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Sorry, Bristol Palin.

You aren't the only pregnant celebrity making news.

Stogie Smoker

Charlie Sheen recently told Extra that knocked up wife Brooke Mueller has strange cravings during her pregnancy.

“She came to the outdoor kitchen the other night with a jar of pickles," Sheen said. "That was followed by ice-cream,” as Mueller herself added that she eats “cheese and crackers, pistachios. Everything.”

Are you taking notes, Levi Johnston? Sounds like you gotta make a super market run.

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Hide the kiddie porn, Charlie Sheen. You're about to be a father again!

The actor and wife Brooke Mueller are reportedly expecting a baby. It would be the third child for Sheen (he has to two daughters with Satanic ex-wife Denise Richards) and the first for Mueler.

Scott and Mason

“They are so happy and excited,“ an insider told In Touch Weekly. “They are in love, and this news makes things even better.”

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Will the third marriage be the charm for Charlie Sheen? The troubled actor certainly hopes so, as he walked down the aisle with Brooke Mueller last week.

The couple has landed on the cover of OK! magazine as a result. Here's a bit of what Sheen had to say in the publication's interview:

How difficult was it hearing the comments your ex-wife Denise Richards made in the media on the eve of your wedding? I'm so tired of talking about her and all her shenanigans. It is what it is. I don't even care anymore. I'm going to take a stand to basically never utter her name publicly again, and I think if that's known, it will put an end to some of the drama.

How does it feel to be married? It feels great. We were so excited when we got home we couldn't go to sleep. [There was] a lot of adrenaline and excitement.

Doing OK!

Suck on this, Denise Richards!

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As ex-wife Denise Richards exploits her children for fame and fortune, Charlie Sheen says he and his new bride are planning to have kids themselves.

"It's just not happening as we speak," Sheen said of rumors that Brooke Mueller was already knocked up, insinuating that kids are part of the plan for these newlyweds.

Charlie Sheen in Canada

And just how many little ones will this couple churn out?

"Hopefully triplets!" said Mueller. "Could you imagine if I really had triplets? He'd be like, 'Whoa!'"

Considering the past indiscretions of Sheen - which include high-priced call girls and a rumored addiction to pornography - we'd all be like "Whoa!" if the world was faced with three more of his offspring.

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Overcoming numerous obstacles in their relationship - such as a rumored porn addiction for one half of the couple and the constant premise of awful human being Denise Richards throughout - Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen walked down the aisle together yesterday.

The pair got married at a private estate in Los Angeles, as a source on the scene said "they're well matched and incredibly happy."

Charlie Sheen Chills

Brooke Mueller is now Mrs. Charlie Sheen. Good luck with that, honey.

Mueller and Sheen exchanged vows in front of about 60 close friends and family. Among those in attendance were Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart, who first introduced the couple in 2006.

"Brooke really wanted to walk down the aisle in a big way, but Charlie insisted they keep it simple and small," an insider told People.

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Not even Denise Richards discussing Charlie Sheen's penis could bring down the spirits of Brooke Mueller this week.

The former real estate agent and current Extra correspondent celebrated her bridal shower Sunday afternoon alongside friends that included Rebecca Gayheart. The pals toasted Brooke's impending nuptials at the Warehouse restaurant in Marina del Rey.

Hi, Brooke Mueller!

Brooke Mueller and friends drink to the demise of Denise Richards. Or maybe just to Brooke's future with Charlie Sheen.

In a casual ceremony - during which Sheen has outlawed the wearing of ties - Mueller and her man are set to get married this Friday. Also nixed? Gifts.

In lieu of wedding presents, the couple has asked guests to make donations to Chrysalis, a charitable organization whose mission statement is "transforming lives affected by domestic abuse through safety, support and education."

Following his marriage to Richards, we wonder if Sheen would include himself in the group of those abused domestically.

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As Denise Richards gets set to premiere her vomit-inducing reality show this summer, titled "It's Complicated," ex-husband Charlie Sheen is making simple plans for his wedding.

"No ties at my wedding," Sheen recently said of his plans to have a casual May 30 wedding ceremony with Brooke Mueller. "It's going to be hot. I want people to be comfortable."

Charlie S. Pic

If that's the case, everyone at the nuptials should keep quiet about the charges that Sheen is addicted to porn.

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We've questioned the intelligence of Brooke Mueller for awhile now. After all, this random celebrity is engaged to serial pornography lover, Charlie Sheen.

But our opinion of Mueller has improved after hearing her comments on the upcoming Denise Richards reality show, the series that's set to star Sheen's ex-wife and two young children.

Crazy Brooke Mueller

"Charlie and I both think it's exploitative and not good," Mueller said to Us Weekly. "But the judge ruled in her favor so there's nothing we can do."

After making her comments, Mueller then asked the entertainment news reporter to replay them on a tape recorder.

"Right that's perfect," she said, adding, "because what I really want to say .... Oooh!"

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Charlie Sheen recently told Extra he can't wait to have kids with fiancee Brooke Mueller. There's just some other, well, stuff, that has to be worked out first.

"We're just dealing with what's in front of us right now and getting through all this crap, getting back to our regularly scheduled life," Sheen said. "Then dealing with getting married and having our own family, which is exciting."

Future FX Star

The crap Sheen is referring to, of course, centers around ex-wife Denise Richards.

To say divorce proceedings between these two aren't going well is akin to saying Jessica Biel naked pictures are only slightly attractive.

But Sheen is keeping a sense of humor about the ordeal.

"You know they say this type of stuff builds character and all that and what doesn't kill us makes us bitter, I mean stronger."

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As Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen deal with pesky issues like the latter's ex-wife and former pornography addiction, there's just one way to remain happy:

"We just focus on our love and we have faith in the truth â€" and we know that will come out," Mueller told People magazine.

In Better Times

The most recent filing by Richards claimed that Sheen's engagement to Mueller is nothing but a media stunt, basically comparing this couple to a wanna-be Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as far as attention seeking goes.

"We'd like to get away from it all, and we feel sometimes that we would love a vacation," Mueller said about herself and the Two and a Half Men star, to whom she's been engaged since July.

"But his work schedule doesn't really permit it right now."

The rumors also make it difficult to socialize, but Brooke said there was one couple her and Sheen often go out with:

"Couples outings are few and far between. But we do go out on dates with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, those are close friends of ours."

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