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Move over, John Mayer and Minka Kelly. Carrie Underwood and Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford are the newest couple to feature a current music star and an up-and-comer from a critically acclaimed, ratings-impaired TV show.

Chace Crawford, 22, and the insanely cute Carrie Underwood, 24, were locking lips last Friday at NYC club Marquee, according to OK! Magazine.

"They were canoodling all night and stayed until close," revealed one eyewitness.

Saturday, the couple was spotted at Mario Batali's Del Posto restaurant, the Soho Grand and the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Well then, that's a lot of eating and drinking together! These two are totally dating. They are together more than Rihanna and Josh Hartnett lately.

At the Soho Grand, Chace Crawford, who stars on the new CW series Gossip Girl with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, "held court with [Carrie Underwood] at their own private table, kissing and not leaving each other's side."

All we have to say about this is that it's been a tough week for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, the last handsome youngster linked to the American Idol country queen. First they get drubbed by the Patriots and now this.

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For those thinking celebrity gossip bloggers don't have a clue what we're talking about, we direct your attention to a pair of couples that made themselves well-known over the last two days.

We had reported on the development of each weeks ago.

Red Carpet ScarJo

First, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were spotted having dinner together Monday night at Troubadour in West Hollywood.

"In the foyer they were talking and had their hands all over each other," says a source. "He kissed her a couple more times in the club. He was totally sweet. She went to the restroom and he went to check up on her."

In the restroom?!? Some major, Toastee Exposed-like action must have commenced in there!

Meanwhile, we talked earlier today about the multiple awards taken home by Carrie Underwood last night at the Country Music Awards. We didn't mention what else she took home, though:

Tony Romo.

The two had tried to remain coy about their relationship, but sat side by side, smile by smile, at the ceremony last night. They seem like a happy couple.

Meanwhile, we'll post the first public pictures of Cameron Diaz and Criss Angel when those become available.

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We'll get to our take on last night's American Idol auditions in a moment. First, pleasant news for a former winner of the reality competition:

Paige Photo

Carrie Underwood took home album of the year, top female vocalist and best video honors at the Country Music Awards last night. This can only help her standing in the rivalry with Season One champion Kelly Clarkson that The Hollywood Gossip staff is attempting to instigate.

Other winners on the night included Kenny Chesney, who took entertainer of the year for the third year in a row and said "it never gets old." Also, 17-year old Taylor Swift earned buzz with her performance of her hit "Tim McGraw."

But enough about established stars. What about the wanna-bes?

The three finalists performed a trio of songs each on American Idol last night. Melinda Doolittle continued to perform consistently with her strong vocals, but concerns remain about her lack of mainstream appeal. Don't her attempts at sex appeal and sass come off as contrived?

Blake Lewis, meanwhile, kept the girls screaming with takes on modern day hits such as Maroon 5's "This Love." As fun-loving as he is, though, Blake doesn't possess the actual singing talent of an American Idol champion.

Then there's Jordin Sparks. She can sing ballads, she can take it up-tempo, she's as complete as any contestant in the history of the competition.

With a week to go until the finale, the young beauty has our vote.

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Before a new American Idol gets crowned in two weeks, we have a pressing question:

Who is your favorite American Idol winner of all-time?

Carrie on Idol

We'll assume that Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks aren't even in the running. And, remember, Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken didn't actually win their respective seasons.

So this leaves two options for fans of the FOX reality show: original Idol victor, Kelly Clarkson? Or season four's champion, Carrie Underwood?

Each has picked up Grammy Awards, although only Underwood has picked up an All-Pro NFL quarterback. It's a close call.

Perhaps fans will want to wait for the new Kelly Clarkson album to come out in July before making a decision. But if you have a preference right now, let us know.

And, yes, we wish Katharine McPhee had won last year, too. Go blame The Soul Patrol for that one.

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Perhaps Carrie Underwood is no longer in need of a man.

The winner of American Idol two years ago, Underwood has made it big in the country music industry. But her attempts at love have hit a few sour notes. Until now, reportedly.

Carrie Underwood on Grammys Stage

Carrie was spotted at the 27th birthday party for Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, Tony Romo. It's not the first time rumors of a romance between these two have made the rounds - but it's the first time sources have almost confirmed them.

Underwood's rep, Jessie Schmidt, said:

"They have recently been spending a little time together." But, says Schmidt, they are "definitely not boyfriend/girlfriend. It's very casual at this point. It's [in the] really early stages."

Sounds like the sort of relationship Lauren Conrad and Chris Richardson enjoyed a couple weeks ago. Those promiscuous American Idols!

At Romo's party, the VIP section of Ghostbar was closed off for the football star's guests, who had their own private bar and seating area. But Underwood and Romo didn't stay in seclusion: They ventured into the deejay booth before midnight, where they played tunes and led the crowd in a loud version of Twisted Sister's hit "We're Not Gonna Take It."

We can only assume they were referring to any crap Ashlee Simpson spews about not having gotten plastic surgery.

In the end, we wish nothing but the best to these young love birds. Underwood may not Alaina Alexander, but she's a classic beauty. Just don't fumble her like you fumbled that football to end the season for Dallas this year, Tony.

But here's the important question, readers: Which NFL star has the better catch - Romo with Underwood? Or Tom Brady with Gisele Bundchen?


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While most of the American Idol talk today will center around whether or not Sanjaya Malakar is finally voted off the show, we have another question in mind:

What is the best look for Carrie Underwood?

Beautiful Carrie Underwood Pic

Earlier this week, the Idol champion from season four picked up a pair of country music awards. In doing so, she arrived at the ceremony looking like a sweet country bumpkin ... and then performed in an outfit that might make Jenna Jameson blush.

So, which do you prefer, readers?

This year's favorites, such as Jordin Sparks, should take note, as they decide what sort of outfits to don for the show's final few weeks.

Of course, many men across the country probably think there's only one winning look from this year's American Idol competition: Antonella Barba nude.


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Carrie Underwood can sing, look beautiful and keep a smile on her face when Simon Cowell lets loose with a barrage of insults.

But she can't find a date.

Simply the Very Best

The American Idol winner tells Cosmopolitan in its May issue that she's shy and "horrible around guys" â€" and hasn't had a serious relationship since she split with college boyfriend Drake Clark in 2005.

And her newfound fame hasn't helped.

"Guys who would never look at me twice before might ask me out now, so I guess I have better opportunities," she says. "But when I do meet a guy, there's this 'Does he just want his picture in a magazine?' factor."

We assume Lindsay Lohan has the same problem. Not that it makes a difference in whether or not she brings the guy home.

Lohan's easiness aside, Underwood remains hopeful: "I'm not saying I want to get married tomorrow, but I'd like to have someone other than my mom to call when I have good news."

You know, like Britney Spears supposedly now does with Howie Day.

Underwood has been spotted recently with British singer Oliver Trevena, Cosmo notes, but she denies she ever dated fellow American Idol contestant Anthony Federov or Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Besides the guy issue, Underwood says there's another downside to fame: "The music business is about packaging. People have to be pleased by what they see on TV or they'll change the channel."

Hence, the reason why Haley Scarnato is still on the show this season.

Finally, Carrie commented on her recent weight loss: "I gained weight on Idol, but I didn't starve myself afterward. I may think about it a little too much. I might feel guilty if I eat a pizza. But I've tried to be healthy and exercise as much as I can. If that's made me lose weight, I guess I needed to."

On a related note, apparently a heated divorce has made Jenna Jameson lose weight.


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Former American Idol champion Carrie Underwood, made her triumphant return to the show program night, looking like some weight had been taken off her shoulders ... and arms ... and face ... if you know what we're saying.

We're saying she might be anorexic. Now, before we go any further, let us point out that in a way, she's battled an eating disorder all her life. It's called "vegetarianism." So it's no surprise she's shedding pounds faster than she dispatched of Bo Bice and every other Season 4 foe.

Alex Lambert  Audition

We're not about to claim that the adorable Carrie has officially joined the Nicole Richie School of Dieting, but something's amiss here. Anyway, here's a quick photo comparison of the country star, both last night and two years ago when she was named the next American Idol.

Here's hoping this year's favorite, Melinda Doolittle, doesn't follow the same destructive path. We doubt she will. That girl looks like she can eat! And that's cool. It really is.

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