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Caroline Manzo has pretty much put the kibosh on any talk of reconciliation with estranged sister Dina, continuing the Bravo reality stars' ongoing feud.

  • Dina Manzo on Friendship
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If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know the two have been at odds for some time. That's about as nicely as we can put it.

You also know that Dina appeared to extend the olive branch on Sunday's reunion episode, implying that she was open to making nice with her sister.

Well, Manzo'd With Children star Caroline went on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live later and basically shut down any hope of that ever happening:

"Over the past 4-5 years, Dina has never attended any family function. We've got nieces and nephews that are 3, 4, 5 years old, 9 months old, that she doesn't know."

"She didn't go to my brother Jamie's wedding," Caroline continued.

"Babies were born, baptisms, graduations, birthdays..."

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On Manzo'd with Children Season 1 Episode 6, Albie became pretty frustrated with Brittany and considered getting a tattoo, a nightmare of an idea if we've ever heard one.

Meanwhile, Caroline moved forward with her BBQ sauce idea.

While Manzo'd with Children Season 1 Episode 6 had the unfortunate timing of going up against its parent show last night, it still made for an amusing hour.

Obviously, The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is going to steal all the thunder and headlines, but there's room for levity and Manzos just the same.

If you have yet to experience the spinoff, it features the adventures of her grown sons Albie and Christopher as they return to the family’s New Jersey home.

“They left as boys and came back as men,” she notes.

Sort of. Sometimes. Depends who and when you ask.

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This week on Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 4, Albie and Lauren had a falling out, with Caroline giving them 24 hours to make peace.

Lauren and Albie have always been close, but they're at odds here, with her saying he always plays the victim, calling him “dramatic” and “pathetic.”

“I don’t think Brittany’s the right girl for him,” she says of his new girl, which sort of triggered this rift the previous week in the Garden State family.

Albie told Lauren, apparently, that she's a toxic person he doesn’t want her in his life anymore, and that he's going to date whomever is right for him.

His mom tells him to go apologize to Lauren, regardless.

Lauren thinks no one sees her side and how this is affecting her, and that the family is always taking Albie’s side. Mom wants to throw them both out.

If you watch Manzo'd With Children online and saw the Brittany situation unfold, you know she might not be the best fit with this close-knit group.

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When Caroline Manzo quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she was probably hoping to put the drama of the show behind her.

But even though she's moved on with a new reality series, Caroline can't seem to escape the bombshell revelation that reportedly caused her to quit the show.

Caroline Manzo Up Close

Sources tell Radar Online that while filming season five last year, Caroline was confronted by Teresa Giudice's friend Penny Drossos.

During an argument with Manzo, Drossos was heard to remark, "F--k you, the Jill card is on the table."

"Jill is Al Manzo's longtime mistress," one insider revealed. "Caroline ripped off her microphone and bolted for the door. That's the real reason she left the show."

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Manzo'd With Children, Bravo's new spinoff slash companion series of The Real Housewives of New Jersey starring Caroline Manzo, is a different creature.

As Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 3 showed us again last night, this is half, if not more than half family sitcom and the rest reality show.

This week, kids Chris and Albie get their own plot line (it was plotted, so we use the term literally), revolving around their restaurant venture in the Meadowlands.

Of course, their "restaurant" is more of a beer truck. Nice landscaping, though.

The Meadowlands Racetrack establishment ultimately looks like a success, and even though it was likely never in doubt, it was nice to see it come together.

Albie can always count on mom for support in business, but when it comes to romance? That's a different story when you watch Manzo'd With Children online.

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Teresa and Joe Giudice's former Real Housewives co-star Caroline Manzo is speaking out about their prison sentences, deeming them shocking and tragic.

  • Caroline Manzo on The Real Housewives
  • Teresa Giudice: Telling It Like It Is

Following Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 1, Caroline went on Watch What Happens Live.

“I’m blown away. I’m blown away by the whole thing,” Manzo told Andy Cohen of Teresa Giudice's 15-month sentence and Joe's 41-month punishment.

“It’s so much bigger than the [Real] Housewives, it’s so much bigger than Bravo, it’s just life-changing for these people and their children," she added.

“The only think I can think of is their kids - God bless those kids - you know, it is what it is, and it happened and I can’t wrap my head around it, it’s a lot.”

They may be shocked and devastated by their impending trips to the big house, but the Giudices have no choice but to do time after their fraud convictions.

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On last night's Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 1, a former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member returned with her new Bravo spinoff series.

Is it worth watching, though, compared with the show she started on?

Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 1 re-introduces us to Caroline Manzo, who not-so-famously split from the franchise for her own half-hour series.

Jacqueline Laurita, who is Caroline's sister-in-law, will join her along with her kids ... who are back and driving her up the wall. No surprise there!

Albie and Chris ditched their bachelor pad to move back into her place to save money, while Lauren's gearing up for her wedding to fiance Vito Scalia.

So much upper middle class drama in Franklin Lakes!

In On Manzo'd With Children Season 1 Episode 2, she pushes them to broaden their world view a bit, which in her mind means a trip to trapeze camp.

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The Real Housewives have been serving up juicy reality TV drama since back in 2006 when it all started in the OC. That's Orange County, of course.

Ah, it's hard to remember life before these ladies graced our screens ...

But there once was a time before the bling, fame, and public cat fights. We've got the epic pictures to prove it. Let's take a trip to the past, shall we?

You won't even believe the classic shots of big '80s hair, ridiculous outfits, and adorable baby pics that took place before any of them graced our screens.

Who's your favorite housewife? Who's aged the best, and worst?

Check out the best throwback photos of some of your favorite Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Miami, N.Y.C. and N.J. above!

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Unfortunately for Caroline Manzo and her family, Christmas cheer is in short supply this year:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star wrote on Twitter Wednesday that her beloved dog Austin has passed away.

Manzo Family and Dog

“Dogs are FAMILY…rest in peace, Austin. We all love and miss you,” Manzo wrote, adding: “RIP my beautiful little puppy, you were so loved. Santa has a new sidekick.”

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For one reality star, the rumors are now a, well, reality.

Following last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Caroline Manzo took to Twiter and confirmed that she's leaving the franchise.

“It’s been wonderful guys," Manzo wrote. "I’ve decided to leave #RHONJ this season was my last. Love and kisses to you all. xoxoxo.”

Rumors of Caroline's departure first cropped up in September, but it's not as if she's saying goodbye to Bravo viewers: the network has signed Manzo to a spinoff hilariously titled Manzo'd with Children.

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