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Hmmm... what's the opposite of winning?

A week after his new sitcom posted historic numbers for FX - becoming the network's most-watched premiere of all-time - Charlie Sheen and Anger Management plummeted back to reality last Thursday night.

The third episode of the series brought in 3.37 million viewers overall, a 38 percent drop from the prior week. A similar decline was experienced in the coveted advertiser demographic of 18-49-year olds, as 35 percent fewer (2.65 million) tuned in for week two.

Charlie Sheen on Anger Management

Still, if the latter figures hold steady, Anger Management will be considered a wild success for a cable comedy, on par with Wilfred (2.5 million) and way ahead of Louie (1.4 million).

Prepare yourselves if this comes true, people: FX has signed an unusual deal with Sheen that promises an addition 90 - yes, 90! - episodes if the sitcom is picked up beyond the initial 10.

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Rick Calamaro, the former assistant and close friend of Charlie Sheen's who many believed took part in the actor's past drug binges, has been found dead.

As first reported by TMZ, Calamaro's body was found in his Los Angeles apartment yesterday, although it's believed he'd been deceased for many days.

Moreover, according to authorities, "numerous pain medications and an open bottle of alcohol," were also found at the scene.

Charlie Sheen Smoking

Calamaro was a club promoter who befriended the actor many years ago.

He accompanied Sheen to New York City for the infamous October 2010 incident with Capri Anderson at the Plaza Hotel, where police were called, Anderson ended up locked in a bathroom and Sheen ended up in the hospital.

No word yet from Sheen's camp, but our thoughts go out to Calamaro's family.

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His anger not managed over a story this week that claimed he trashed a NYC hotel room, Charlie Sheen is considering legal action against those who reported the story.

As reported on Wednesday, a couple news outlets claimed that the actor went ballistic inside the Ritz-Carlton, partying the night away with prostitutes and pretty much acting like Charlie Sheen circa 2010.

But hotel representatives then came out and denied the story, inviting Sheen to stay there again any time in the future.

Charlie Sheen on GMA

Sheen spoke to TMZ about the allegations and said he's been so busy promoting his new show on FX (did you watch the Anger Management premiere? It was abysmal.) that he simply has no time for drugs and hookers.

He also shot down reports that he flipped out on his daughters after they refused to walk a red carpet with him and ex-wife Denise Richards for what Sheen hoped would be a PR-friendly photo op.

In response to these supposed lies, Sheen is considering a defamation lawsuit to get to the bottom of who initially leaked the bogus tale.

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Charlie Sheen says he's a changed man who is no longer winning. But it may take awhile before the public believes him.

The actor's rep has come out and shoot down reports that Sheen repeated his performance from October 2010, when he trashed a NYC hotel room and got into it with a call girl while on a trip with his ex-wife and two daughters.

This time, once again, Sheen has been accused of abandoning Denise Richards and his kids in favor of a wild party at the Ritz-Carlton with female escorts. HOWEVER....

Charlie Sheen Red Carpet Pic

... Sheen's rep tells Us Weekly that any such claim is simply false:

"Charlie did not trash his hotel room. He checked in to room 2207 on Friday and checked out of room 2207 today. Charlie was not told that he is no longer welcome at the Ritz Carlton."

A spokesperson for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company also backs this story, saying: "The hotel room was in pristine condition on Friday, June 22 and remains so today Tuesday, June 26.

"Should Mr. Sheen wish to book a room in any Ritz-Carlton hotel in the portfolio, we would be delighted to host his stay."

Okay then. This is probably very good news for Sheen's comeback attempt (his new FX series, Anger Management, premieres tomorrow night), but far more boring news for celebrity gossip sites around the world.

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Would you vote Charlie Sheen for President of the United States?

Or perhaps this is a more realistic question: Would you watch a movie in which Charlie Sheen plays the President of the United States?

Director Robert Rodriguez has cast the controversial actor in that exact role for the upcoming Machete sequel, Machete Kills, posting a photo of himself and Sheen on Twitter last night along with the announcement:

Charlie Sheen and Robert Rodriguez

Machete Kills will be a follow-up to the 2010 action thriller and once again star Jessica Alba as Sartana Rivera, along with Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez. Michelle Rodriguez and Amber Heard will also play (HOT!) roles.

No release date has been announced for the sequel, but production gets underway next month.

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Charlie Sheen and Playboy.

A year ago, if you heard this actor and this publication's name in the same sentence, you'd likely envision some sort of drug-filled romp with naked women.

But in another interview to promote his upcoming FX sitcom, Anger Management, Sheen has once again come out and admitted something he never would have said in 2011: he was never winning.

Charlie Sheen Playboy Pic

Featured in the July/August double issue, Sheen tells Playboy about the crazy events that led to his firing from Two and a Half Men:

“I don’t think it was the show in particular. It was the buildup of all the time I’ve been in the business, the divorces and everything. I started to unravel... I was mad about having to play the game... I finally just said the things I had always been thinking. But in the middle of a psychotic break.”

Among other topics the Golden Globe winner touched on with the magazine:

On the concept of winning: “I was in total denial. It wasn’t that bleak in my head. I felt I was winning by finally being able to speak my mind. I felt that was some sort of victory. And then it was fueled by the insane public outpouring of support.”

Continue Reading...

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Charlie Sheen went freaking ballistic outside the Staples Center on Wednesday night after being kicked out of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, or more accurately not allowed to come back inside the arena after leaving to go have a smoke.

A female, no-nonsense security guard would not budge when the volatile actor tried to get back inside, prompting Sheen to unload on her:

"You know what? F*%king blow my balls, alright, you f*%king asshole."

As pals tried in vain to keep him away from cameras, he said, "Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her."

The guard, who was simply abiding by Staples Center's no re-entry policy, told a celebrity news photographer she told Sheen to "F**k off."

Charlie left the stadium without ever getting back in, ending the evening on a sour note. Not that it was without fireworks beforehand.

On his way in, a fan screamed, "You ever done bath salts?" Charlie's response: "Would you ask me that at a f*%king dinner party you moron? Go f*%k yourself."

After another fan screamed, "Charlie, f*%k all the hos tonight!!!!" Sheen replied, "I thought your mother and sister weren't available."

Sheen claims he was never winning ... but with that zinger, we disagree.

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We're very sorry to all those who purchased the t-shirts, but Charlie Sheen has finally come out and admitted what anyone with half a brain has known all along:

Despite the claims otherwise - and the drugs and the porn stars and the ridiculous Charlie Sheen quotes - the actor was never actually winning.

Charlie Sheen Rolling Stone Cover

"Clearly, a guy gets fired, his relationships are in the toilet, he's off on some fucking tour, there's nothing 'winning' about any of that," Sheen says of his 2011 antics in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. "I mean, how does a guy who's obviously quicksanded, how does he consider any of it a victory? I was in total denial."

Sheen, of course, is going through PR 101 here in anticipation of Anger Management, his upcoming FX series that premieres June 28.

And he does come across honestly at least, admitting that "the sh-t works" in relation to drinking.

"Sorry, but it works," he says. "Anyway, I don't see what's wrong with a few drinks. What's your drink? Tequila? Mine's vodka. Straight, because I've always said that ice is for injuries, ha ha."

Pick up this issue of Rolling Stone for more and decide: Will you watch Anger Management?


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Amid rumors of Charlie Sheen's drug-fueled partying, the warlock was asked point blank if he has been using illegal substances and spiraling out of control again.

He was also asked if he has any knowledge about Brooke Mueller relapsing (something her lawyer passionately denies, saying her trip to rehab is "preventative").

Sheen's response, to TMZ, appears below:

The Warlock

I can't speak to anyone's opinion or judgement.
I was there.
they were not.
their tepid hearsay is a baseless static drone.
a mantra.
their theme.
I refuse to be held hostage by their 'constitutional'
privilege, to judge those who can and who do.


Essentially, Charlie is neither confirming nor denying if he or Brooke is on drugs, nor will he be goaded into responding to celebrity gossip reports ... but he is blasting the people who talk about him as uninformed losers who aren't #winning.

Consider yourselves enlightened.


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Stop us if you've heard this one.

Charlie Sheen has been on a booze-and-drug-fueled bender since he wrapped Anger Management last month, a source close to the warlock said.

The 46-year-old is again partying with "a gaggle of adult film stars" - and for a time, ex-wife Brooke Mueller - at his Mulholland Estates mansion.

Mueller is back in rehab. So out-of-control is Charlie now that some of his closest confidantes have begged him to join her there to treat his addictions.

Not surprisingly, he dismisses that idea.

Charles Sheen

“Yes, Charlie is partying,” a source says. “He doesn’t want to stop. In his eyes, he thinks, ‘I’m having fun, so what?’ The show has wrapped."

"But it is a problem… a major problem. He has alienated his kids and commitments and is effectively locking himself up in a house with women.”

"Even people at Charlie’s house are trying to talk sense into him. He needs help, but he wants nothing to do with it. His rage is coming back.”

Asked for comment, Sheen, via his rep, told Celebuzz to “consider the source.”

In a May 18 Tweet, Sheen - whose new series on FX premieres June 28, wrote : “Done w/ #AngerManagement 1st 10… so this weekend will be epic!”

And the one after, and the one after that, and ...


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