Who the heck knows what Casey Anthony did to pass the time in jail, but now that she's out, she's essentially a prisoner again, stuck in Florida serving probation, unable to go anywhere in public without fear if someone coming at her with a crude shank, or throwing a burlap sack over her head and stuffing her in the back of a van.

In a manner of speaking. Don't get any ideas, Orlando residents.

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They realized it would be a controversial decision to acquit Casey Anthony of murder. Heck, they even hated the girl personally. But the 12-member Orlando-area jury did what they felt was right and let her walk.

The public outrage that followed was not what they expected.

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Casey Anthony on Trial Casey Anthony is an accused murderer from Orlando, Florida. In 2008, authorities believe she killed her two-year-old, Caylee Marie... More »
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