This here is Casey Aldridge. He has helped Jamie Lynn Spears follow the lead of her older sister. Pregnancy style. He apparently does not...

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Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, her on-off-on-off fiance / boyfriend / baby daddy, are back together, Britney's sister confirms on Twitter!

It's been a tough road ever since Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy when she was just 16 years old and starring on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101.

Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh Photo

She and Aldridge were engaged when Maddie was born in 2008, but they broke up before they tied the knot. Then reconciled. Then split. Then ...

HOOKED: It seems the lovebirds are once again.

The parents are making things work now, though. Jamie Lynn Spears has returned to the public eye, somewhat, sharing family photos via Twitter account.

She and Aldridge look relatively cozy, and she is also putting in effort to portray their happiness and shut down any fake Casey Aldridge Twitter accounts.

In related news ... there are/were fake Casey Aldridge Twitter accounts?! ROFL.

Anyway, we're glad they're working it out and hope they keep it going. And if you missed it yesterday, check out Maddie Briann singing Britney!

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Both in steady relationships for the first time in ... well, ever, have Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears decided to tie the knot together in a dual ceremony soon?

No way in hell, but why would that stop OK! from claiming as much? The magazine says Britney Spears really, really wants to make her third time the charm.

She knows just the way. At a Lady Gaga concert with her younger, unwed teen mom sister, Britney hatched this brilliant idea - that she and Jamie Lynn marry BFs Jason Trawick and Casey Aldridge in a spectacular double wedding!

Spears Double Wedding!

According to insiders, Britney was half-joking about “a huge, over-the-top Hollywood affair” at first. But the couples soon warmed to the idea, like for real.

By for real, we mean this never happened. At all.

Pick up this week's OK! for all the made-up details on what the dream, non-existent guest list may be and what the fictional ceremony might look like!

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Updating a previous story, it's looking more and more like Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears, having already produced a child together, are reuniting!

The teen mom is back together with her baby daddy after breaking up last year and having a brief fling with businessman James Watson, Star reports.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

Britney Spears' little sister has stayed off celebrity news sites' radar since giving birth to Maddie Briann, but decided to have Casey Aldridge another chance despite rumors of him giving it to half of greater Kentwood, La., and McComb, Ms.

“They’re 100 percent back on,” a Louisiana pal of both Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge says. “They’ve been pretty much inseparable all summer.”

YEE-HAW: It's back on, for Casey n' Jamie Lynn, y'all!

In fact, just days ago, the “inseparable” duo spent a family day with their two-year-old daughter and Jamie Lynn's parents ... named Jamie and Lynne.

Congratulations to the reunited couple!

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Before Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge owned the title of America's favorite unwed celebrity teenage parents.

Like Bristol and Levi, the little sister of Britney Spears was briefly engaged to her baby daddy, only to break things off ... but are they now back on?

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The high school sweethearts, who split at the beginning of the year, "are working on things between them," according to a source quoted by People.

Casey and Jamie Lynn were spotted spending time together this week, catching a Lady Gaga concert in L.A. with Brit and boyfriend Jason Trawick.

They also spent time hanging out at the star's house in Calabasas, Calif., fueling rumors that the parents of Maddie Briann may be an item again.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge in their engaged period.

At the time she got knocked up, Jamie Lynn was just 16. Fortunately, Casey was less than two years older than her, so no statutory rape charge. Phew!

After calling it quits with her fiance, Jamie Lynn Spears moved out of the Liberty, Miss., house she shared with him and their two-year-old daughter.

She quietly began dating a Louisiana businessman 10 years her senior, James Watson, around that time, but it's unclear when and why that ended.

The former Nickelodeon star and Casey Aldridge previously had planned to get married and set up a quiet, normal life together after she gave birth.

Might that still be in the works, albeit a few years later? Here's hoping!

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Last week, we reported that Jamie Lynn Spears split from her boyfriend and found herself a new man. While unconfirmed at the time, it appears that was true.

She recently split from her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge but has quickly moved on and began dating a dude named James Watson, who's 10 years her senior.

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A Spears family friend recently said of JLS: “She's going through a lot of changes. It has been painful. She's a young mother and struggling in a lot of areas."

Ya think?!

Jamie Lynn Spears has moved on to a guy with an actual job!

“She did a lot of growing up but he didn't. I think she put up with more than she cared to put up with. She'd had enough of it and was tired of the situation.”

Dating some deadbeat who was repeatedly accused of railing other girls and slacking on parenting will do that. Best of luck in the future, Casey Aldridge.

As for James Watson, he owns his own company called Advanced Multimedia Partners, which installs communications equipment for large corporations.

Pretty impressive. Casey? Well, he doesn't really do anything at all. At least pull a Levi Johnston and get naked, man. Someone will totally pay to see it.

Jamie Lynn, the sister of Britney Spears, has a 19-month old girl named Maddie Briann with Aldridge. Young Spears was just 16 when she gave birth.

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With all she's been through lately - giving birth to daughter Maddie Briann and nursing baby daddy Casey Aldridge back to health after his serious car crash - it's nice to see Jamie Lynn Spears enjoying herself just like any other unwed teen mother:

Getting her drink on!

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The younger sister of Britney Spears partied the weekend before last - along with her recovering quasi-fiance - at a club called The Buzz in Hammond, La.

As you can see, Jamie Lynn was having a blast, offering a classic single-finger salute when a fellow club-goer saw that she and Casey were in da house:

Despite welcoming their first child almost a year ago now (June 19), life isn't all about changing diapers for wild and crazy lovers Jamie Lynn, 18, and Casey, 20.

Is it a big deal that Jamie Lynn and Casey were drinking? No. Do we care? No. But it's still funny, and likely how Maddie Briann was made. Just saying.

The Buzz is an 18 & over club and, when asked, the VIP manager somehow said he didn't even know Jamie Lynn Spears was ever there that night.

Good cover story, VIP manager. Plausible deniability.

Click to enlarge more pics of Casey and Jamie Lynn grinding and having a grand ol' time at the bar. And hey, maybe that's just Diet Coke in her cup ...

[Photo Credits: TMZ]

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Casey Aldridge, boyfriend of Jamie Lynn Spears and father to her 10-month-old baby, has been released from a Mississippi hospital, just five days after flipping over in his pickup truck while partying with friends at a late-night bachelor party.

"Casey got home today, and he's doing well," a source tells People. "He'll have to rest for the next few weeks. He's still got a headache, but everything looks good."

Aldridge, who celebrated his 20th birthday Thursday, was taken to a small, rural hospital in Vidalia, La., and later transferred to the larger University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he spent time in the ICU.

He suffered a head injury that, while significant, ultimately required no surgery and apparently caused no permanent damage, the source says.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been at his side since the incident, even riding in the ambulance with Aldridge on the way to the Mississippi hospital.

"They're both at the house in Liberty (Miss.)," the source says. Spears' mother, Lynne, has been keeping the couple's baby, Maddie Briann, "for most of the time during this whole episode, but I guess the baby will be going back home."

"Now Jamie Lynn will have two babies to care for."

Casey Aldridge had been attending a bachelor party for one of his cousins who is getting married next week. He is the best man, "but I don't know if he'll be up to that or not. We'll just have to wait and see," the source says.

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It's official: Levi Johnston is now America's favorite unwed, redneck, teenage baby daddy - Casey Aldridge has turned 20! Happy birthday, Casey!

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend-fiance received the best possible gift on this 29th day of April, too. He's now out of the ICU at a Mississippi hospital.

Aldridge has been up and walking around today for the first time since suffering a head injury in a car accident on Sunday: "He was a little wobbly because that's the first time he's been up since the wreck," says a family source.

Casey was hospitalized after flipping his F-250 pickup truck on the driver’s side on a two-lane road in Louisiana at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Here's hoping he recovers fully and quickly so he can go back to being known for what he first became famous for: boning Jamie Lynn Spears sans condom and knocking her adorable little self up when she was but 16. Ah, young love.

In honor of his birthday, here's a little photo tribute to Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears and their daughter, Maddie Briann. Click to enlarge:

  • Maddie Briann Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Maddie Briann Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears

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Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss., planned to move Casey Aldridge out of the intensive care unit as early as last night.

"They said it was borderline whether [Casey] needed surgery or not," says a hospital source, "but they've taken some scans and see no further damage."

Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears' 10-month-old daughter Maddie Briann, was hospitalized with a head injury that he suffered when he flipped his pickup truck on a two-lane road in Louisiana at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

The accident - during which three of the five passengers, including Casey Aldridge himself, were ejected from the truck – occurred after a bachelor party for Aldridge's cousin at nearby Lake Bruin on Saturday, according to the source.

The two others thrown from the truck suffered less serious injuries.

"Jamie Lynn has been at the hospital, and all indications are that she is holding up well," a Spears family source reports. "[Jamie Lynn Spears] was in the ambulance with Casey, and Casey's sister followed in the car."

Given the nature of the incident - fatalities are common, even likely for a human ejected from a vehicle during an accident - the police are surprised that Aldridge and his four passengers are faring as well as they are.

"It's an anomaly that no one was injured more seriously," says a Louisiana State Police spokesman. "Usually, you would see serious injuries or fatalities."

We're grateful he's doing alright. Here's wishing Casey Aldridge a speedy recovery so he can resume baby-making duties with Jamie Lynn Spears ASAP.

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Casey Aldridge - father of Jamie Lynn Spears' 10-month-old daughter Maddie, and the star's fiancee - was injured in a car accident Sunday morning in Louisiana.

Aldridge lost control of his F-150 truck and it went off the shoulder of a road. He is currently in stable condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Mississippi. Jamie Lynn Spears rushed to the hospital to be at his side.

According to Louisiana State Troopers, three of the five individuals riding in Aldridge's truck were ejected from the vehicle, and Casey himself was one of them.

Cops say that while Casey was heading north on the 606 in Louisiana Sunday morning, he swerved off the right side of the road and into a ditch, then over-corrected his turn back onto the pavement, causing the car to flip.

During the flip, three people - including Casey - were ejected.

Fortunately for Maddie and Jamie, it looks like Casey is okay.

The two others who were ejected refused medical treatment at the scene, while Casey Aldridge was taken to the Riverside Medical Center in Ferriday, La.

He was treated there for "moderate injuries."

As for whether alcohol was a factor, cops didn't speak to Casey Aldridge for nearly four hours after the crash - due to his injuries and hospitalization - and when they did, they found no reason to suspect he had been drinking.

Casey nevertheless was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle - a misdemeanor - and is currently recovering from his injuries.

We're just glad, for the sake of the Spears family and Casey's family, that everyone is okay. Hopefully he will learn from this experience.

Click to enlarge more pics of Jamie Lynn's boy toy:

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