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If Brooke Mueller is being punished for past transgressions, you'd think a marriage to Charlie Sheen would be enough.

But since walking down the aisle with this shady actor, in the last three months alone, Mueller has...

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... allegedly been beaten.

... undergone wisdom tooth surgery.

... contracted pneumonia as a result of said surgery.

... entered a treament center for infectious disease.

... entered a rehab facility from which she recently left because an employee there leaked personal documents to the media.

The latest development has resulted in Mueller checking in to a new facility, as her lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ Brooke plans on filing a lawsuit against The Canyon in Malibu for invasion of privacy.

Reportedly, someone from this rehab center leaked Mueller's admission form to the press. It contained personal information about Brooke and Galanter says he'll bring a suit against The Canyon and plans "to have the individual responsible for leaking the information arrested."

As for his client's whereabouts, Galanter confirmed she's continuing her rehabilitation "in a private, more secure, confidential environment" in Los Angeles.

"Brooke no longer feels she can go into a public facility because of the breach of confidentiality The Canyon committed," Galanter said, adding another chapter to this sad mess of a soap opera.

** UPDATE: Mueller has returned home to complete her rehab.

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While rumors continue to swirl regarding the reasons why Brooke Mueller is in a rehab facility in Malibu (some sources cite an addiction to crack), the important thing is this, a friend says:

"Brooke is doing very well."

Crazy Brooke Mueller

After spending time in a hospital that dealt specifically with dangerous infections, Mueller checked into the Canyon treatment center earlier this month.

"She's been committed to getting herself in shape by getting healthy again and going to a rehab to continue her regimen with her sobriety," the source told E! News.

While she works on her marriage to Charlie Sheen, Brooke's true motivation for recovery is her children, 11-month-old sons, Max and Bob. Said the insider:

"She sees her children almost every day, and she's an extraordinary mom to them... She's really determined to get her life back on track and concentrate on being a great mom."

Sheen is due back in a Colorado court on March 15 to face a felony charge of menacing. Mueller will be close to finished with her 30-day stay at that point, but it's unknown if she'll be by his side.

** UPDATE: Brooke has left The Canyon in Malibu after a moronic staff member sent a patient admissions document to various members of the media. She's in the process of finding a new treatment center.

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Her relationship may be on the mend, but Brooke Mueller still has many personal issues to sort through.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie Sheen's wife is in rehab for substance abuse, as she reportedly checked into The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu last Tuesday.

Tabloid Cover

Similar reports sprung up late last month, but Mueller's mother and lawyer insisted she was in a facility to treat an infection she developed following wisdom tooth surgery.

If this news is valid, it wouldn't come as a shock: Brooke was arrested 1996 for drunk driving, and in 2001 for cocaine possession.

She also had a .13 blood-alcohol level at the scene of the alleged Christmas Day incident between her and Sheen, where the latter stands accused of threatening his wife with a knife.

We wish Mueller a speedy recovery.

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It's hard to tell if they were ever officially apart, but Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are moving back in together.

Yesterday, a judge charged the actor with three crimes - but also relaxed the order of protection against him. As a result, "Charlie and Brooke are on their way back to L.A. to continue their lives," said Brooke's lawyer, Yale Galanter.

Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

The couple has not lived under the same roof since a temporary restraining order was issued following Sheen's arrest for allegedly, violently confronting his wife on Christmas Day. But Mueller has made little secret of her desire to reconcile with her husband.

"We need to give them a chance to be alone and catch up on everything that has happened over the last couple of months," Galanter told E! News. "We'll see what happens."

On the legal side, the Two and a Half Men star has been charged with third-degree assault and criminal mischief, along with one count of felony menacing.

He's due back in a Colorado court for arraignment on March 15, the day after he and Mueller's twin sons turn one-year old.

Galanter added that he doesn't know whether Mueller will accompany Sheen to Aspen, but said:

"I know based on the comments made in court, Mr. Sheen is committed to doing counseling and I know Brooke is doing everything she can to be the best mom she can be."

It's cheesy but true: that's the most important thing right now.

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Following days of mixed reports - is she in rehab? is she back on drugs? is she just recovering from an illness? - Brooke Mueller has decided to set the record straight.

In the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Charlie Sheen's troubled wife simply says: “There are so many lies out there."

Hi, Brooke Mueller!

Here's the truth, according to Brooke's mom, Moira Fiore: On January 20, her daughter was taken to the hospital due to a fever/infection caused by the removal of her wisdom teeth. Speculation that Mueller had been drinking too much are nonsense.

“The infections and pneumonia are what caused the shutting down of her organs,” Fiore said. “Brooke was very sick.”

On January 26, Brooke checked herself into Two Dreams in North Carolina, a facility that helps people recover from grave illnesses. Sources clamed she had relapsed with cocaine, as some even alleged she had drugs delivered to her in the ICU.

Total BS, Fiore says.

“This is ridiculous! There were tubes down her throat — how in the world would anyone in this position do drugs?”

We're not sure if pointing to Brooke's mere physical incapacity is the best defense, but point taken. In conclusion, Mueller's mom has her grandchildren in mind.

"She would never put her boys at risk," Fiore said.

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Earlier this week, multiple sources reported that Brooke Mueller was ordered by doctors to rest and relax in order to fight off a recent infection.

We wonder if they have masseuses and spa treatments in rehab.

A Happier Time

According to Entertainment Tonight, that's where Charlie Sheen's troubled wife is headed, as insiders say she has entered a drug and alcohol center in North Carolina.

Mueller was arrested on a DUI charge in 1996 and for cocaine possession in 2001. She was released from the hospital on Monday, where she was being treated for pneumonia.

Legally, Brooke is still barred from communicating with Sheen. A judge will rule on a protective order against the actor next month. Until then, it sounds like Mueller is doing her best to clean up her act and become the best mother she can be to young twins Sam and Max.

We wish her the best of luck with that goal.

** UPDATE: Mueller's attorney, Yale Galanter, says his client is NOT in rehab. He says she's at a facility that helps patients recover from serious illnesses, such as pneumonia.

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Still recovering from pneumonia, Brooke Mueller has been ordered to undergo stress reduction and psychological therapy sessions.

"The doctors told Brooke on Sunday that if she wants to get better she has to reduce stress and get a lot of R&R in the coming weeks," an insider told People. "Her mom is checking out spas around the country now."

Brooke on World According to Paris

Sounds like the best prescription we've ever heard of.

Mueller has pneumonia in both lungs, which makes it difficult for her to breathe. She's still stuck in the intensive care unit of a Los Angles hospital, where she's been receiving a dose of strong antibiotics for close to a week.

The doctors treating Brooke blame her slow recovery on the enormous stress in her life, a lot of which is a result of the Christmas Eve incident where she was allegedly beaten and threatened by Charlie Sheen.

"The doctors basically said Brooke is not going to get better without taking her health in her own hands and reducing the stress surrounding her life," said the source. "She has to do it now."

On February 8, Mueller and Sheen are due in court to see if a judge will lift an order of protection against the actor.

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Just how much does Joe Fiore support stepdaughter Brooke Mueller? So much that he's willing to tell the world about her problems in exchange (we presume) for wads of cash.

Fiore, who married Mueller's mother six years ago, spoke to Radar Online this week about the Christmas Eve altercation between Brooke and Charlie Sheen. He stands by most accounts of what happened:

Charlie Sheen in Miami

"That incident in Aspen was a scary thing," Fiore said. "It does not happen a lot, but it was true, she was definitely attacked, that is not made up, there was no reason for any of that to be made up... Everything was just like it was in the police report."

Despite acknowledging the alleged threats Sheen made toward Mueller, Fiore said he fully supports his son-in-law. Referring to this weekend's SAG Awards, he said:

"I hope he wins, not because he's my son-in-law, but because I think he's great and all the same people win and Charlie should have won a long time ago [for Two and A Half Men]."

Concluding this relatively pointless interview, Fiore confirmed Brooke and Charlie's children are safe and spoke on the couple's possible future together:

"It really is up to [them]; you can't get in their head. I would like to see what ever they want. If they're both in love with each other and positive and they want to work it out that's great. We support them."

For now, Mueller has other things to worry about: she's recovering from an infection and a bout of pneumonia, following wisdom tooth surgery this week. We wish her well.

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Brooke Mueller is really sick.

Hospitalized earlier this week following emergency wisdom tooth surgery, Charlie Sheen's wife remains in intensive care. Said Brooke's mother to E! News:

"It became infected.  The infection spread and now she has pneumonia in both lungs."

A court hearing scheduled for yesterday, where a judge would rule on Mueller and Sheen's request that a restraining order on the actor be lifted, has been pushed back to Friday. But Brooke's lawyer says his client is "not doing great."

Still Married

"Brooke is still in the hospital," Yale Galanter said. "We thought there was a possibility she was going to be released today, but she's not because she has developed pneumonia in her lungs."

The attorney has filed a motion to move the aforementioned court date to February 8.

A Colorado judge, meanwhile, has granted Sheen access to his wife in the hospital. He's already been in to visit her. For Brooke's sake, let's hope he didn't bring any Two and a Half Men DVDs along for entertainment.

** UPDATE: Mueller has reportedly left the ICU and will likely be present at the hearing tomorrow.

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Things continue to spiral downward for Brooke Mueller.

Less than a month after her Christmas Eve incident with husband Charlie Sheen, Mueller has been placed in intensive care at a Los Angeles hospital. Reports indicate her fever rose as high as 105, following oral surgery earlier this week.

Pic of Brooke Mueller

Said her lawyer, Yale Galanter:

"Brooke is in the hospital ICU related to the surgery for her impacted wisdom tooth. They are trying to get the infection and fever under control. The infection has spread."

Mueller is being treated with antibiotics.

A court hearing on her and Sheen's request to modify his protective order was originally set for today and then pushed back to Friday.

This isn't Sheen's fault, of course, but his influence on Brooke is clearly negative. The same can be said for his influence on network television, as Two and a Half Men has lowered the bar for unfunny sitcoms. It's really, really stupid.

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