Catherine Kieu Becker is a 48-year old from California. She is in the news for the most painful of reasons: The woman chopped off her...

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Catherine Kieu Becker faces life in prison for taking the sex life of her husband this week.

We're sorry to relive this incident, fellas, but Becker was arrested yesterday for admittedly drugging the man from whom she's getting a divorce, tying him up, cutting off his penis and sticking it in the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker Mug Shot

She was initially charged with aggravated mayhem, but now police have added "torture" to the list, which is also a felony and which could result in a life sentence if Becker is found guilty.

The woman every male in America currently fears is being held without bail.

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Warning: the following story contains details of a graphic nature. Really, guys, we're not kidding.

Catherine Kieu Becker, a 48-year old woman California resident, has been arrested after she admitted to slicing off her husband's penis and tossing it into the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker Mug Shot

According to police reports, the couple is in the middle of a divorce. Becker laced her unidentified husband's food with some kind of drug, knocked him out, tied him to the bedpost and took a blade to his manhood. She eventually called 911 and cops arrived on the scene to find the man "bleeding profusely."

Becker was arrested on several charges, including aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. Her husband is in stable condition.

Lt. Jeff Nightengale said no motive has been determined, but we're gonna go out on a crazy limb and say the man was cheating on Becker, who told authorities her husband "deserved" to lose his genitalia.