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Spoiler Alert: The much-discussed series finale of Breaking Bad showed chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White finally succumbing to the many forces that were trying to kill him and dying alone in a high-end meth lab.

Or did it?

Bryan Cranston as Walter White

In a recent interview with CNN, actor Bryan Cranston discussed the possibility that the man known to many only as "Heisenberg" may have lived to cook another day, having somehow survived a seemingly fatal bullet wound (and lung cancer). 

"Hey you never saw bags zip up or anything," said Cranston in a response to a question about whether or not Walt survived the finale.

Asked point-blank, "Is he dead?" Cranston replied, simply, "I don't know."

Then came the part that's really got fans tweaking: on the possibility of a movie featuring the talented Mr. White, Cranston said coyly, "Never say never."

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Well, we know he can do bald and we definitely know he can do bad.

We also know he can act like no one else on television.

According to numerous outlets, Bryan Cranston has been cast in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel as Superman's iconic nemesis, Lex Luthor, with reports even stating he has signed a six-movie deal to appear in a myriad of DC Comics-based films.

This news, of course, follows the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman... though we somehow doubt it will generate the same kind of controversy.

Cranston is best known for portraying Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad, arguably the greatest television show in the history of the medium.

What do you think of him as Lex Luthor?


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