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It's hard for pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears to shock anyone these days.

After announcing her pregnancy in December, engagement news could be easy to overlook, but thanks to a recent outing in a T-shirt emblazoned with "The Rumors Are True" while sporting a shiny diamond ring on her left hand, Jamie Lynn has put many of the questions regarding her infamous relationship to rest.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

"Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge are officially engaged," a close friend of the teen couple confirmed to OK!, one of our fave celeb news magazines.

"They're committed to each other and anxious to be the best parents they can possibly be; the best husband and wife they can be to each other."

The pregnant 16-year-old and Casey Aldridge won't be trading Louisiana for Los Angeles after the baby is born, an inside source close to Jamie Lynn Spears says.

The magazine confirms that the couple will wed in the Spears' quiet hometown of Kentwood, La., too - the wedding will reportedly take place at Serenity, the estate of big sis Britney Spears, who will likely be a bridesmaid.

Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge won't be rushing to the altar in the typical sense, however. The magazine's source reports she'll wait to get back into shape:

"I expect she'll want to wait several months to get her figure back so she can wear a beautiful wedding gown and then have her dream wedding."

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In case you didn't believe it when we reported two days ago that Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge got engaged, his cousin as confirmed it!

The pregnant, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn and her 18-year-old boyfriend Casey are indeed engaged, his cousin, Tina Robinson, confirms to Us Weekly.

A Jamie Lynn Spears Image

"He proposed a few days ago, and she accepted," Robinson said..

Robinson says she hasn't seen a ring and didn't know whether they would wed before or after Jamie Lynn Spears delivers.

"They probably weren't expecting [the proposal] to be, like, right now, but with her being pregnant, that really pushed it up," Robinson said.

In December, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge announced amid a storm of controversy that they were expecting their first child together.

The younger sister of Britney Spears and the star of the Nickelodeon hit Zoey 101 has been laying low in Kentwood, La., and recently got her GED.

Guess the engagement clears up any rumors that Casey is not the father.

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Teenage mother-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting some sparkling new jewelry - an engagement ring from boyfriend (now fiance), Casey Aldridge!

The engaged Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, has been flashing the rock to friends and family around Louisiana and Mississippi, a family source tells People.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

"She's got an engagement ring," the source says.

"She's been showing it off, talking about it."

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, her handsome 18-year-old fiance - who was not charged with statutory rape in knocking her up because he's less than two years older than she - are expecting the baby (their first) this summer.

No official word yet on a wedding date for the couple.

We are just waiting to see if Britney Spears gets pregnant, then plans a quickie wedding to Adnan Ghalib in order to steal Jamie Lynn's thunder.

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Looking very much like a young Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears fills up at the gas station, baby bump hidden yet again by a baggy t-shirt.

To think that just a few months ago, on a fateful night (or day), it was Jamie Lynn's getting pumped by Casey Aldridge that resulted in ...

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

Sorry. Worst segue ever. We're saying they had sex. According to a recent report, it wasn't the first or last time Jamie Lynn made such a request.

Anyway, here's a photo of Jamie Lynn at the gas pump. Fortunately, selling her baby pics for $1M will offset the cost of filling up a Range Rover ...

According to Life & Style Weekly, which is up there with In Touch Weekly and OK! Magazine among the very worst best celebrity gossip magazines, JLS has been forbidden from seeing her boyfriend in public by mom Lynne.

Lynne Spears doesn't want Jamie to be photographed in public with Casey Aldridge, the magazine says, and the pictures of Jamie Lynn and Casey holding hands while running errands earlier this month reportedly enraged her.

"[Lynne Spears] doesn't want to keep reminding the world that Jamie Lynn is pregnant," says a Spears family friend.

"She's worried Hollywood won't ever see her in innocent roles again."

Okay, phew! We were scared for a minute there that Lynne Spears was merely concerned about her daughter's privacy, but no, she's worried about something far more important and close to her heart - her precious, precious paychecks.

Don't forget to play this week's Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest featuring a pregnant Jamie Lynn! Even if you already played, give us another one!

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We felt bad the other day that the picture we ran of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge running errands in Kentwood, La., wasn't the clearest.

So we tracked down a cuter, clearer picture of them. Check out how happy he seems to be taking care of her. What adorable teenage parents-to-be... 

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

Still no sign of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump under that baggy t-shirt. 

Her older sister, Britney Spears, may be losing it, but at least Jamie Lynn has her boyfriend by her side to help her through the pregnancy.

It's no surprise that Jamie Lynn's parents, Jamie and Lynne, have their hands full. But with Casey Aldridge and friends like Miley Cyrus, she'll do just fine.

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Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears took some time out from taking her l'il dog to the vet's, throwing a Super Bowl party and getting her GED in Kentwood, La., to attend to more important matters... at AutoZone and J.C. Penney.

Yup, the 16-year-old mother-to-be and her 18-year-old baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, are living the high life down South. Ding dang, y'all!

Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears

If Casey Aldridge hadn't gotten his piston lubed up in JL's undercarriage, we may never have known about this trip to AutoZone. Think about that.

A baggy t-shirt hiding her baby bump, Jamie Lynn Spears proceeded to ignore every question thrown at her and her boyfriend. Probably smart.

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Again, file this one into the "Probably Not True But Funny Celebrity Gossip You Should Read For Entertainment Purposes" category.

Star Magazine needs to start signing some of its writers to contracts to write novels, because some of the stuff they make up is great.

Spears Double Wedding!

With her mother, Lynne Spears, in L.A. to be near Britney (who's getting treatment at the UCLA psych ward for bipolar disorder), Jamie Lynn Spears supposedly took advantage of her freedom and threw a Super Bowl party!

The pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, the boy she says is her baby's father, had a bunch of friends over to "Serenity," her mother Lynne's Kentwood, La., mansion, for an impromptu bash! With booze!

Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant and partying?

Shortly after 2:00 p.m. on February 3, a Jeep SUV with Ole Miss University and Delta Delta Delta sorority decals on the window pulled up to the gates and five college age women got out. Gotta pre-game early!

"They were all laughing. They looked really happy and excited to be at the house, like they hadn't seen Jamie Lynn in a while," says a witness.

Earlier, the Zoey 101 star (Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump was kept hidden under a baggy sweatshirt) drove with Casey Aldridge to Wal-Mart.

Not the one close by in Amite, La., but the one 35 minutes away in McComb, Miss., where Britney Spears was born. Why the mini-road trip?

The McComb store sells alcohol on Sundays.

"Maybe one of them has a fake ID," a source says.

Mmm hmm. Maybe Jamie Lynn Spearsis going to run away to Los Angeles and live with her dad, Jamie Spears, too. Or not.

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Parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge have not split up, as certain celebrity gossip tabloids reported this week.

"It's completely false," a source close to the 16-year-old actress tells Us Weekly. "They're still together and he has not asked for a paternity test."

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

Guess that puts to rest rumors that it was some Nickelodeon executive who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant and not her longtime boyfriend. Shocking.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are still hittin' it. 

The new cover story of In Touch Weekly claims Spears was "dumped" and that Casey Aldridge is "convinced Jamie Lynn is lying" about the paternity.

Then again, In Touch claimed J.R. Rotem got Britney Spears pregnant, and cited text messages supposedly from the music producer as proof.

On top of her baby bump, Jamie Lynn Spears' hit Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, recently reeived a ratings bump from all this. So that's good news at least.

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We highly doubt the legitimacy of this Star Magazine story, but it's simply too good / funny not to at least share with our celebrity gossip readers.

The latest whispers in the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy drama indicate that Jamie's on/off boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, is not the father of her baby.

Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears

Star claims that the underage "sperm donation" honors, so to speak, may in fact belong to someone she knows in a slightly more professional capacity.

Sources tell the magazine that an executive on 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears' Nickelodeon TV show, Zoey 101, is the real father.

The exec is believed, of course, to be much older than the teenage mother, and could face statutory rape charges if the rumors turn out to be true.

Casey Aldridge, at 18 and less than two years older than Jamie Lynn Spears, is off the hook from a legal standpoint if he is, in fact, the guy who put a baby in that.

Jamie Lynn Spears' alleged boyfriend has been keeping a low profile ever since the dramatic pregnancy news broke, and insiders believe there's a reason for that.

Star insists Casey Aldridge has been paid off to be the Spears family's fall guy while the identity of the real father of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby remains a mystery.

"The man many people close to the family suspect is the father, however, would face charges and very possibly prison time if he were to come forward and admit that he had sex with Jamie Lynn Spears," a Star source claims.

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He will forever be known as the shaggy dude who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, but former high school classmates and teachers remember 18-year-old Casey Aldridge as a popular joker who could talk his way out of anything.

"Casey is one of those boys who has a lot going for him," reports a former teacher at Amite School Center, where Aldridge lettered in football and baseball, served as class president and graduated in 2007. "He's handsome, smart and very charming."

And at 6'1" and 165 lbs., Aldridge's magnetism caught the eye of the girls. "He is athletic," says the teacher, "and down here in the south, athletes are treated like gods, so naturally he had a group of adoring fans from the start."

In the Amite School's 2007 yearbook, senior Casey Aldridge was named Most Likely to Put a Baby in Britney Spears' Underage Younger Sister. Just kidding.

Among his legions of friends was the now knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears, who started dating Casey Aldridge about two years ago. The two hit it off ASAP.

"Casey really liked being known for dating Jamie Lynn Spears," says a classmate of the pair. "He thought it was really cool that he was dating someone famous, and you could just tell that he loved the attention."

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