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Charlie Askew performed live on Thursday's American Idol results show, just week after a performance that sank his dreams of winning Season 12.

Here's Askew's rendition of "Sky Blue Diamond" from last night:

While he did not advance, Charlie Askew was the big story last week, butchering "Mama" by Genesis and then breaking down on stage in a sad, profound moment.

Ryan Seacrest, pro's pro that he is, handled it brilliantly, telling Charlie:

“You’ve got some friends here. We appreciate your courage and your honesty. There’s nothing easy about having those feelings inside and having to do that tonight,"

Askew proved him right last night, no doubt.

Meanwhile, Curtis Finch Jr. was ousted.

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American Idol announced its Top 10 of Season 12 last night and, to no one's surprise, Charlie Askew was not among the group of finalists.

The contestant suffered through a mini meltdown on Wednesday night, struggling through a rendition of "Mama" and then confiding to Ryan Seacrest on stage that he's really an unhappy individual.

"I was impressed that he was courageous enough [to] talk about it," Seacrest told Access Hollywood yesterday. "But I could tell when he was singing and when he was standing there and the judges were talking to him... he was going through a tough time."

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Poor Charlie Askew.

The American Idol hopeful auditioned live for the first time tonight, choosing the track "Mama" by Genesis. Which is about a prostitute.

But things got even weirder from there: Askew donned a ponytail. And a grungy shirt. And screeched throughout the performance, drawing outright laughter from the judges.

"What happened?" Nicki Minaj asked. "I don’t want to see your arms. I don’t want you working out. I don’t want to see that ponytail. I don't want to see that earring. Lose the mustache immediately. I feel like someone stole my kid. I want my cute, cuddly Charlie back!"

After hearing harsh critiques from the panel, Askew broke down alongside Ryan Seacrest.

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