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We came across this lovely photo spread of Brooklyn Decker posing in her underwear and felt it was our obligation to share the pictures with you.

Where they came from or were first published, we can't say with any degree of certainty. Nor do we really care. They sort of speak for themselves.

Here's a gorgeous photo of the swimsuit model ...

Brooklyn Decker in Underwear

She may not be Marisa Miller ... but she's not too far removed from Marisa Miller, either. Click to enlarge any of these additional (hot) Brooklyn Decker photos!

  • B-to-the-Deck
  • Brooklyn Decker in Lingerie
  • Brooklyn Decker Underwear Photo
  • Brooklyn Decker, Underwear Style

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The Hollywood Gossip likes to break down matchups within the celebrity world so we learn, via readers, which stars are most popular.

Yesterday, we profiled two of the hottest teen heart throbs in the business today, budding Disney channel gods Zac Efron and Joe Jonas.

Today's battle is for the guys.

Sometimes, when we come across Marisa Miller and Brooklyn Decker sprawled on the beach in bikinis, we have no choice but to share them.

And to be quite jealous of the sand.

Follow the jump and tell us, gentlemen (and ladies, too) - which of these Sports Illustrated swimsuit models do you think is hotter?

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If there's one thing the celebrity gossip world can't get enough of, it's crazy skanks looking for 15 minutes of fame via nude photos and sex tapes.

But if there's a second thing, it's the celebrity engagement! We've had so many to cover lately, we feel like it's our job! NOTE: It is. So great.

Just Heidi

Our new poll, which you may vote in any time HERE or by scrolling down on the right-hand side, asks which celeb couple will tie the knot first.

With seven tandems to choose from, we've come up with some key reasons why each might be the first to walk down the aisle - and why they might not ...

1. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Why They'll Be First: New album just dropped, wedding makes great PR.
Why They Won't: Crazy Joe Simpson is probably shopping the rights to the reality show for it as we speak. Negotiations take time.

2. Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge

Why They'll Be First: She got pregnant at 16, why push this back?
Why They Won't: She's knocked up until summer, then needs a few months to lose the baby weight ... someone else on this list could sneak in before that.

3. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Why They'll Be First: Will stop at nothing for money, publicity.
Why They Won't: Fight a lot on The Hills, already broke off engagement.

4. Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker (above)

Why They'll Be First: Have you seen Brooklyn Decker in a bikini?
Why They Won't: Summer and fall are the busiest seasons on the ATP tour.

5. Tiffany Pollard and Tailor Made

Why They'll Be First: He's Tailor Made for her (sorry).
Why They Won't: She's starring in another reality series this summer, New York Goes to Hollywood. Tailor Made (George Weisgerber) may have issues with the directors she'll have to sleep with to get parts.

6. Jared Padalecki and Sandra McCoy

Why They'll Be First: How can any couple pass up the opportunity to be known as McCadalecki?
Why They Won't: Perpetual protests by celebrity gossip outlets that will need to spell McCadalecki.

7. Sara Evans and Jay Barker

Why They'll Be First: People says they're "over the moon."
Why They Won't: Total wild cards. Unpredictable. Sara Evans' last marriage also ended with accusations of Craig Schelske's porn addiction. Those things make one wary to walk down the aisle again. Trust us.

Click here to vote in this and other Hollywood Gossip polls.

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world you probably never considered. Because they are pointless, and above all, not real.

Two of our favorite athletes, Yankees slugger A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and tennis star A-Rodd (Andy Roddick) are no stranger to media attention - but it's their lovely significant others who have been getting equal exposure of late.

Let's see how Roddick's fiancee, model Brooklyn Decker, stacks up against Alex's better half, Cynthia Rodriguez, in a grueling 10-round bout. Ding, ding!

1. AGE

Brooklyn Decker: 20
Cynthia Rodriguez: 34
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Bikini
Cynthia Rodriguez: Scowl
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: B-Deck
Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: 3 (2006-2008)
Cynthia Rodriguez: 1 (2004)
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: SI's Dr. Z
Cynthia Rodriguez: Daughter Natasha
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Can't win the big one; Return game, backhand and volleys are suspect for top ten player
Cynthia Rodriguez: Greedy, self-centered, bad teammate, not clutch
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Quite possibly the most perfect thing ever created
Cynthia Rodriguez: Umm... not purple like her husband's, at least
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Mandy Moore
Cynthia Rodriguez: Jessica Canseco
Edge: Brooklyn


Brooklyn Decker: Roger Federer
Cynthia Rodriguez: Joslyn Noel Morse
Edge: Cynthia


Brooklyn Decker: Love-love
Cynthia Rodriguez: Getting to third base
Edge: Brooklyn

THE VERDICT: A strong fight all the way to the end by both competitors, but like her husband, Cynthia just couldn't come through when it matters most. It's Decker, the Sports Illustrated hottie, dispatching Mrs. Rodriguez, 6-4!

Brooklyn Decker Topless

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Game, set, match: Andy Roddick sure had plenty to celebrate Monday at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. The tennis star defeated Czech opponent Ivo Minar while his new fiancée, Brooklyn Decker, cheered him on.

As you can see, Brooklyn Decker flashed her engagement ring! Hot!

The swimsuit model isn't Andy Roddick's first celebrity conquest. He used to date Mandy Moore, who moved on to... DJ AM. Way to take a step up there, Mandy.

By locking up Brooklyn Decker to a lifetime deal, Roddick just became our favorite A-Rodd. Sorry, Alex Rodriguez, but Cynthia Rodriguez just can't compare.

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To think we were already jealous of Andy Roddick for being able to hit 140 mph serves. Now he's hitting swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker - for life!

The tennis star is officially off the market after he popped the question to B-Deck last Tuesday, several sources, including Decker's rep, have confirmed.

For those of you who are unaware, Andy Roddick won the 2003 U.S. Open. He's been shut out of the Grand Slams since, despite a great career.

Even more impressively, Brooklyn Decker is a smoking hot model who has been in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Brooklyn Decker Picture

In getting engaged to the lovely Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick - tennis' king of aces - finally gets his queen. Quite the major championship prize if you ask us.

The pair, who have been dating since 2007, first met Roddick got his agent to track down a number for Decker. They were first spotted together during tennis' major U.S. Open in New York City that September. Hot stuff ever since!

No word yet on a wedding date, but we'll keep you apprised.

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If you picked up the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, you may have noticed a nearly-naked Brooklyn Decker. So you know she's hot.

Okay, she's more than just hot. She's Marisa Miller hot.

But there are things about this beautiful babe you might not know. Here are some excerpts from SI's recent Q&A with Brooklyn Decker...

The sexiest thing a man has done for her ...
Wrote me a song. It wasn't cheesy or sappy, just sweet.

The sexiest thing she's done for a man ...
You're going to get me in trouble with my dad! I surprised my BF on his birthday with floor seats to the UNC-Duke game. He goes to UNC and is a huge fan and so am I. That was definitely the coolest things I've done, which makes it sexy.

THG NOTE: Marry us, Brooklyn!

On a quiet, rainy day, she likes to ...
Lounge around in my PJs, provide lots of business for Blockbuster and cook for my roommates. I love to cook for them.

Brooklyn Decker Topless

When she get dressed up for a party, her clothing inspiration is ...
Well covered. When you go to a party, things get a little out of control. You don't want any slippages or to pull a Britney Spears. You want to be decent.

If she had to spend $1 million right now ...
I'd give to charity, because you don't have a heart if you don't give to charity. Part of it would go to a new house - I don't know where. And then I'd rent a big cruise ship and bring everyone I know on it.

On her favorite time to get naked ...
When I go to bed. I sleep in the nude sometimes.

Further thoughts on getting nude
I am not that scared of it. If you want to be nude, you want to be nude. I don't prance around naked all the time, but I've got nothing against it.

THG NOTE: It's nice to know that Brooklyn Decker has no problems with Brooklyn Decker naked, because we certainly don't. Finally ...

She has crushes on the following celebrities
Ryan Gosling and Adam Brody. I think Gosling is the best actor of our generation. He's so good looking but he's a great actor, too. Also Tom Hanks. He's my favorite actor but he's not conventionally attractive.

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Tennis star and bona fide stud Andy Roddick holds hands with a his blonde companion - Brooklyn Decker - Tuesday near Union Square, New York City.

Roddick and Brooklyn Decker stopped at a local Starbucks to relax and read the newspaper before having lunch at the Union Square Coffee Shop...

Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick's Wife

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker walk hand-in-hand through New York.

The Hollywood Gossip wasn't sure at first if this mystery companion was in fact Decker, a model linked to Roddick earlier this fall. But it has now been confirmed - one very hot sighting of Brooklyn in Manhattan!

And one thing we know for sure - Andy Roddick is far less controversial than his fellow A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) as far as New York sports fans are concerned.

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Thought you'd heard the last of Brooklyn Decker, did you? Well, the purported play thing of tennis star Andy Roddick goes toe-to-toe with Sports Illustrated columnist and football predicting guru, Paul Zimmerman, a.k.a. Dr. Z, in his weekly feature "The Model vs. The Man: She Says Z Says."

The gist: They talk some football, Brooklyn Decker looks beautiful, and we wonder when Sports Illustrated started resorting to gimmicks like this.

Brooklyn Decker vs. Dr. Z

Nevertheless, Brooklyn Decker is a hottie. Good to see Roddick, who is now 1-14 against Roger Federer, at least won something at this year's U.S. Open.

Hey, it's a change of pace. This is a football story that doesn't involve Michael Vick, O.J. Simpson or Tom Brady! Watch Decker and the Dr. battle HERE.

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Andy Roddick is a serious player.

Not only that, he's also pretty good at tennis.

The 25-year-old may be cleaning house at the U.S. Open in Queens this week, but Andy Roddick also spending time in Brooklyn as well, if you know what we mean.

What we are trying to communicate here is that Roddick and a sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, are quite possibly dating.

The New York Daily News reports that Roddick was seen out twice in NYC with Brooklyn Decker late last week. Later, the pair hung out with Roddick coach's Jimmy Connors, Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley, and Plum media's Tom Scott.

Brooklyn Decker Nude

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker = Broddick? Recker?

Roddick, who once dated Mandy Moore and has been linked to fellow tennis star Maria Sharapova, has some serious game. Not as much as R-Fed (Roger Federer) but more than another A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez. Joslyn Noel Morse just isn't that hot.

As for Brooklyn Decker, we hope to see more of this swimsuit model in the next few weeks. We know little about her, but she seems like a Hollywood Gossip up-and-comer. Someone's gotta give Marisa Miller nude a run for her money.

Brooklyn Decker Biography

Brooklyn Photo A beautiful Sports Illustrated model, Brooklyn Decker not only has a cool first name (a lot cooler than "New York" a.k.a. Tiffany... More »
Kettering, Ohio
Full Name
Brooklyn Decker
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