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Gold-digging, man-eating skank media whore or misunderstood mom just trying to get by? Since her ugly split with Charlie Sheen, it's been complicated for Denise Richards - but whose side are you on? That's the subject of today's Face-Off ...


Charlie Sheen on The Today Show


Charlie Sheen may come across as a lovable, humorous fellow because he stars in a hit sitcom and has appeared in hilarious movies such as Hot Shots!

But there's nothing funny about the way he treated Denise Richards during their time as a couple. He allegedly viewed child porn, slept with prostitutes and hated on dogs.

Yet, somehow, Richards is the one receiving flak simply for starring in a reality show. Excuse me? Can you blame the woman for wanting to set the record straight?

This is a single, working mother that recently sent her ex-husband a text message, inquiring about his attendance at an event at daughter Sam's school. His response?

"I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer... Rot in hell you [bleeping] whore."

Richards, meanwhile, has been accused of exploiting her kids by giving them air time on her upcoming reality show, It's Complicated. But history shows that reality TV actually helps the careers of children. Just ask Brooke Hogan or Kim Kardashian.

Just as she did by participating in a filmed threesome for the movie Wild Things, Richards is doing everything she can to ensure the best possible future for her daughters. Sheen? He's trying to replace their mother with Brooke Mueller.

That's why we take exception to the title of Richards' reality show. Nothing about this is complicated. Team Denise all the way.

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As Denise Richards gets set to premiere her vomit-inducing reality show this summer, titled "It's Complicated," ex-husband Charlie Sheen is making simple plans for his wedding.

"No ties at my wedding," Sheen recently said of his plans to have a casual May 30 wedding ceremony with Brooke Mueller. "It's going to be hot. I want people to be comfortable."

Charlie S. Pic

If that's the case, everyone at the nuptials should keep quiet about the charges that Sheen is addicted to porn.

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Charlie Sheen recently told Extra he can't wait to have kids with fiancee Brooke Mueller. There's just some other, well, stuff, that has to be worked out first.

"We're just dealing with what's in front of us right now and getting through all this crap, getting back to our regularly scheduled life," Sheen said. "Then dealing with getting married and having our own family, which is exciting."

Future FX Star

The crap Sheen is referring to, of course, centers around ex-wife Denise Richards.

To say divorce proceedings between these two aren't going well is akin to saying Jessica Biel naked pictures are only slightly attractive.

But Sheen is keeping a sense of humor about the ordeal.

"You know they say this type of stuff builds character and all that and what doesn't kill us makes us bitter, I mean stronger."

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The Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce case is uglier than Courtney Love.

Emails Sheen sent to his ex-wife - and others - after their marriage was long over were leaked to entertainment news outlets and, well, we can't do them justice.

Smiling Sheen

So here's a simple, point-by-point summary of them:

  • The actor wrote: "Go cry to your bald mom, you [bleep]ing loser." Richards' mother is currently receiving chemotherapy for kidney cancer.
  • There were approximately 30 pictures of Sheen in an aroused state that the star allegedly emailed to women (and, according to Richards' assertion, underage boys) he met online.
  • In regard to Richards' parenting skills, Sheen wrote: "You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and evil and a bad mom, so go [expletive] yourself, you sad jobless pig."

We wish we could at least give the actor credit for originality - or a diverse vocabulary - but Jayden James could probably come up with more creative insults than these.

All we have to say is: Best of luck, Brooke Mueller.


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Cat fight alert!

Charlie Sheen's fiancee is not sitting back and letting Charlie Sheen's ex-wife tear the actor to pieces. We wonder how Charlie Sheen's former prostitute friends feel about this.

Sheen and Cameramen

Regardless, Brooke Mueller has come out in support of her soon-to-be husband, bashing Denise Richards for her recent claims, which included saying the new couple announced its engagement purely to make celebrity news headlines.

"It's a shame that Denise conveniently edited my e-mail correspondence to serve her own interests," Mueller said to People magazine. "She would be both mortified and embarrassed if I released any one of her 40 e-mails to me. But she knows my character and humanity and knows that I would ever do such a thing."

Mueller denounces Richards' accusation of Sheen's "inappropriate behavior ... and conduct" including "his attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the Internet, including revealing his private parts."

"Denise's claims are laughable at best," said Brooke. "How would she know? She hasn't lived with Charlie for over two years. But this is a battle we will fight in court, not in the press."

Even if Sheen is guilty of a bit of Web surfing, who among us isn't? And is there really anything so bad about checking out Megan Fox nude online?

The actress is far from unattractive.

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Put the women and children to bed before reading about the latest court filings in the Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen divorce case.

The actress recently asked for full custody of the pair's daughters. On what basis? Well, according to documents Perez Hilton has posted...

Sheen, In Disguise

- Richards claims that Sheen still exhibits "inappropriate behavior… and conduct," including "his attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the Internet, including revealing his private parts." In other words: look out, Hayden Panettiere.

- She alleges that her children don't enjoy their time with their father and don't want to spend the night at his house.

- What about Sheen's new fiancée, Brooke Mueller? Richards takes exception to the way the two handled their engagement, claiming the kids first heard of the father's plans to marry another woman via a TV interview. In the filing, Richards claims Sheen and Mueller told her they "did it for the press… he wanted to get the cover of People and Us magazine."

- The filing also includes a declaration from Richards' childcare provider, Diana Alvarez, she says she has witnessed Sheen hit the family dogs, while claiming the couple's daughter has told her Sheen has threatened to hit her.

Alvarez also alleges Sheen "yells… and routinely curses" in front of the children, and "completely ignores" the youngest daughter, Lola.

Which sounds fortunate for her. Better to be ignored than the victim of a Michael Vick-like attack.

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Charlie Sheen's sperm has always been in high demand... so to speak.

But never quite like this, or so the actor claims. Sheen is taking his custody battle with Denise Richards to the airwaves, telling ET that his ex-wife asked him for a sperm donation.

Charlie Sheen Chills

In an interview set to air today, the Two and a Half Men star says reports that Richards wants more children fathered by him are true.

"There is documentation that I'll show in court revealing the request for my 'donation,'" Sheen says.

On Monday, the New York Post's Page Six reported that Charlie Sheen is seeking to amend his custody pact with Richards in a Los Angeles Family Court.

According to the Post, he'd like a looser custody agreement that would allow him to visit with his daughters Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, without the supervision of Denise Richards' nanny.

The actor tells ET, "I can't be monitored anymore. The type of household that [fiancee Brooke Mueller] and I provide, we should be able to decide if we need help or not."

In addition to unsupervised visits, Sheen said he'd like, "an extra weekend per month, the ability to hire my own nanny or child care provider and no phone calls to the house unless there is a medical emergency... I don't want to interrupt my time with the girls."

Of his ex-wife's seemingly contradictory actions, Sheen pointedly asks ET, "I'm good enough to provide DNA but I'm not good enough to hire my own child care provider?"

As for whether he'll grant Richards' "request," Sheen adds, "I would sooner walk on the surface of the moon in exactly what I'm wearing."

Alright then. Well, Denise, if you get desperate, you can always hit up Kevin Federline. His boys can swim, let us tell ya.


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Brooke Mueller says Charlie Sheen is awesome.

Denise Richards does not share that sentiment.

Fight On Charlie!

The cease fire between Sheen and Richards, who endured a famously nasty divorce in 2006, is apparently off.

The two were recently photographed together enjoying family outings with their daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. However, according to the New York Post, the amicable days are done.

A friend close to Sheen, 41, tells the Post that, while the Two and a Half Men star is trying to haul Richards into L.A. Family Court to get looser visitation rights that won't require him to be supervised.

Denise Richards is opposed to the plan.

"She's doing everything she can to keep his visits supervised by her nanny, because her nanny spies for her," says the source.

Another Sheen pal denies reports that Richards recently went shopping with Brooke Mueller, Sheen's new 29-year-old socialite finacee.

"Denise set it up," says the friend. "Brooke did get a call from Denise saying, 'It's an emergency, come meet me now.' When Brooke met her, there were four paparazzi waiting to take their picture. After the pictures were done, Denise told Brooke, 'It's been taken care of.'"

Richards denies the sources' claims.

"This is disgusting," she told the Post's Page Six. "He is doing this now because he's not happy with me and the custody arrangement."

Richards also was quick to shoot down any celebrity gossip or rumors that she's withholding the couple's children from their father.

"My mom is going through chemotherapy and I asked Charlie if my mom could see the kids before she got really sick. That's a valid request. He doesn't stick to the schedule he has with the kids," Denise Richards said. "That's not my fault."

"I did ask both Charlie and Brooke to lunch to see the kids - he hadn't seen them in two weeks - but only Brooke took me up on it. The paparazzi were already following me, as they do every day, and they took a picture. That's that."

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Charlie Sheen is no Tameka Foster.

That's the general sentiment of the actor's lovely fiancee, Brooke Mueller, as she recently gushed to People magazine about her man and their upcoming nuptials.

Charlie Sheen in Canada

"I definitely want a big wedding," Mueller said. "But Charlie and I haven't planned anything yet."

Sheen and Mueller, though, are in no hurry to tie the knot. "We just got engaged and both of us want to enjoy the journey right now," she said. "We really want to live this part of our lives."

That's the sort of beautiful, profound attitude we can only hope other engaged couples, such as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, follow.

Last month, Sheen proposed to Mueller, a real-estate investor, with an 11-carat, nearly $500,000 engagement ring during their 10-day vacation at the Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica.

"I was totally caught off guard when he popped the question!" Mueller says.

"We were having a romantic dinner in the hotel room with room service when he asked me to marry him. I was thrilled. I smiled all night and kept looking at the ring because it was so beautiful."

As for what attracted her to the 41-year-old star of Two and a Half Men, Mueller â€" who was introduced to Sheen by her best friend, Rebecca Gayheart, at a party in April 2006 â€" said: "Charlie is brilliant and has the most captivating mind of anyone I know. He makes me laugh all of the time, and his witty one-liners are relentless. He is simply charming."

He's also been known to have a call girl habit, but whatever. Maybe Heidi Fleiss has lost Charlie's number.

Mueller added that she's already close with Sheen's two daughters, Lola, 2, and Sam, 3, by his former wife, Denise Richards â€" who has sent her best wishes to the couple.

"I adore both of them and see them often," Mueller said.

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After more than a year of dating, Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend, Brooke Mueller, are officially engaged, People reports this morning.

Charlie Sheen, 41, first went public with Brooke Mueller, 29, a real estate investor, at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles in June 2006.

Charlie Sheen in Canada

Brooke Mueller is the daughter of Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore, and has been seen with Sheen, his children and even his ex-wife for over a year.

The couple's engagement was first reported by Extra and was confirmed by a Sheen family friend. According to Extra, Sheen proposed on a beach with a $500,000 ring.

Sheen became free to wed last November when his marital status to Denise Richards legally ended. The pair have two daughters, Lola, 2, and Sam, 3.

Denise Richards, 36, has extended an olive branch to Mueller and the women have been spotted together on more than one occasion.

"Denise wants her to feel comfortable," a friend of Denise Richards' said. "She put together a bag with toys for her and the girls (Lola and Sam) along with a card telling her she's glad (Brooke) makes their father so happy."

In fact, last night, People reports that Denise Richards publicly extended her best wishes to Charlie Sheen and his engagement to girlfriend Brooke Mueller.

As dysfunctional as their marriage was in its prime, Sheen and Richards have really done a commendable job of remaining amicable towards each other in the year since they separated. It's a lesson many celebrities can learn.

Not that they have to abide by it, of course. In fact, if Britney Spears suddenly started acting mature, what the hell would we write about?

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