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No one invited Ashlee Simpson to this new nose party.

At a pre-Oscar party over the weekend, a pair of recent plastic surgeon beauties talked about their feelings for their new body part and the man responsible for it: Beverly Hills doctor Raj Kanodia.

Jennifer Aniston, Boyfriend

Cameroz Diaz gushed that her nose was "the nose my nose always wanted to be," while also raving about Kanodia's spiritual side and the impact its had on her life.

We don't have any direct quotes from Jennifer Aniston, but you can bet she said something in response.

Meanwhile, neither actress is attached at the moment. There have been no further sighting of Diaz and actor Djimon Hounsou. And Aniston continues to remain low after her break-p with Vince Vaughn.

Whatever man does step into the lives of these actresses next, you can be assured they'll be able to smell him a mile away. That doesn't bode too well for Bobby Brown, of course. The scent of a washed up scumbag is especially strong.

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With Justin Timberlake making the news by hooking up with every available woman in Hollywood, it's about time his beautiful ex was also rumored to be getting her swerve on.

Indeed, the recently single Cameron Diaz was spotted getting cozy with Blood Diamond Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou at L.A.'s Hyde Lounge on Thursday.

Tom and Cameron

"It looked like the perfect post-Valentine's Day date," a patron told People magazine of the pair, who were with several other friends.

"They were totally vibing each other, lip-on-lip action," says the source. "Cameron looked so happy... Djimon followed her every move."

Vibing each other? Lip on lip action? Sounds like a typical Tuesday night for Katie Rees to us.

Diaz and Hounsou hit the dancefloor for Michael Jackson's "Burn This Disco Out" and Gnarls Barkley's version of "Gone Daddy Gone."

"They were dancing really close, bodies pressed together."

A rep for Diaz says the pair are just friends.

"Cameron was out to dinner with friends, they ran into Djimon and he joined them for a drink at Hyde," says the rep. "They are friends, nothing more."

Just like Kim Kardashian and Joe Francis.

Yeah, right.

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Kelly Slater is a surfing champion.

Alas, he claims he is not the champion of Cameron Diaz.

Sharing a Walk, Apartment

In other, non-lame segue words: they have not been dating. Despite the time these beautiful people have been spending together, don't read too much into the relationship.

"We're just friends," Slater told People magazine last week at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament, adding that he and Diaz met "a few years ago" when he appeared on her MTV show, Trippin'.

Asked how Diaz is doing in the wake of her recent split from Justin Timberlake, Slater profoundly said:

"She's doing well."

Slater, an eight-time world champion surfer, and Diaz were spotted catching some waves together in Hawaii last month. Her ex, meanwhile, has been spotted getting cozy with Scarlett Johansson on more than one occasion.

The odds of JT and CD getting back together are pretty much as high as those of Howard K. Stern actually being the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

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Kelly Slater has two things going for him:

  1. His name is the combination of two well-liked Saved by the Bell characters.
  2. He's seen Cameron Diaz naked.

He's also a world champion surfer or something.

Cameron Diaz Supports Shrek

But the news here is that he's been shacking up with the recent ex of Justin Timberlake on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The two have been friends for years; Slater even appeared on Diaz's MTV show "Trippin" in 2005.

JT, of course, is rumored to be bedding Scarlett Johansson, but we assume he's still bothered by this news. Break-ups are never easy.

Just ask Jennifer Wilson and Lorenzo Borghese.

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But not in the good way.

Despite having chatted politely during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony earlier this week, the former couple had a run-in later in the night.

Justin Randall Timberlake

Both Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were present at a party hosted by Prince and the evening started off smoothly enough at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.

According to witnesses, Timberlake was then talking to hottie Jessica Biel when Diaz approached. Jess stepped away - to give them space and fantasize about Derek Jeter, we imagine - as the former flames had a serious exchange.

Diaz walked away, Timberlake followed, and the two were soon spotted engaged in an intense 40-minute face-off in a side room.

Reportedly, JT slammed his fist down after the argument was over. We're not sure why Diaz would be mad Justin was talking to Biel. After all, Scarlett Johansson is the one he's bringing sexy back with.

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Forgive The Hollywood Gossip for taking this one personally, but we loved Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.

Sadly, the two have finally confirmed the rumors of their break-up. It doesn't appear as though Timberlake's awful new movie, Alpha Dog, played a role in it.

Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake

"It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we've spent together, we feel compelled to do so now, in light of recent speculation and the number of inaccurate stories that are being reported by the media," the former couple announced.

"We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another."

Could that respect change if the rumors of JT and Scarlett Johansson are true? It's hard sao say.

But we do know how Cameron can get him back if so: Date Taylor Hicks.

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Justin Timberlake says he might get married ... in 15 years.

Perhaps his girlfriend will be ready to bear him some children by then.


Indeed, Cameron Diaz doesn't seem any more anxious than her dancing man to settle down and have a family. The couple may be bringing SexyBack, but they won't be taking any children home in the near future.

"I think everybody wants at some point to have that responsibility and involvement. But not at the moment," Diaz, 34, told reporters Sunday while promoting her new movie, The Holiday, in Los Angeles.

Asked if she was worried about the commitment, the actress said: "Yeah, exactly, the commitment! I don't even want a dog. I don't. My cat just died, and I don't want a cat."

Really, Cam? Not even the one owned by Paris Hilton? We fear for its safety if no one steps in.

Meanwhile, Diaz doesn't want any gifts for Christmas. She'll be sponsoring a family for the holidays instead.

Sounds like the beautiful actress would make a great mother in that case. We'd just feel sorry for the kid - because you know other children will be spreading sexy Cameron Diaz pictures around the hallways at school.

And that could be really embarrassing for JT, Jr.

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A topless Cameron Diaz? We can get behind those pictures.

We're guessing the actress can, also (considering she posed for them and all). But it sounds like the lady friend of Justin Timberlake would prefer if you looked at her chest than her supposedly ugly nose.

Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas

"I'm getting it fixed," said the actress. "I can't take it. I cannot breathe at all."

Diaz said that she broke her nose for the fourth time while surfing a few years ago. As a result, one side of her nose is "totally shattered," and that her septum is like "a train derailed."

We'd tell Cameron to talk to Ashlee Simpson about plastic surgery in this area, but she's never had it done, of course. No way. No chance.

She's also never slept with Nick Carter or lip synched during a concert.

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Justin Timberlake, you're a lucky man.

But you're also a liar. While you've been singing about how you're bringing sexy back, the truth is your long-time girlfriend has beaten you - and maybe every other female on the planet - to it.

Cameron Diaz Smiles

Just take a look at the following Cameron Diaz pictures from a recent W magazine photo shoot.

Goodness. Gracious.

We were troubled earlier when Matthew McConaughey kept his shirt on - but a topless Cameron Diaz more than makes up for it. She's very, very pretty.


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Do blondes really have more fun? Not according to Cameron Diaz, who ditched her trademark, light locks a few weeks ago. Take a look below:

Carmen Electra, Playboy

Meanwhile, Carmen Electra seems to be taking the opposite route. Because marrying Dennis Rodman and then Dave Navarro was not exciting enough, the occasional Pussycat Doll and unemployed TV personality has gone blonde.

What do you think, fans? Wait, are there any Electra fans anymore? That's a debate for another time.