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Move over, Matt Encinias. You aren't the only previously unheard of person to see a celebrity topless recently.

Of course, we'd probably choose to ogle Britney Spears over Bruce Willis. But, hey, you could do a lot worse than the Die Hard star.

Seen here, Karen McDougal is probably thinking that exact thing. The visor-wearing young hottie is taking a dip in Porto Cervo, Sardinia with the ex-husband of Demi Moore and all-around good guy.

Hot new couple alert: Karen McDougal and Bruce Willis.

Considering the weird, partly nude Rumer Willis photos floating around the Internet, there's a good chance McDougal - the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year - is helping to comfort Bruce the best way someone with her physical attributes can... if you know what we mean!

We mean she better wash that right hand before eating.

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It's hard to say where checking out the body of one's own teenage stepdaughter ranks on The Hollywood Gossip's ogling scale.

Certainly above the jaw-dropping, head-snapping, whistling, cat-calling antics exhibited by working-class British stiffs upon seeing Kate Middleton or Sienna Miller.

An Ashton Kutcher Love Child?!?

And probably even a bit higher than Diddy leering at Jessica Biel during an awards show. That body is something to behold, but the man's got Kim Porter and twins at home!

Yes, we'd have to say that Ashton Kutcher has raised (or lowered) the proverbial ogling bar by openly gawking at his wife's daughter, Rumer Willis…

Rumer's dad, Bruce Willis (also pictured here) has actually spoken quite fondly of Ashton Kutcher, the new, much younger husband of Demi Moore.

But the Die Hard actor has also been known to make thinly-veiled threats to anyone even thinking about trying something with his daughters.

Let's hope Bruce Willis doesn't get a look at this picture… and let's also hope Ashton doesn't decide to stare at Tallulah Willis next. That'd just be weird.

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Thanks to People magazine for this great collection of quote-worthy material from some of our favorite celebrity gossip mainstays...

"Yes, in 10 years. For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish."
- Beyoncé, when asked by the June issue of France's Questions de femmes magazine if she wants to have her own family

Beyonce Booty Baby

"I don't really pay attention to all that. It's only when people start to treat me like one that it really freaks me out."
- Jessica Alba, on the notion of being a sex symbol, to Parade magazine

"I always put one of them in charge. If they bring a little group of guys over to the house to have a pool party or whatever, I just say, 'Dude... you're in charge. If anything happens to one of my daughters, I'm coming to you first, and then I'm going to kill all your friends right in front of you, and you'll be last.'"
- Bruce Willis, pictured with daughter Rumer Willis, on his method for keeping Rumer and her sisters safe from teenage boys

"I cannot stand dealing with people in this business. You have all these people you pay who are supposed to be on your side, but I can't trust them like I can my mother."
- Knocked Up star Katherine Heigl, on choosing her mom as her talent management team

"I think she should definitely be punished, but going to jail for a traffic violation is pretty absurd."
- Nicky Hilton, on sister Paris' jail sentence, which she started serving Sunday night

"My thin phase is gonna go soon."
- Courtney Love, on fearing that she'll reverse her recent dramatic weight loss when she quits smoking, on her Web site

"The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock."
- Police drummer Stewart Copeland, rating his bandmate's performance during a reunion concert in Vancouver, on his Web site

"I'm so happy. Sometimes very tired, but mostly just a happy mother. I like to get [the babies] out now, just go out and show them the world. Say hi to the flowers."
- Marcia Cross on the joys of motherhood

"They've asked me a hundred times, 'Are you married?' How many times can you say you're not married? You get asked all these personal questions and a lot of times I've just got to put some humor in it to deal with it."
- Enrique Iglesias, on why he told the press that he was now divorced from Anna Kournikova, though the still-together couple has never married

"I wasn't afraid of dying as much as I was really afraid of getting my hair cut. It might sound funny, but it's true."
â€" Marilyn Manson, on his childhood fears

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It wasn't a stretch for Bruce Willis to play an over-protective father in his new movie, Live Free or Die Hard, which comes out June 27.

"I can relate to it, but that's overly dramatized in the film," Willis, 52, told reporters Friday at a press event for the movie in Van Nuys, Calif.

Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

"My relationship with my daughters is a lot more upfront than that, and what we've done, as parents, is to try and send the girls out in the world with as much information about what those 16- and 18-year-old boys are thinking, and hopefully that'll keep them safe."

Bruce Willis is dad to Rumer Wills, 18; Scout Willis, 15; and Tallulah Willis, 13, with ex-wife Demi Moore.

And while he might not blow up terrorists like his Die Hard character, John McClane, he admits he can be a bit of a tough guy when it comes to his daughters' suitors.

"I'm not hard at all," Bruce Willis said with a smile. "I just tell [the boys] I want to meet them. That's the only thing I ask for. I just give them that look, that little look."

No word on whether he gives Rumer Willis' BFF, Hayden Panettiere, that look.

Another intimidation technique of Bruce's: putting somebody "in charge."

"If they bring a group of guys over to the house to have a pool party or whatever, I just say, 'Dude, what's your name?' and he says, 'Uh, Cinjun.' Then I say, 'Okay, Cinjun, you're in charge. If anything happens to one of my daughters, I'm coming to you first, and then I'm going to kill all your friends right in front of you," Willis said. "And you'll be last.' Cinjun, if you're listening to this ..."

Apparently, the Willis daughters - who also have a protective step-dad figure in Ashton Kutcher of all people, managed to emerge well-adjusted.

Said Justin Long, who plays John McClane's geeky, computer-hacking sidekick in the upcoming Die Hard film:

"I had the good fortune of meeting the daughters, and they're all very smart, very elevated. They made fun of us mercilessly, but in a very witty, mature way. So someone did a good job."

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Talullah Willis, the teenage daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is legally changing her name - because she never liked the one her parents picked out for her.

Bruce Willis went public with his 13-year-old's name-change plans during a taped appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Demi Moore Tabloid Cover

"She wanted me to mention here on the big show that she's legally changing her name from Talullah to Lula, just Lula. She doesn't like her name," said Willis.

Willis, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have agreed to let Tallulah go through with her strange plans - because they're well aware of what it's like to grow up with a name you don't like.

"I didn't care for own my name," Willis admits.

"Especially after my father told me that he named me after Bruce Wayne, Playboy millionaire."

No word on whether Tallulah's even more absurdly-named sibling, Rumer Willis, is planning a similar name change. Probably not, since she's so busy tagging along with Hayden Panettiere and Lindsay Lohan.

Regardless, we applaud Tallulah's honesty and a desire to improve her social status by shedding that ridiculous name. Other celebrities that should at least consider a like move:

  • Jamie Lynn Spears. Her parents names? Jamie and Lynn. Absurd.
  • Marilyn Manson. He's a dude. With a girl's name.
  • Ryan Seacrest. And you wonder where the gay rumors start.
  • Prince Michael Jackson (I & II). Come on. It's a ridiculous name for one kid. You don't need to duplicate it.
  • Spencer Pratt. Doesn't sound nearly evil and manipulative enough.

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We don't know why Rumer Willis doesn't smile more often. (Or why she hangs out with Lindsay Lohan). After all, the girl comes from one of the happier, more stable families in show business.

Ashton Kutcher Red Carpet Pic

Granted, it's a bit unusual.

Rumer's mother, Demi Moore, likes to carry guns. Oh, and she also married a celebrity practically half her age. But Ashton Kutcher has proven to be a reliable step-father, providing valuable Lohan lessons for his daughters.

Moore, meanwhile, says her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah spend as much time as possible with both Ashton and their father, Bruce Willis.

"We spend all our holidays together," Moore, who turns 44 on Saturday, tells host Billy Bush in an interview with Access Hollywood that aired Monday.

"We had an intention to keep our children as our priority in the scope of something changing, the format of our family changing," says the Bobby actress, who married Kutcher in Sept. 2005.

The relationship flies in the face of messy break-ups, such as the recent Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker debacle. It's even more impressive when you consider the terms Demi and Willis are on.

"You have to work towards getting over what might have been awkward, or uncomfortable â€" I want his happiness. And I think he wants my happiness," Moore said of her ex-husband.

"And you know, I have somebody who is a great father, who's present, he's a part of their lives," she said of Kutcher, 28. "There are a lot of people who don't have that."

Such as Lindsay and Ali Lohan. Their father is in jail. Maybe Ashton should open up his heart to this troubled duo instead of yelling at Rumer for hanging out with them.

But maybe not. Lindsay pretty much sucks.

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Make that 2,321!

Bruce Willis added to the tally of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week in front of a crowd of fans, friends and family.

Bruce Willis, Wife

The actor's ex-wife, Demi Moore, was in attendance along with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, and Willis and Moore's three daughters - Scout, Rumer and Tallulah.

"I used to come down here and look at these stars and I could never quite figure out what you're supposed to do to get one," Willis said. "And time has passed and now here I am doing this, and I'm still excited about it. I'm still excited to be an actor."

Other celebs in attendance included Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton, Don Johnson and Sylvester Stallone.

The Gossip is currently taking bets on who will receive the next star. Kevin Federline is obviously doing all he can to be nominated.

But we think Samuel Plouchart has the inside track.

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Not only won't Bruce Willis die, he'll issue a challenge to those who are considering doing so: Live Free or Die Hard.

Indeed, this take on New Hampshire's state motto will be the tagline for the fourth installment of the Die Hard series, set to hit theaters July 4 weekend, 2007.

Bruce Willis on the Street

The Gossip would prefer to Live Free, no doubt, but we're glad Willis has signed up again to try and die as hard as he can.

In the film, there's an attack on our country's computer infrastructure, but the perpetrator of this cyber-terrorism, as Variety puts it, "never expected an old-fashioned cop to mess up his plans."

Forget Snakes on a Plane. This is John McClain on the Internet!

In the meantime, Willis has childhood evils to right before the movie comes out. TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by the actor against one of his oldest friends, claiming the pal is attempting a "shakedown."

The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims that Bruce DiMattia and Willis were childhood friends. Court documents allege that from 2002 - 2006, DiMattia was employed by Willis.

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