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This is a fair fight:

Kate Walsh and her new series, Private Practice vs. Michelle Ryan and her new series, Bionic Woman. Each airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. and each pits strong leading ladies against one another in a battle for ratings.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

This is an unfair fight:

A celebrity fashion face-off between Star Jones and Carmen Electra. Actually, any sort of face-off between Star Jones and Carmen Electra.

The former co-host of The View is unattractive and deluded; she thinks she's God's gift to television. Conversely, the former wife of Dennis Rodman is good looking and well aware of her role in the universe: to be good looking in pictures.

Still, the two women wore the same outfit recently, forcing our staff to match them up and ask readers who looks better.

While past fashion face-offs - such as Audrina Patridge vs. Nicole Scherzinger - were close calls, it's hard to imagine Jones receiving any votes in this contest.

But it's your decision, readers. Let us know your thoughts.

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You can't blame Carmen Electra for trying to be sly like Megan Fox.

Considering how long it's been since the former has actually made celebrity news headlines, of course she'd simulate the pose of one of Hollywood's hottest actresses in order to get back in the spotlight.

It's similar to what Paris Hilton did when she copied a Christina Aguilera nude shot.

Don't get us wrong: The Hollywood Gossip staff enjoys these bare beauties almost as much as Britney Spears hates underwear.

We just wish they'd get more creative with their poses.

Megan Fox Nude

Who looks hotter: Megan Fox nude, covered by a sheet? Or Carmen Electra nude, covered by a sheet?

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Sorry, Asia Nitollano.

As you suffer on the sidelines, another hottie may have taken your place as a member of The Pussycat Dolls.

Carmen Electra, Playboy

At least occasionally.

Yes, that's Carmen Electra posing in front of a sexy, cat-like stage. She may not really be a singer, but, well are any of the Dolls?

After all, Nicole Scherzinger is almost better known for who she's dating these days than what she's singing. Which is understandable when the guy loosening up her buttons is none other than Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero.

But we love The Pussycat Dolls despite their lack of actual talent. It's not like that's stopped us from following the life of Kim Kardashian.

Or Britney Spears

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Rumors of girl-on-girl action always raise eyebrows.

And possibly other body parts, for some readers.

But Carmen Electra is refuting recent tabloid reports that the she is involved in a romantic relationship with... '80s rocker Joan Jett.

We were kinda hoping for Pamela Anderson, but you know, that's life.

They've been hanging out a lot of late, but Electra's representative insists the Baywatch babe and Joan Jett are not more than friends.

"They are just friends," she said.

The model/actress, 34, split from her hubby of three years, Dave Navarro, last July and has reportedly been spending plenty of time with Jett, 46.

But unlike Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong, the bond is not even a little bit romantic, her rep says, adding:

"Carmen is in London right now. She is performing in Palm Springs at the Dinah Shore Weekend with her group, The Bombshells, just as she did last year."

Is that a band of some sort? We envision it like the Pussycat Dolls... only hotter.

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Move over, Katie Rees.

A new sexy lady is coming to Las Vegas.

Carmen Electra, Playboy

Us Magazine has learned that Carmen Electra is taking her sexy act to the Las Vegas strip this May to star in a magic/variety show with Dutch magician Hans Klok at the future home of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

A source familiar with the deal says that Electra - who was a musical artist on Prince's record label prior to her Playboy, Baywatch, and MTV reality fame with ex-husband, Dave Navarro - will sing and dance in the show, which is set to debut on May 12.

The source did not specify if occasional Carmen friend, Kristin Cavallari, will make any appearances.

Electra will perform five shows a week in a 13-week run.

"She will be doing what she loves to do most," says a friend.

Sort of like Heather Mills kicking people with her fake leg.


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Divorces don't have to be messy, anger-filled affairs. Are you listening, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson?

We never thought we'd say this, but: former lovers could learn a lot from Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra.

Carmen Electra, Playboy

The duo may have arrived and taken to the stage separately at Monday night's 2006 Billboard Awards ceremony at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but Navarro said he'd "hook up with her backstage and give her a big bear hug."

"I can't wait to see her," Navarro, 39, said of his ex. "I wish we were presenting together. I think it would be cool."

Isn't that sweet? We hope Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are getting along as well post-break up.

Navarro called Electra "my best friend" and added:

"Just because your romantic life ends doesn't mean your friendship has to. It's all good. It's good for us. Maybe we can be an example of sorts. She's awesome."

The former Nine Inch Nails rocker says he has a social life, but no girlfriend. This sounds about right to us. After all, it's not like you date Jenna Jameson.

She's been passed around more times than Paris Hilton's best friends.

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Do blondes really have more fun? Not according to Cameron Diaz, who ditched her trademark, light locks a few weeks ago. Take a look below:

Carmen Electra, Playboy

Meanwhile, Carmen Electra seems to be taking the opposite route. Because marrying Dennis Rodman and then Dave Navarro was not exciting enough, the occasional Pussycat Doll and unemployed TV personality has gone blonde.

What do you think, fans? Wait, are there any Electra fans anymore? That's a debate for another time.

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Sometimes, it takes new design lines to bring two beautiful women together.

During New York Fashion Week, Kristin Cavallari - seen her without possible new boy toy, DJ Am - posed for a picture with Carmen Electra.

Kristin at the Salon

The two women, who aren't exactly known for wearing a lot of clothing, looks quite happy to be attending the fashionable event. Perhaps they're planning a Pussycat Dolls performance together.

That would make Brody Jenner jealous.

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Did Dave Navarro cheat on Carmen Electra? And did the part-time Pussycat Doll even care?

Such burning questions are at the heart of what appears to be a very amicable divorce so far. After all, Electra and Navarro are still living in the same Beverly Hills home.

Carmen Electra And Dave Navarro Photo

Reports state that Dave met actress Sarah Howard in January at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he approached the actress at a poker event.

"They hung out that night and hooked up," a source close to Howard said.

Well, then. Only one issue seems to remain: who the heck is Sarah Howard?!?

Equally bafflinf would be Electra's apparent reaction. A friend said:

"I think Carmen figured out Dave was fooling around, but she didn't make it an issue. "If she was angry, she would've booted

Because Electra is so gosh darn cool? Understanding? Was cheating on Navarro, as well? We may never know, but Christie Brinkley could learn a thing or two about forgiveness from Carm.

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Dave Navarro is no longer addicted to Jane - and he's apparently had enough of Carmen Electra, as well.

"They are amicably separating," Electra's rep, Brit Reece, told Us Weekly.

Carmen Electra And Dave Navarro Photo

The crazy couple has been married since November 2003, even starring in an MTV reality series based on their marriage, Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen + Dave. We know what you're thinking:

Do all MTV reality show marriages end in divorce?!?

This will be Electra's second failed union. She tied the knot with Dennis Rodman in 1998, for a whole five months! That, however, topped Navarro's marriage to a woman named Rhian in 1994. Time until their annullment? Two weeks.

Electra has been busy recently, touring with The Pussycat Dolls and filiming a movie, I Want Candy, expected to be released next year. Navarro, 39, cohosts the CBS talent competition Rock Star.

The pair could really learn a lesson or two from Ashlee Simpson and her healthy relationship.

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