.

If there's a second thing we have learned, it is that trying to make jokes about race can get you in a lot of trouble - right, Michael Richards?

Comedic Handler

Last night, outside of Hollywood hot spot Koi, alleged comedian Chelsea Handler tried to do the same thing and, like Kramer, failed miserably.

Handler was approached by two cameramen - one of whom was Chinese, and the other (from TMZ) was African-American. Chelsea quipped that it was "crazy that you guys all travel together, Asians and Blacks. That's amazing."

It sure is. It's also amazing that someone would say that.

Then, after a failed joke about Dog Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter), somehow a question about Britney Spears turned into Chelsea Handler commenting that the Chinese photographer in front of her was from "Vietcong-nam."

When it was pointed out that he was, in fact, Chinese, not Vietnamese, Chelsea Handler said, "Whatever." Yeah. That sort of "humor" never leads to trouble.

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She may not be Jenna Jameson, but adult film star Kelly Madison is trying to make a name for herself outside the world of threesomes and butt plugs.

The owner of the supposedly popular PornFidelity DVD series appeared on E! Entertainment's Chelsea Lately last night to discuss celebrity gossip, news and more.

Chelsea Handler Nude

The program is a half-hour, late-night show that takes an irreverent look at news and celebrity stories. Host Chelsea Handler interviewed both Madison and her husband Ryan about their marriage, their open relationship and their porn career together.

Readers have heard of Jenna Jameson and Kendra Jade, but Kelly Madison is trying to go from porn to mainstream, as well.

Before going on, Kelly said "we just plan on talking with Chelsea about our lifestyle and our relationship... I hope to delve into why most Hollywood couples can't stay together and why adult couples seem to last longer. I think, with relationships in the adult industry, the cat is already out of the bag, no mystery."

So that's the key! If Kim Porter and Diddy has just shot adult movies together, they'd still be a couple.

Makes us wonder why Ray J and Kim Kardashian didn't last.

Kelly continued: "We do shoots and work together, whereas Hollywood stars tend to go off by themselves and are forced to work with people they may or may not spark a romantic relationship with. Professionally and romantically, Ryan and I have an open relationship."

Sounds like that means Madison - and her supposedly natural 34 FFs that make the late boobs of Anna Nicole Smith seem tiny - are available. For the occasional bedroom games, at least.

While Kelly enjoys talking about celebs in the news and offering her insight, she's also a businesswoman. She handles the finances of her rapidly growing adult enterprise, and attributes that growth to the couple's sexual and fiscal prowess.

"I try to promote and support the adult industry as much as possible," Madison said. "It's done well for me financially, and I have always been thankful for my success."

Sounds like a different, often-nude Madison, Playboy's Holly Madison, could learn a thing or two from Kelly.

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Chelsea Handler dishes out all the latest celebrity news, rumors and gossip for E! So you know she's in the good books at The Hollywood Gossip.

Part Sarah Silverman, part Kathy Griffin and all sass, E!'s resident funny lady is kicking off her second season at the network as host of Chelsea Lately, a nightly chat fest recapping some of day's most salacious gossip and celebrity news.

Handle This

With week one's guest list boasting bold-facers like Shar Jackson, Bai Ling and Scott Baio, Lately is one show we're anxious to stay up past our bedtime for.

Us Weekly recently talked to Handler during a break from rehearsals for Chelsea Lately, which premieres tonight at 11:30 p.m. Here's her scoop.

Us: What's the deal with Chelsea Lately?
Chelsea Handler: We want to have really current about the celebrity news of the day and be able to talk about what happened on TV last night. I want people to do ridiculous interviews. I want the guy who stayed next door to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at some hotel in Italy or the concierge who's willing to get fired after he gives us an interview.

Us: How did Paris Hilton's lies to chat with Larry King rate?
Chelsea Handler: Even what she wants to talk about she doesn't know how to talk about, so I don't want to waste people's time by having interviews like that when people are promoting something. I don't want my show to be a stop on their press tour, I want it to be a stop after their tour is over, their movie opened and it tanked. I want people to come on and have nothing to lose, because I'm not worried about people coming back.

THG NOTE: We're looking forward to the Britney Spears appearance already!

Us: The show will fit well in E!'s summer lineup.
Chelsea Handler: This is just what E! needed - some late night thing to zap off the rest of the day. All they're doing is reporting on the silly things that happen with Hollywood gossip all day and we're missing someone closing the night out. Late night's better for me because I can get away with a lot more. It's a perfect marriage.

Us: Lastly, what types of topics are you most anxious to discuss?
Chelsea Handler: I'm actually looking forward to a new wave of jackasses. With Lindsay Lohan, Paris and Britney, I'm running out of material. I'm ready for a Hayden Panettiere or Hannah Montana [Miley Cyrus] to step up to the plate. I'm bored and I'd like to move on!

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