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Charles Ramsey, the affable hero who rescued the three kidnapped Cleveland women, says he is broke and out of a job - and even without a home.

"I’m broke, bro," Ramsey told the Daily Mail (UK). "That’s the truth."

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The Mail says he was "shamed" out of his home next to alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro by neighbors "who claim he exaggerated his role in the rescue of the girls."

Moreover, Charles Ramsey said he was fired from his job working in a kitchen because customers kept coming in and wanting to shake his hand.

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Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who helped rescue the kidnapped Amanda Berry, became an instant celebrity thanks to his amazing local news interview.

Now, that interview has been given the amazing auto-tune treatment!

Not unlike Antoine Dodson, who was memed all over the Internet following a local TV interview, Ramsey's already epic words are now ... even more epic.

Take a look at Charles Ramsey - who was just eatin' his McDonald's when a pretty white girl ran into his arms - in all his spliced, diced and auto-tuned glory:


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Charles Ramsey, a Cleveland dishwasher who happened to be in the right place at the right time to help rescue Amanda Berry, has become a viral video star.

In a WEWS-TV interview candidly and colorfully recounting how he found three missing women and freed them from captivity, Ramsey's own words say it all:

Some of his best quotes:

  • "I was sitting there, eating my McDonald's. I heard screaming. I went outside and saw this girl going nuts trying to get out of her house."
  • "Bro, I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here."
  • "You've got some big testicles to pull this kind of thing off, bro, because we see this dude every day. I mean every day."
  • "There’s nothing exciting about him. Well, until today."

Soon after Ramsey helped Amanda Berry escape, police arrested three Cleveland kidnapping suspects, all brothers, in the high-profile abductions.

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