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For the upcoming music video for her new single, "Work Bitch," the Vegas-bound Britney Spears is providing her fans with plenty of eye candy.

Wearing sky-high heels and a barely-there outfit, the pop superstar shows off enviable legs, toned abs and a glowing tan in the first photo from the set:

Britney Spears "Work Bitch" Photo

Sexy and sultry, shiny and sweaty ... it's just Britney, bitch.

"Ben Mor and I have been friends since we met on the 'Scream & Shout' video, and so we decided to get to work on the 'Work Bitch' video," Spears told People.

On Twitter, the singer raved about the on-set experience.

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In addition to becoming a Vegas showgirl of sorts, Britney Spears announced that her new, currently untitled album is scheduled for a December 3 release.

Along with the announcement of Britney Spears' Vegas residency, which will feature a show called "Piece of Me," Brit Brit also announced her new record.

Spears has already given fans a taste of her new album with the club ready single, "Work Bitch," which premiered in its Brit-ish accent glory last weekend.

Britney told Good Morning America that the album will also include a few slower songs that were inspired by her breakup with fiance Jason Trawick.

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Britney Spears' new single "Work Bitch" has leaked a day early, but is becoming pretty standard these days, as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry can attest.

Whomever is responsible for the leaks may want to watch his or her back from angry artists on the warpath, but that being said, here's your first listen ...

There you go. The key takeaways from "Work Bitch" are:

  • She says the word "bitch" maybe like 100 times.
  • She talks in that weird accent for the duration.
  • It's actually not terrible!

At least based on what you'd expect from a Britney Spears single these days, this is upbeat, fun pop music on par with most of her younger contemporaries.

She is most definitely ready to work, bitch. Like her "Scream & Shout" collaboration with, the British accent thing is strange, but it's catchy, no?

Do you agree? Tell us what you think of it below ...


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With just four days to go before Britney Spears releases her new single, "Work Bitch," the pop superstar has revealed the song's cover artwork on Twitter.

Take a look at it below:

Britney Spears Work Bitch Cover

The art shows Britn dolled up in a showgirl-esque getup, leaning on a dressing room vanity as a "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign sits on the table.

It's another hint that the star plans to announce a Vegas residency next Tuesday when the Britney Spears countdown clock on her website runs out.

Along with the photo, Spears tweeted, "4 days people! Go call the Po-Lice! Go call the Governor! #WorkB." Presumably, these are lyrics to the song.

"Work Bitch" will first be released next Monday on iHeartRadio at 6 p.m. EST. Check out some sexy shots she's Tweeted to promote it after the jump:

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Start the Britney Spears countdown. The "Work Bitch" is back.

The Grammy winner tweeted that her new track will premiere worldwide Monday, September 16 at 6 p.m. ET on iHeartRadio or your local radio station.

It will then be available at 12:01 a.m. September 17 on iTunes.

"Are u ready?!" she asked her 31 million Twitter followers.

Gosh, u better believe we are, girl.

She added the hashtag #YouBettaWorkB to her announcement tweet. Having seen the Britney Spears bikini photos she's been posting, she clearly is. B.

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"All Eyes On Me," teases Britney Spears' newly unveiled countdown clock.

But what are we waiting until the morning of September 17 for exactly?

  • Britney Spears Countdown Clock
  • Britney Spears Dancing GIF

A countdown timer has appeared on the star's website, ticking off the days, hours and seconds until 9:30 a.m. on that date, when who knows what will happen.

The GIF next to it? That has nothing to do with this story. It's just hot.

The words "All Eyes On Me" caption the timer, provoking speculation that this could be the name of a new song or her eighth studio album.

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Katy Perry revealed at the premiere of The Smurfs 2 in L.A. this weekend that she secretly recorded backing vocals on Britney Spears' "Ooh La La"!

The catchy pop tune was written by frequent Perry collaborator Bonnie McKee.

"Me and Bonnie secretly did background vocals on that song," Perry said.

"So maybe listen for our voices."

Will Katy Perry and Britney Spears collaborate on a real duet sometime soon? We can only hope, but in the meantime, listen to their unofficial one above.

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Britney Spears' sons Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James Federline, 6, star in her new music video for "Ooh La La," from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack.

The kids' video debut dropped today on Vevo. Peep it!

"Omg. How CUTE are my boys?!" she wrote in an Instagram caption.

In the video, Spears is at the movies with her sons when the pop star suddenly disappears in a blue flash of light and then appears on big screen.

The excited boys smile and point at the screen. "Cool," they say in unison. Then, "Hi, Mom!" Check out a photo of them Britney posted, too:

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Britney Spears is hard at work, and things are about to get personal.

"So excited 2 give u a taste of my new album... can't wait 2 share what I've been working on," she Tweeted. "Going to be my most personal album ever :)"

Britney Shorts

The 31-year-old recently released her latest single, "Ooh La La," an upbeat track featured in The Smurfs 2, and is getting in shape for her Vegas show.

"I'm doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio - hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer," she revealed.

"[Vegas] won't be simple - they'll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed."

From the looks of these Britney Spears bikini pics, she's off to a good start!

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Ladies and gentlemen and Smurfs of the world, the wait is finally over.

Britney Spears’ single from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack has dropped.

"Ooh La La" will have you feeling blue, but only literally. Listen!

In the catchy "Ooh La La," the 31-year-old pop singer's whimsical vocals are layered atop upbeat electro beats as rollicking guitars strum in and out.

The first Smurfs movie opened in 2011 to little fanfare, but shocked box-office watchers by becoming a bona fide hit and earning $563 million worldwide.

Smurfs 2 lands in theaters July 31.

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