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Casey Anthony is now well versed in credit and debt counseling.

Casey A.

Having filed for Chapter 7 Friday, the bankrupt Casey Anthony owes almost $800,000 to over 80 creditors (most notably attorney Jose Baez, at $500,000).

With only $1,000 to her name, bankruptcy protection was her only option, but before filing, she was required to complete a debt counseling class.

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Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy Friday.

In 2011, Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter in a trial that riveted the country. Not surprisingly, the trial left her nearly broke.

Casey Anthony, Hair

Responding to the bankruptcy filing, the attorney representing Zenaida Gonzalez in her defamation case against Anthony called it a mere delay tactic. 

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Two of Casey Anthony's four convictions for lying to authorities during the investigation into her daughter Caylee‘s disappearance have been dismissed, according to reports.

Casey’s legal team appeared on her behalf in the 5th District Court of Appeals in Florida to appeal all four convictions and ask that they be thrown out.

Crying in Court

A panel of judges found that two of the four convictions should be tossed because they constituted double jeopardy - dual convictions of the same crime.

The state argued that double jeopardy wasn’t a valid reason to reject any convictions because each false statement to law-enforcement was a separate offense.

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Casey Anthony is appealing four convictions handed down for lying to law enforcement officials in 2008 regarding her daughter Caylee's disappearance.

It's unlikely that Anthony will be at the hearing (defendants rarely attend) but the outcome of the appeal likely will affect her testimony in several lawsuits.

Casey Anthony, Hair

Tuesday's arguments will be heard by a three-judge panel of the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach. The hearing, set for 1:30 p.m., will be short.

The panel is not expected to make a ruling Tuesday.

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Casey Anthony, largely in hiding since her 2011 acquittal on murder charges, was spotted dining at a Lake Worth, Fla., restaurant, according to the Daily Mail.

A picture shows a woman believed to be "Tot Mom" enjoying a basket of chicken wings and French fries at a Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill on Tuesday.


The celebrity gossip site Gossip Extra first obtained the exclusive picture.

They report that Pat McKenna, a private investigator who worked on Anthony's case and also helped clear O.J. Simpson, was seated across from her.

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Has there been a discovery of new evidence in the Caylee Anthony murder case?

A news station in Orlando, Fla., says it has evidence "missed by prosecutors" that could prove Casey Anthony’s guilt in the slaying of her two-year-old daughter.

Casey A.

WKMG-TV reporter Tony Pipitone says, “We've uncovered an astounding failure by investigators that left prosecutors unaware of more than 98 percent of a crucial batch of evidence.”

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Naomi Riches says Casey Anthony wants her dead.

She also wants $3 billion for her troubles.

Casey Anthony Diary Pic

The Pennsylvania woman sued Casey Anthony for $3 billion, according to reports, claiming the accused child murderer is "an Illuminati actress" who made threats to kill her and who caused her "severe psychological damage."

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Shirley Wygal, whose daughter lost her life inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 20 and who is now suing the owners of that theater, has hired Jose Baez has her attorney.

Baez is best known as the lead lawyer in the Casey Anthony case. After helping that accused murderer go free, he wrote a book in which he detailed Anthony's perceived mental issues.

Jose Baez Picture

Wygal believes the theater, due to its lax security, should be held partially responsible for the alleged actions of James Holes.

In a statement, she tells TMZ:

"When police came that night with official word, Rebecca's baby asked, 'How did he get in?' Dissatisfied with the answer, she asked again. At just 5 years old, she wants to know how it could happen and so do I. If any entity had an obligation to protect the innocent and did not, then every survivor and loved one left behind must hold them accountable. The first step is a timely and thorough investigation.

"I've engaged a firm large enough to help us all. I am confident in their expertise and appreciate their making this a priority. Rebecca would love these attorneys. As a mom, she'd want her girls to have the truth. As a daughter, she'd insist I find that truth for them."

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Casey Anthony's former lawyer Jose Baez is certainly dropping some memorable quotes in his new book. Among them? That he felt her car smelled like a corpse.

In Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story Baez recalled looking in the car trunk, where prosecutors believed her daughter Caylee’s body was hidden.

“I could smell something rotten," he wrote. "I had been to a morgue before and my first impression was that this smelled like a dead body."

Baez Pic

"I smelled something else, a chemical-like substance. If you took a good strong whiff, it almost hurt your nostrils. 'Oh my God,' I thought."

"'I’m going to have to talk to Casey about taking a plea.'"

Casey insists she did not kill Caylee, and a jury found her not guilty one year ago today, despite various witness accounts of her Pontiac Sunfire.

George Anthony, Casey's father, testified that when he went to pick up the car from the impound lot, he smelled “something that you would never forget.”

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Almost a year to the date of her acquittal, Casey Anthony is living life in seclusion, rarely venturing out for fear she'll be recognized, and wearing the ashes of the daughter most people believe she brutally murdered around her neck.

Her mother Cindy made her a special necklace with them.

Casey Anthony Mugshot

"Casey told me it was the way the Anthony women would be together forever," a friend says, noting that Cindy Anthony wears them as well.

Since walking out of jail a free woman on July 17, 2011, Casey, who must remain in Florida due to probation, has moved around the state.

Now settling in the West Palm Beach area and spending most of her days online, Anthony has put on about 20 pounds, according to the friend.

In an interview with Piers Morgan in June, Anthony maintained that she did not kill Caylee Anthony, and that she's often been misunderstood.

One person who isn't buying it: Prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

"I'm not going to get all weepy at the thought of Casey not being able to go out partying," he says. "She brought it all upon herself, and now she has to live with it – which is incidentally a luxury that Caylee will never get."

On a related note, even Jose Baez thinks she's crazy.

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