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The Britney Spears tribute episode on Glee is generating a lot of buzz, and equally as many rumors. For the moment, here's what we know about the episode:

  • Britney Spears herself will not appear.
  • The episode will be titled "Britney/Brittany."
  • The episode will feature six Spears songs.
  • It will reportedly feature a head shaving.
  • Heather Morris (Brittany) will do lead vocals.

Heather's not the only cast member getting in on the act, however. This photo of Lea Michelle as Britney on set suggests that Rachel will be featured in at least one Spears number ... "Baby One More Time" seems like a pretty good guess:

Lea as Brit

Lea gets into character. [Photo:]

It's unclear when the Britney episode airs, but the magic unfolds when Season 2 of Glee debuts September 21. Which Britney song would you most want to hear?


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The upcoming Britney Spears Glee tribute episode may have been the pop star’s management's own idea, but the singer herself will not be appearing in it.

“Britney’s not in it,” Jane Lynch told reporters today at her wax figure unveiling at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood, Calif. “It’s a tribute to her music.”

Even though Spears herself will be absent from the episode, Lynch promises that tales from entertainer’s real life will be tied into the show’s storyline.

One of our all-time favorite tales, in fact.

“It’s kind of [about] how Matt [Morrison]‘s character Mr. Schuster doesn’t see any value in her and the kids really do,” she says. “And at the end [of the episode], he comes around and he likes [her music] so much, he shaves his head.”

Great moments in celebrity gossip - and soon, Glee.

Who would have guessed Britney shaving her head would one day inspire an episode of a Fox comedy about a glee club. You can't make this stuff up.

On the subjects of Spears and Glee, her ex Justin Timberlake has been rumored to appear on the series also ... and also isn't likely to actually do so.

“I love him,” the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy, who also wrote the screenplay for Eat, Pray, Love, told reporters last week at TCA. “But I think somebody just said, ‘Do you want him?’ And I think Lea [Michele] said, ‘He’s my favorite.’"

"Suddenly, he was on the show.”

Too bad he won't be in person ... but there's always room for some *NSync adaptions, are we right? Actually no, let's say bye, bye bye to that idea.

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Sue Sylvester. I'm A Slave 4 U. It. Is. On.

Now that the long-rumored Britney Spears episode of Glee has been confirmed for next season, creator Ryan Murphy spilled a few details at Comic Con Sunday.

"We haven't started shooting yet," Murphy said. "We start shooting our new second season on Wednesday. All I can say is that we're doing six Britney songs."

Appropriately, Brittany (Heather Morris) will be the focus of the exciting episode. Hopefully it involves her losing her mind and walking out dressed like this ...

Off Her Meds

"I don't want to say what we're doing yet because it's not airing until September," she teased, "but we're paying tribute to her in a fun and unexpected way."

As for Matthew Morrison, who lambasted the idea of the Britney episode when it first leaked? He reportedly "refuses" to do Spears songs in the episode.

Will the pop singer herself make a cameo on the hit Fox show, which paid tribute to Lady Gaga and Madonna in wildly successful episodes last season?

Don't expect any big Glee spoilers ... yet.

"I can't say," Murphy said. "Isn't that terrible? That will launch 1,000 stories!"

What Britney song would you most like to hear on Glee?


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That would-be Britney Spears-themed episode of Glee the singer's manager Tweeted about in a shameless attempt to cash in on the Fox series' buzz?

It's totally on!

We're as surprised as anyone, but the show's creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he’s writing an episode dedicated to her.

More than 13.5 million people tuned in to a Madonna-inspired episode last April. Can a Britney-themed episode come close to that total? Probably.

Will it be any good? That's another story.

At the Bizzucks

GIMME MORE GLEE! Britney Spears' music is coming to the second season of the hit show. Hopefully the Glee cast all goes to Starbucks in honor of the pop princess.

Not everyone on the show, which was nominated for 19 Emmys, will be thrilled. Last May, Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester, actually scoffed at the idea:

"I hope our show doesn't go along that route," he said.

We sort of hoped they wouldn't, too, but perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised. It just doesn't seem like she has the kind of catalog or musical style to fit the show.

Lady Gaga and Madonna have more vocal talent. Breathy moans, suggestive lyrics and auto-tuning might sell records, but how will they translate on the program?

What Britney song would make the best Glee cover?


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Would you like to see an all-Britney episode of Glee?

After a 13.5 million viewers tuned in to the hit show's Madonna-themed episode April 20, Britney Spears' manager, Adam Leber, began a campaign for a Brit equivalent.

In a blatant attempt to capitalize on Glee's popularity and have his client associated with it, he Tweeted, "Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of Glee?"

Glee spoiler alert: It's not happening anytime soon.

Asked about the possibility recently, Glee cast member Matthew Morrison said: "That's a rumor her manager started. I hope our show doesn't go along that route."

Matthew Morrison gleefully tells it like it is.

Ouch! But hey, you gotta give Matt, who also knocked Justin Bieber down a peg recently, props for being honest. A Britney episode wouldn't fly for many reasons.

She lacks the raw number of hits as Madonna or raw singing talent of a Lady Gaga. Breathy mouthing of sexual double entendres does not a Glee episode make.

Seriously, listen to Britney's version of "Telephone." Case? Rested.

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Britney Spears. Glee. Her manager wants to make an all-Britney episode happen ... or is just desperate for publicity and trying to leech off the hit series.

Whatever the motivation, Adam Leber is lobbying for a Glee-ful Britney bonanza, Tweeting: “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE?”

No word if this ploy will ultimately work.

The show definitely had a hit with its Madonna tribute, and a Lady Gaga episode is in the works (according to Glee spoilers we've read), but no Brit. Yet.

Not sure how we feel about this. Does Britney Spears really have an appropriate repertoire for the Glee club? It seems better in theory than actuality.

Then again, how can you not pay homage to this:

The Trailer Park Princess

We're on board as long as Lea Michele dresses like this.

With a lot of heart and plenty of soul (or just '80s pop), the Fox series has become one of the year's top freshman programs, so it's hardly a surprise Madonna approved of its tribute to her Tuesday. What do you think? Should Britney be next?

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