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Following just six days in rehab, it looks like Brooke Mueller is on the road to recovery.

According to Brooke Mueller, that is.

Following an incident in which her assistant found her passed out, Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife has texted Radar Online and said that she's "doing excellent."

For the sake of the twins she shares with the actor, let's all hope this remains the case.

Brooke Mueller, Out of Rehab

Sheen, however, isn't confident.

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Brooke Mueller is either in denial. Or is just really good at kicking this whole substance abuse thing.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, who entered rehab last week for the 19th time - no, that is not a typo - after an assistant found her passed out and dialed 911, is already out and back in the real world, just six days after admission.

Brooke Mueller as a Mother

Sources tell TMZ Mueller's goal this time around was simply to detox (from an admitted Adderall addiction), which can typically take just a few days to accomplish... but it's rather clear Mueller has an overarching problem here.

Brooke will continue to undergo psychological outpatient treatment and she's also regained custody of her twin boys, who had been under the care of her mother.

For their sake, we sincerely hope Muller has her act together.

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Brooke Mueller is hoping the 19th time is the charm.

The troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen has checked back into rehab, sources tell TMZ, following a hospitalization this week that she admits was due to a problem with Adderall.

Brooke Mueller on Oxygen

As previously reported, Mueller's assistant found the former Oxygen reality star passed out a few days ago, although Brooke insisted at the time that it was a misunderstanding because she was simply tired from designing a line of jewelry.

Really, Mueller said that.

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Brooke Mueller is coming clean to her closest friends, according to TMZ, and admits she was in fact on something when she was rushed to the hospital last week.

She wasn't on crack - sadly not something you can rule out when dealing with Brooke - but Adderall, for which she has a valid prescription to treat her ADHD.

Brooke Mueller Roast Picture

Mueller "fell off the wagon" last week and took way more than prescribed.

Brooke's assistant found the 35-year-old passed out hardcore Friday and called 911, fearing she had overdosed. Mueller was rushed to the hospital but denied OD'ing.

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Friday's apparent Brooke Mueller overdose was nothing of the sort, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife says ... she was just exhausted from a jewelry-making bonanza. Seriously.

Brooke was found unresponsive at 11 a.m. that day and her assistant called 911; Mueller was rushed to a nearby hospital and discharged a few hours later.

Brooke Mueller, Black Hands

The assistant mentioned Brooke Mueller's history of drug abuse when she was talking to the 911 operator, but later said, "I made a mistake ... I overreacted."

Did she? Understandably, friends and family members, including her mother, have been very worried about Brooke's drug abuse for the past couple of weeks.

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Brooke Mueller was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital just prior to noon Pacific Time today, but her rep denies reports that drugs were to blame for the latest incident surrounding the troubled ex of Charlie Sheen.

Source tell TMZ that Mueller was transported via ambulance from her home in Tarzana, with various insiders alleging they are "deeply concerned" because she has been abusing substances again for weeks.

The Former Mrs. Charlie Sheen

Mueller has long battled addiction and has entered rehab over a dozen times. She most recently relapsed in June and has twin boys with Sheen.

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Brooke Mueller may or may not have relapsed last month, as conflicting reports detailed the troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen as possibly falling off her drug and alcohol wagon.

But the reality star definitely has found love, she recently admitted: Mueller is in a relationship with country singer Jaron Lowenstein.

Moreover, she sort of owes the romance to Sheen and her inability to cut herself loose from the unstable actor.

  • Brooke Mueller Strolling
  • Jaron Lowenstein Picture

According to TMZ sources, Muller met Lowenstein at a party last year, one she attended because she and Sheen were talking reconciliation.

The two exchanged numbers and when Brooke and Charlie didn't work out in the end, she took her friendship with the singer to the next level.

Mueller is the mother of Sheen's twins and has found herself frequently in trouble with substance abuse. But for the sake of her children, let's hope Lowenstein - who has never once drank tiger blood or claimed he is a warlock, as far as we know - can help keep her on a straight path.


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Brooke Mueller did not relapse, according to her lawyer, but merely checked into rehab because of a pre-scheduled "maintenance" program approved by a judge.

Yale Galanter says that when his client pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last month, she made arrangements to go back to rehab four times over the next year. 

The reason is simple: Brooke was done well in rehab in the past, and then abruptly fallen back into the seedy world of hard ass drug use upon her return to L.A.

The Former Mrs. Charlie Sheen

Galanter says Brooke decided to spend a couple of weeks in rehab every few months in order to help her stay on track and avoid any devastating temptations.

Moreover, Galanter insists Brooke Mueller is clean and takes several drug tests PER WEEK as part of her probation; she has tested negative every time, he says.

Arnie Mordkin, the Pitkin (Colo.) County D.A. who prosecuted her, seems to agree with Galanter, saying there's no evidence Brooke relapsed or violated probation.

As for reports that Brooke recently got wasted at Charlie Sheen's house, her attorney says that's just untrue, since she's drug tested often and has no failed.

So that's where we are. You don't hear about "preventative maintenance" trips to rehab very much, but it might not be the worst idea for her. You buying it?


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A week after Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife said she was happy to put "this chapter of her life behind her," Brooke Mueller is back in rehab once again.

TMZ reported and her camp confirmed to E! News that the mother of two has relapsed and is seeking treatment. She actually started a few weeks ago.

Brooke Mueller, who was officially sentenced to probation last week for felony drug possession, is currently at an undisclosed, in-treatment facility.

Interestingly, Sheen of all people played a role in her getting help.

A Brooke Mueller Pic

Brooke recently came to his L.A. home and seemed out of it, so much so that Charlie felt she needed to be checked out by an addiction specialist.

She left before Charlie could convince her to be examined by a professional, but Brooke later decided to seek substance abuse treatment on her own.

Brooke previously entered rehab earlier this year following her December cocaine arrest in Aspen, Colo., for which she was sentenced to probation.

As part of her plea deal, she's required to submit to random urine tests; a failed test could land her in jail. It's unclear if she's actually failed one, however.

UPDATE, 6/2: Brooke's lawyer says her trip to rehab was pre-scheduled and a precautionary measure; her probation will not be violate as a result.

Yale Galanter vehemently denies his client failed a drug test.


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