Bryan Spears is the older brother of Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears, and the oldest child of Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears. Got...

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Britney Spears made it a cozy New Year's Eve with her family - seeing big brother Bryan Spears and Graciella Sanchez tie the knot in a private ceremony.

"It was beautiful," a source close to the family about the eldest Spears sibling's wedding to Graciella Sanchez, 36, the manager of his little sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

The wedding took place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

"It was only close family, very small and intimate."

Bryan Spears, 31, is by far the least-known, most-normal Spears.

While the couple's engagement may have caught many by surprise – they only recently started dating seriously – the two have been acquaintances for years.

In fashion news, the glowing bride looked stunning in her beige-white Carolina Herrera dress, while the handsome Bryan Spears sported a Marc Jacobs suit.

As for the guests, Graciella Sanchez's mom and brother were in attendance.

So was the entire Spears crew, including his sisters Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears; their children Jayden James, Sean Preston and Maddie Briann; Jamie Lynn's fiancé Casey Aldridge; and their parents Jamie and Lynne Spears.

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Britney Spears will not be spending New Year's Eve with Sandip Soparrkar - no matter what her spin-master manager Larry Rudolph would have us believe.

But the recovering pop superstar may be closing the book on a tumultuous 2008 and kicking off 2009 with some celebratory activities just the same.

Her older brother, Bryan Spears, is planning to marry girlfriend Graciella Sanchez tonight in New Orleans, according to In Touch Weekly and the New York Post.

Bryan Spears with sister Jamie Lynn and mom Lynne.

Graciella Sanchez happens to be Jamie Lynn Spears’ manager, so her wedding to Bryan Spears - if this is legit - would certainly be a festive, family affair!

According to celebrity photo agency X17 Online, Britney, Jamie Lynn and the rest of the Spears clan will be in Louisiana to celebrate the happy occasion.

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What economic recession? The recording industry's venerable cash cow is such a strong producer, she can get milked like a madwoman and not feel a thing!

The judge in Britney Spears' conservatorship case has ruled that Jamie Spears, her dad, can get thousands more a month for the work he's been doing on her behalf. Jamie was getting $10,000 a month as the conservator of Brit's estate.

Today the judge adjusted that to $16,125 a month, in order to better reflect all the additional work Jamie did - including planning her tour for next year.

The judge also gave the green light for Jamie to get office space - Britney Spears will be on the hook for the full $1,200 a month for that, of course.

Seems steep, but then again, Jamie put the kibosh on Britney hanging out with seedy ingrates like Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib. No fee is too high.

And there's more. Britney's bro, Bryan Spears, will receive $200,000 for services rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established.

What that means, we have no clue. As for Britney's team of lawyers ... the bills for all of them put together are approaching a cool $1 million.

Then again, Britney Spears was earning $737,868 a month - and that was in 2007, before she even started working on Circus. We think she'll live.

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Maybe you've never even heard of him, but he's a handsome fella! Bryan Spears, 31, is a TV and film producer living in New York.

It's probably not surprising that the big brother of Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears says he prefers the behind-the-scenes life.

"I can go to any party I want," Bryan Spears says. "But I can also slip away and not worry about the paparazzi following me."

Still, Bryan Spears shares a few similarities with Britney Spears.

"We are both very sensitive. We get our feelings hurt easily, Britney and I," the older sibling, who is a trustee of Britney's estate, told People.

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Britney Spears' estimated $100 million fortune is now out of her control, but it's in good hands - those of her brother, Bryan Spears, and his lawyer.

For 30-year-old Bryan Spears, that means a big new role - keeping tabs on everything from cash to pay for medicine to money for daily expenses.

B. Spears in Action

Bryan Spears was made a co-trustee to his famous sister's revocable trust, where the singer keeps most of her money, according to court documents.

So what does it mean to be a trustee?

Bryan Spears, along with Ivan Taback, a partner in the New York-based law firm of Proskauer Rose, who was also named a co-trustee - have the legal power to pay for Britney Spears' "continued security, medicine, food, other daily living expenses, and expenses pertaining to psychiatric and medical services."

Bryan Spears, who normally keeps a low profile, is helping Britney Spears get back on track as the co-trustee of her estate. Britney is being treated for bipolar disorder.

"This is nothing new," Bryan Spears said. "This was a decision made some time ago and signed off on by Britney, before she was married to Kevin Federline, before she had kids. Anyone with a large trust, trustees are named. This is nothing new."

The troubled 26-year-old singer, who was recently released from the UCLA Medical Center psych ward, has been stripped of her trustee powers because she is currently considered "legally disabled" by the court.

A judge has also extended the conservator role of her father, Jamie Spears, until March 10, when another hearing on her progress will be held.

The motion to make Bryan and Taback co-trustees was filed by Taback's law firm. However, according to the motion, neither party can act unilaterally, but require "unanimous consent" with the other trustees to act.

The co-trustees can't sell or lease Britney Spears' home without a court order, nor can they remove any of Britney's property from the state.

The trustee appointments were made a week after the conservators were granted the right to fire Britney's business manager, Howard Grossman.

They have also sought a restraining order against her "friend" Sam Lutfi, which has been granted, although the evil one has yet to be formally served.

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The Commissioner in Britney Spears' conservatorship case has extended Jamie Spears' tenure as conservator until the next hearing, March 10.

The judge granted a request to have Britney's older brother, Bryan Spears, named as the trustee of his sister's trust. Bryan, 30, and attorney Ivan Taback have been granted the authority to serve as co-trustees.

That was to be expected, but this next part? Out of nowhere.

A New York lawyer has filed papers in Federal court, asking that Britney's conservatorship case be taken away from L.A. County Superior Court.

Attorney Jon Eardley claims Britney Spears' rights have been snatched away from her and she has been cut off from life as she knows it.

Eardley claims that "It is doubtful that Ms. Spears can receive equal protection and a fair trial or hearing in the custody proceedings because of the intense media scrutiny of what would normally be private aspects of a person's life."

Jon Eardley wants an injunction issued promptly in federal court, asking the judge for the power to protect Britney Spears in the custody case as well.

The documents say the "deprivation of her civil liberties by the conservator is so severe as to interfere with the effectiveness of the scheduled medications that are covered by the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act."

Legal experts say this last part is the attempt to get the Federal court to accept jurisdiction of the case, effectively giving Jamie Spears the boot.

It's not clear who Eardley is working for in filing this. Yet if you ask us, it seems quite likely that you-know-who is behind it.

Sam Lutfi and his PR spin doctor, Michael Sands, must have something to do with the filing. Britney's confidant and self-proclaimed manager is at odds with Jamie.

Attorney Jeryll Cohen, representing Jamie Spears, says they still haven't been able to formally serve Sam Lutfi with a restraining order against him - he somehow has avoided it despite partying in public places with Alli Sims and Perez Hilton.

Either way, we'd be surprised if he weren't behind this strange filing. We know Osama Lutfi well enough to know he doesn't give up power easily.

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