Cardin McKinney is a contestant on season seven of American Idol. Simon Cowell wasn't a huge fan of her audition, but the beautiful...

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Might Amy Davis have competition for most beautiful American Idol contestant this season?

Cardin McKinney received a ticket to Hollywood this week, despite a less-than-enthusiastic response to her audition from Simon Cowell. He referred to her performance as "theatrical," but in a bad way, we guess.

The British judge couldn't find anything wrong with McKinney's looks, however, and it's easy to see why:

Davis may not have to worry about competition from Cardin for long: the American Idol spoilers that listed this season's top 24 did NOT include McKinney.

This rumor has led her obnoxious, misguided fans on The Cardin Nation website to say "Cardin's bigger than American Idol now, so it really doesn't matter anymore."

Right. That's why approximately 35 million more people watch the show every week than have even heard of Cardin McKinney.