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Bruno Mars turns 28 years old today.

But the singer has already received quite the birthday gift, of course: he'll be performing at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2.

Those looking to purchase something for the musical superstar should take note, however. That game will be played outdoors in New Jersey. In the dead of winter. The guy may need a heavy winter coat.

A multiple-time Grammy Award winner, Mars was overshadowed at this year's VMAs by Miley Cyrus (ever heard of her?), though his rendition of "Gorilla" may actually have been the best performance of the evening.

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One is among the most respected actors in Hollywood.

The other is the top male singer/songwriter of his generation.

And both celebrate birthdays today, with Matt Damon turning 42 and upcoming Saturday Night Live host Bruno Mars officially 27 years old.

Study their expressions, picture them without any clothes on and decide below: Which of these A-listers would you rather take home with you tonight?

And the Winner is?

Two very different celebrities. Two very handsome faces. Which would you rather see in your lap? View Poll »

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