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The defense rested today in the Casey Anthony trial, bringing to an end two weeks' worth of evidence presentation and witness testimony. It did so with the Anthony choosing not to take the stand.

The prosecution will now present a rebuttal case, but it is barely even expected to last a day. Closing arguments will follow, with jury deliberations possibly getting underway this holiday weekend.

If Casey is found guilty of killing her daughter, she could be executed by the state.

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Yesterday, George Anthony took the stand and defended himself against allegations that he carried on an affair with a woman who was helping him search for his grandchild, Caylee.

Today, he implied that daughter Casey is behind Caylee's death.

"The car smelled like human decomposition. Caylee was last seen with Casey," George testified, growing emotional. "One and one adds up to two in my mind. I was trying to put all the stories together. "

Casey Anthony shook her head and scribbled notes to her legal team as her father answered questions.

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When the Casey Anthony trial began, her defense attorney, Jose Baez, threw out some stunning allegations against Casey's father, George.

Namely, that his prior abuse of Casey caused her to act erratically, and that he had an affair with a woman named Krystal Holloway who was helping him look for Casey's missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Tuesday, on the stand, George Anthony denied any infidelity.

George Anthony Picture

"She was someone who volunteered at our site," he said. "I considered her a friend. She worked at our command center to help find Caylee."

Why does it matter to Casey Anthony's defense whether or not he had an affair with Holloway? Because of something he supposedly told her.

Holloway told police that during an intimate moment, George confided that Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control."

"Did you say that to her?" Baez asked the father of the accused.

"No," said Anthony. "I didn't confide with anyone during that time."

During the testimony, jurors swiveled their chairs towards George Anthony, watching him intently. Cindy Anthony shook her head in the gallery.

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The Casey Anthony trial resumed this morning after a judge ruled that the 25-year-old accused murderer from Orlando is competent to stand trial.

The trial was abruptly put on hold over the weekend after the judge said a "legal matter" had come up. That matter was Anthony's mental state.

Defense lawyers filed a motion to determine her competency to proceed, and after three psychologists found her competent, the trial goes on.

Casey Anthony on Trial (Day 40)

Casey, who is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008, has pleaded not guilty. She faces the death penalty if convicted.

Prosecutors allege Anthony killed her daughter by using chloroform and suffocating her with duct tape, then leaving her lifeless body in the woods.

Casey Anthony's defense hinges on the theory that Caylee accidentally drowned, that Anthony and her father, George, covered up the accident.

George's prior sexual abuse of Casey when she was a child factored into this poor judgment, her lawyers have posited, to much controversy.

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A day after Cindy Anthony stunned the courtroom by claiming she was the one who performed several incriminating searches on the family computer, she was back testifying on behalf of her daughter, Casey Anthony.

Today's revelation was nearly as shocking. Cindy testified that Caylee Anthony, who was found dead in 2008, could have accessed the family swimming pool herself - supporting a key Casey Anthony defense claim.

CIndy Anthony Pic

Cindy told jurors that she returned home from work on June 16, 2008, to find the pool ladder had been left standing against the pool, ready for use.

"I thought it was strange," she said. "I told my co-workers about it."

Defense attorney Jose Baez showed Cindy several pictures of 2-year-old Caylee and the Anthonys' above-ground pool. One of the pictures showed Caylee climbing the three-rung ladder into the pool with the help of Cindy.

The pictures caused Cindy Anthony to cry, while Casey Anthony also wiped her eyes with a tissue as her mother told the court the following:

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Cindy Anthony shocked courtroom observers today when she testified in the trial of her daughter, Casey, and proclaimed:

"I searched for chloroform."

Mrs. Anthony was referring to the revelation that searches for disturbing terms - such as "chloroform" and "neck breaking" - were found in deleted space on the hard drive of the family's laptop.

Casey Anthony Pic

But Cindy tried to convince jurors today that there was an innocent explanation for it all:

"I was searching for 'chlorophyll' because I was worried that it might affect my dogs. I was worried about them eating bamboo," she said, adding about the term chest injuries: "A friend of mine was in a car accident, and I looked up certain injuries...

"I did not search for neck breaking, but there was a pop up for a YouTube video of a skateboarder doing a 'neck breaking' stunt."

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Many (if not most) trial observers believe that accused murderer Casey Anthony is indeed guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Some of the physical evidence against her is less than overwhelming, however, according to a Casey Anthony defense witness testifying today.

The air in Casey Anthony's car trunk contained chemicals associated with human decomposition, but didn't conclusively prove a body was there.

Casey A.

Dr. Michael Sigman, a professor at the University of Central Florida, said Casey's trunk showed traces of gasoline, chloroform and other chemicals.

However, those readings were all low, and said chemicals also are linked to onions, cabbages and Clorox, among other things. So ... it's tough to say.

As a result, Sigman told attorney Cheney Mason, "I cannot conclusively determine that there had been human remains in the trunk of the car."

This comes after prosecutors strongly suggested there were.

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The first day of the Casey Anthony murder trial featured the stunning defense claim that 2-year-old Caylee Anthony drowned in the family pool.

"It's a common tragedy," lawyer Jose Baez said during opening statements, implying it was a mere accident and Caylee was not killed by Casey.

Is there any way that's not bogus? As it turns out, the story is common to at least one fellow inmate in the Orange County Jail housing Anthony.

Casey A.

The prosecution has already presented its case. Now it's the defense's turn to posit a defense of Casey Anthony. How does this development fit in?

In a hearing Tuesday, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick said Casey Anthony was in a cell next to an inmate named April who had a similar story.

The State of Florida received a tip that April's young son drowned in the family pool and that his body had been discovered by a grandfather.

Of course, there's one rather significant difference between April's story and the Casey Anthony case: April immediately reported the drowning.

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In a murder case full of mysteries that have captivated the public, one of the biggest of all - the identity of Caylee Anthony's father - is STILL unclear.

In court on Thursday, defense attorney Jose Baez elicited gasps as he implied that Casey Anthony's own brother, Lee, could be the father of daughter.

The suspicion had enough merit that the FBI tested Lee Anthony to make sure he was not the father of Casey Anthony's slain daughter. He wasn't.

Crying in Court

Nevertheless, the mystery of Caylee's father goes back to 2005, when Casey Anthony was pregnant - from a one-night stand, she told a neighbor.

According to police, she told Brittany Schieber she was seven months along before she realized she was pregnant and didn't know who the dad was.

Shortly after getting pregnant, Anthony started dating Jesse Grund. As the two grew closer, Grund started assuming the role of a expectant father.

In 2009, Grund said that he knew the timing of conception wasn't quite right, but that he thought it was "possible" that he could be Caylee's dad.

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The State of Florida has called 30 witnesses and introduced 315 pieces of evidence against Casey Anthony, the Florida mom accused of killing her 2-year-old.

Yesterday, a judge denied a motion to dismiss the case, citing the strong evidence against her. Still, some experts say it's not an open-and-shut case.

With Casey to present her side starting today, here's a look at the case against the accused murderer of Caylee Anthony and her potential defense ...

Casey A.

The case against Casey Anthony:

  • Some of the most damning evidence came from the family computer and its search history: "how to make chloroform," "neck-breaking" and "inhalation." Chloroform residue was found in Anthony's car.
  • A Casey Anthony jail video entered into evidence not only seems to contradict a key defense claim - that Casey's father George sexually molested her - but showcases the agitated defendant acting erratically.
  • Four days after Caylee Anthony disappeared, Casey participated in a hot body contest at an Orlando club. Circumstantial, perhaps. But not good.
  • Ditto the grisly photos of Caylee's remains. Smoking gun, no. Chilling? Yes.

Casey Anthony's defense:

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