Chad Hardcastle is an ambiguous individual. We don't know his real job. But he's joined Britney Spears' entourage and is rumored to be...

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Is Adnan Ghalib a thing of the past?

We doubt it, but it certainly seems that the recently inseparable beau of Britney Spears was AWOL as the train wreck spent Saturday night with her close friend and "manager," Sam Lutfi, and his strange new "pal," Chad Hardcastle.

To kick off their night of partying, Spears and Sam Lutfi hit up one of Britney's favorite eateries. No, not Taco Bell or McDonald's. Jerry's Deli style.

Spears was driven around Hollywood by good ol' Osama before picking up her new "friend," named Chad Hardcastle, over in West Hollywood.

He may not even understand his role in her life, but Chad Hardcastle (left) has been hanging out with Britney Spears over the past week. And Sam Lutfi.

A source reportedly close to the trio was quoted as saying:

"The mystery surrounding Britney Spears' entourage member Chad Hardcastle continues. A multi-millionaire pastor's son from Florida, he's rumored to be the man Britney's companion / manager, Sam Lutfi, wants her to date."

Throughout the evening, Chad turned the tables and took pictures of the paparazzi surrounding Spears. Well, he certainly fits right in there.

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Move out of the way, Adnan Ghalib. Slide over, Sam Lutfi.

Britney Spears has a new friend!

During the awful mother's recent late-night shopping trips, and mid-day church stops, have you noticed a new man by her side?

His name is Chad Hardcastle - and, well, he's not entirely sure what his role in Britney's world is.

Chad Hardcastle is a new member of Britney's entourage. Rumors say he's a pastor's son from Florida and he's worth millions

During a call with Ryan Seacrest earlier today, Sam Lutfi handed the phone over to Hardcastle. Having been by Spears' side during her wild evening last night, Chad was asked the impetus for their after-hours shopping trip to the Kitson boutique in West Hollywood.

"Boredom," said Hardcastle.

And where does he fit into the unstable universe of Britney and company? "I'm still trying to figure it out myself, man. I don't really know."

Well, okay Chad. Thanks for playing!