Carmen Ortega is a Hispanic model. Not much is known about her, except her measurements: She stands 5'2" and weights 115 pounds. Ortega...

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Kim Kardashian may be a married mom these days, but she still hasn't settled down with regard to her diva-like temper.

Kim's feud with Rita Ora came to a head twice just in the past two weeks. Once when she demanded to be seated far away from Rita at the VMAs, and again when Kim and Rita boarded the same flight out of LAX.

In between those two encounters, however, it seems Kim set her sights on another female rival and attempted to take her down.

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  • Reggie Bush Girlfriend?

Carmen Ortega dated Reggie Bush shortly after one of his many breakups with Kim, and it's long been rumored that Kim blames Carmen for the end of their relationship.

That rumor was all but confirmed over the weekend, when Kim reportedly freaked out after crossing paths with Ortega in the VIP section of the Made in America music festival.

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Has LeBron James gobbled up Reggie Bush's alleged sloppy seconds?

According to a Bossip report, the basketball superstar exchanged some racy text messages with the model after spotting her at a Miami nightclub this month, although it's unclear if any bodily fluids were exchanged between the two.

Heck, it's unclear if this story is even true, considering Ortega ALSO accused Bush of texting her inappropriately back when he was dating Kim Kardashian.

Learn more about these allegations in the following video and take note: LeBron is engaged to Savanna Brinson and a wedding is scheduled in San Diego for September 14.

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While some sources claim Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up over the simple matter of busy schedules, other stories behind the relationship's demise are far more sordid.

For example, was Kim receiving lewd text messages from Kanye West? Was Bush sleeping with another woman?

Yesterday, we cited the seemingly random accusation that Reggie was involved with a model while dating Kim. Supposedly, the months-long affair included rendezvous around the country, an arrangement Kardashian eventually discovered.

Now, Perez Hilton claims he's identified Reggie's other woman: say hello to stripper Carmen Ortega!

Perez also describes Ortega as a "professional escort."

Sounds fishy, no? Would Reggie Bush really need a professional escort? Especially when he was already dating Kim Kardashian?

Chime in with your thoughts - and then follow this article's jump for a look at many more scantily-clad Carmen Ortega pictures...

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Reggie Bush Girlfriend? Carmen Ortega is a Hispanic model. Not much is known about her, except her measurements: She stands 5'2" and weights 115 pounds. Ortega... More »
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