Everyone remembers Brittany Murphy from Clueless. Well, she's apparently clueless in real life, as well. The formerly cute actress has...

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Lifetime's controversial Brittany Murphy biopic premiered Saturday, and in doing so, stirred more controversy surrounding the late actress' life and death.

The TV movie became a controversial topic for fans, and Murphy's father, who slammed the project and feared that the starlet’s image was being tainted.

Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009 from anemia, pneumonia and “combined drug intoxication,” a cause of death her family is still skeptical of.

Some fans even pointed the finger at Simon Monjack, the 32-year-old's husband who is depicted prominently in Lifetime's The Brittany Murphy Story.

Murphy's family believes Brittany was poisoned to death, although Monjack - now also deceased - may have also fallen victim to the same, accidental fate.

In any case, the film showed the actress struggling to obtain roles in Hollywood after tabloids and celebrity gossip sites damaged her image and reputation.

Dropped by her agent, Murphy was reeling until Monjack, a former paparazzi member turned executive producer and writer, came to her "rescue."

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Lifetime's biopic about Brittany Murphy hasn't even aired yet (set your DVR for September 6!) but is already under fire from Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti.

Slamming the project in a recent interview, Bertolotti called the casting "atrocious" and disputed the validity of ... well, anything teased in the below trailer:

"I am disgusted and outraged that Lifetime decided to produce such a trashy project, defiling the memory of my beautiful, talented daughter," he said.

"The Brittany Murphy Story is absolutely an affront to everything my daughter was in real life. It's hideous, unauthorized and completely untrue."

"Amanda Fuller, the girl playing Brittany, looks nothing like her," Bertolotti added, and he's been Tweeting and re-Tweeting up a storm this week as well. 

Some of his choice Twitter comments:

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The death of Robin Williams shocked fans the world this week, but sadly, he is but one of many stars to have passed away many years too soon.

For all the joy he brought to millions of lives, the actor battled substance abuse and severe depression at various points in a life cut short by his own choice.

He is far from alone. Be it from severe illness, addiction or other tragic circumstances, some of the stars who shone the brightest also met untimely ends.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. He left behind a daughter and a burgeoning film career.

From Robin Williams' suicide to Philip Seymour Hoffman's overdose, Paul Walker's car crash and others that remain cloaked in mystery, it's not a short list.

Their respective careers, however, remain etched in history. They may be gone from the world we inhabit, but their legacies live on, each and every day.

Robin, Philip and so many others who tragically passed on have left their marks on this world, and having touched us all, will always have a place in our hearts.

Scroll through our list of 23 shocking celebrity deaths above as we look back on some of the famous and talented individuals who we lost far too early.

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"As if!" "She's a full-on Monet!" "Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?"

One of the most beloved comedies of the 90s, Clueless gave us countless memorable quotes that are repeated by Betties and Burn-Outs alike to this day.

Sadly, while the film was a surprise smash in 1995, not all of its stars went on to the A-list acting careers they likely envisioned.

Alicia Silverstone
Alicia's acting career didn't really take off after Clueless. These days she's a mom and outspoken advocate of controversial medical practices.

Along with writer/director Amy Heckerling, the cast of the cult favorite reunited in LA yesterday to honor the film and take part in a Q & A session with fans.

With all the surviving stars gathering together for the first time since Clueless was released and the movie's twentieth anniversary just around the corner, we figured what better time to check in on what Cher Horowitz and company are up to these days?

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Billy Joel once memorably sang that "Only the Good Die Young."

While his point was that you should live your life, not be consumed by preconceived inhibitions, the phrase certainly still rings true in modern day Hollywood.

Be it from substance abuse or other tragic circumstances, some of the world's most beloved stars have met an untimely end long before they should have.

From Philip Seymour Hoffman's heroin overdose and Paul Walker's fatal car crash to some whose deaths remained shrouded in mystery, it's a long list.

Scroll through The Hollywood Gossip's gallery of 21 shocking celebrity deaths below as we look back on some of the brightest stars who we lost too soon.

They may be gone from this world, but they are not forgotten:

Paul Walker
Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. He left behind a daughter and a burgeoning film career.

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A second lab test of the late actress Brittany Murphy's hair samples shows that she was likely poisoned to death in 2009, fueling foul play speculation.

An examination found unusually high levels of heavy metals and toxins in her system, specifically Barium, Sulfur (ingredients common in pesticides).

The test was ordered by father, Angelo Bertolotti, who has been vocal about his theory that Brittany Murphy was poisoned, and possibly murdered.

In response to the question about whether Brittany's death was ever adequately investigated, Bertolotti answered: "No, it definitely wasn't."

Brittany, the grieving parent went on, "exhibited many symptoms of poisoning, but the Coroner's Office didn't test her remains for any poisons or toxins."

"They didn't remove her nail polish to check for Mees' lines. Brittany's hair was collected by a Criminalist, but no toxicology was done."

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Despite recent claims that Brittany Murphy may have been poisoned to death, the L.A. County Coroner says there are no plans to reopen the case.

The actress' dad, Angelo Bertolotti, went to the media last week with a new alleged lab report he claims suggests she died of heavy metal poisoning.

She died in December 2009. Her husband, Simon Monjack, died five months later. Both deaths were attributed to acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

Bertolotti sued the Coroner's office for "failure to conduct toxicology tests" on hair and tissue samples, which he secured for independent testing.

He sent the samples to the Carlson Company in Colorado for analysis, and that analysis supposedly found 10 heavy metals in abnormally high quantities.

The coroner, however, has issues with the revelation and says there are no plans to have Brittany Murphy exhumed, despite any of the findings.

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Officials from the L.A. County Coroner's office may exhume the body of actress Brittany Murphy in light of recent reports about her death, but have not. Yet.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter says he has not been "presented with ... the toxicology reports Brittany Murphy’s father (Angelo Bertolotti) had done."

"If there was an indication her death wasn’t from natural causes, we would probably exhume the body," says Winter, adding that it's not his call alone.

"Her father could also have the body exhumed privately, without a court order.”

Winter said if the coroner was to exhume the star’s body under the belief that Brittany Murphy was poisoned, his office would in fact need a court order.

Fingernails and more hair samples could be available if the body is exhumed.

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Brittany Murphy’s shocking death in 2009 raised many questions. A new toxicology report is likely to raise many more, given the shocking revelations within.

Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, never believed the L.A. County Coroner’s report that listed Brittany Murphy's cause of death as pneumonia and anemia.

Her husband Simon Monjack, 40, also died suspiciously just five months after Murphy died, further raising questions that have never been answered.

No foul play was suspected in either death.

Convinced that she exhibited signs of heavy poisoning, Bertolotti pushed for independent testing on his late daughter's hair, blood and tissue samples.

He reached out to The Carlson Company to conduct independent tests, and was shocked by the results. The lab reports were alarming to say the least:

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If she were alive, Brittany Murphy would have turned 33 years old today. Instead, sadly, the actress passed away in December as a result of cardiac arrest.

Now, Brittany's mother, Sharon, has come up with a way to honor her late daughter: via the written word.

Brittany Murphy Cover

Sharon Murphy will soon come out with a tell-all about the 8 Mile and Clueless star. She says:

“This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career. Brittany was a kind, loving person who enjoyed each day; she was my life. I am looking forward to everyone reading the accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves and career.”

The mother adds that a portion of the proceeds raised by the biography will be donated to charity.

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