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Tate Stevens has won Season 2 of The X Factor.

But did LeAnn Rimes actually swing the voting in the direction of this aspiring country music star?

Yes, according to the family of runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar, following that 13-year old's duet of "How Do I Live" on Wednesday's final performance show. Watch it here:

Talk of LeAnn Rimes drunk on stage circulated after the wobbly rendition, with the troubled singer's rep initially blaming Sonenclar for his client's woes, telling TMZ Rimes was trying to help a "nervous" Carly Rose.

Is that really what the above performance looks like to anyone else?

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The performance are over. The Khloe Kardashian insults have nearly run their course. And The X Factor fate now rests the hands of the viewers.

Following a tribute to the victims of the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the finalists took to the Fox stage last night for three performances:

  1. Their favorite song from an earlier stage of the competition.
  2. A duet with of a famous hit with its original artist (LeAnn Rimes, Little Big Town or Demi Lovato).
  3. A track chosen by themselves and their mentor.

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And then there were three, each representing a different demographic.

One group remains on The X Factor. Can Fifth Harmony take home the grand prize?

One young lady is still standing. Will Carly Rose Sonenclar be the final one?

And one country artist is hoping to wear the crown. Does Tate Stevens have a strong chance?

The X Factor Season 2 Finalists

Catch up on the entire season via or X Factor videos section and weigh in now: Who will win it all?


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It was Divas Night on The X Factor Wednesday, as contestants took to the stage and belted out songs by famous women.

But which female contestant will enjoy the most success once Season 2 is said and done?

We've already asked readers to compare the young adults who performed. Are you on Team Jennel, Paige or CeCe?

Now we're back with the youngest remaining singers: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray. Compare these charges now and cast your vote...

Which performance did you like best?


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The X Factor took viewers by total and complete surprise last night, bringing back Diamond White after supposedly eliminating the 13-year old last Thursday.

Just kidding. This supposed twist was easier to see coming than the t-shirt Simon Cowell wears every week.

Still, White did make things interesting last night, turning a battle of three Teens into a showdown between four.

Which young hopeful performed the best? Watch the renditions now and then vote.

Which was your favorite teen performance?


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Carly Rose Sonenclar is only 13 years old. Carly Rose Sonenclar is only 13 years old. Carly Rose Sonenclar is only 13 years old.

Sorry, we need to remind ourselves of this hard-to-believe fact after watching the young X Factor contestant blow us away on last night's performance show.

Following a sterling rendition of "Feeling Good," Sonenclar stepped up for Karmin's "Broken Hearted," fought off her admitted intimidation in front of Britney Spears and made herself a front-runner for the Season 2 title.

Watch in awe, and look out Jennel Garcia:

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Carly Rose Sonenclar treated X Factor viewers to a case of shock and AWWWW last night.

This 13-year old - the second act of that age to blow attendees away, following the premiere performance of Reed Deming - may have looked sweet and innocent prior to belting out her first note, but she proceeded to simply own the stage during a rendition of "Feeling Good."

Don't merely take our word for it. Watch for yourself:

Following up its two-hour opener with an episode half that long, The X Factor only presented us with about half as many impressive contestants last night.

Aside from Carly, Jason Brock definitely caught our attention. Who was your favorite?

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