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Britney Spears' worthless, white trash husband, Kevin Federline, is reportedly in talks with his wife's label, Jive Records.

The former dancer and ever-present drain on society announced plans last year to become a rapper, but has so far failed to land a record contract. Probably because he is a talentless, deadbeat hack. Yet Federline, 28, is hoping Jive will welcome his musical attempts with open arms -- or at least give him a pity deal.

  • Federleezy Fo Sheezy
  • Brit and Sons

"Nothing is definite yet, but it looks like K-Fed is going to keep it all in the family," says an unnamed source, which is probably not real.

Meanwhile, Spears quashed reports she is quitting the music business herself. The 24-year old singer, who took a break when she became pregnant with her first child, and who is knocked up yet again less than 10 months after giving birth, has vowed to make a comeback as soon as possible.

Brit says she can't wait to get back in the studio and on stage, because performing live makes her and baby, Sean Preston, happy.

"At one point I was thinking about becoming a stay at home mom, but when my son sees me dance he lights up. I know that's what I'm supposed to be doing. If mom is happy, baby's happy," the pop princess said.

We would guess that little Sean P., being less than a year old, is happy with just about anything. You know, eating, sleeping, peeing, not getting dropped on his head, etc. But whatever his mom wants to believe is fine with us.

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Hollywood starlets love their Taco Bell. Check out this picture taken of a pregnant Britney Spears leaving the Bell near her Malibu home, as shown on

Such White Trash

Brit is apparently feeding Sean Preston's unborn brother a steady diet of chalupas and Nachos Bellgrande. What a lucky fetus. But the lovely Mrs. Federline is certainly not the only celeb who can't get enough of the disgusting fast food joint.

Paris Hilton confessed her love for the Nachos Bellgrande to photographers on more than one occasion, while her Simple Life cohort, Nicole Richie was known to make a late night run for the border -- before she stopped eating and morphed into an extraterrestrial goblin freak, of course.

Speaking of mexican food, the Gossip is willing to bet that Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend, Harry Morton, has been scarfing down his share of the pink taco lately -- if you know what we mean. We mean that he owns the Pink Taco restaurant chain, with locations in California, Las Vegas and beyond.


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No, not us, as in The Gossip. We're talking about Us Weekly, as the beleaguered Britney Spears is reportedly battling the celeb tabloid yet again.

Drivin' Ms. Crazy

In a statement released through her record label, the expectant mother said she and her deadbeat, freeloading husband, Kevin Federline, were outraged and saddened that photos of a recent family vacation in Miami ended up in Us Weekly after being "stolen by an unknown perpetrator."

Although the photos actually depict some happy, decidedly uncontroversial moments for for Mr. & Mrs. Federline (as opposed to Harper's Bazzar's nude Britney Spears spread), the couple is considering legal action against the magazine for publishing the pics without their permission, E! Online reports.

Us Weekly issued a statement denying that the magazine resorted to illegal means in order to obtain the photos.

"Any charge that Us Weekly stole these photos is preposterous. The magazine acquired the photos strictly through legal means," an Us spokesperson said.

This is just the latest in a long-running feud between Spears and Us that has resulted in frequent barbs and court battles. To sum up:

December 2005: Britney sued the publication for $20 million after a column claimed Spears and Federline were worried about a "raunchy sex video" of their exploits would become public. According to the suit, said tape does not exist.

The Rebuttal: The magazine stands by its source.

February 2006: New mom Brit said she was "disturbed" by Us' decision to publish her private honeymoon photos.

The Rebuttal: Us shot back, stating that "Coming from a celebrity who sold pictures of both her wedding and her stepdaughter, it's unlikely the issue here is privacy. Could it be that Britney is seeing red after not seeing the green from these photos? Britney Spears should start a magazine if she'd like to dictate her own coverage."

March 2006: On her website, Spears posted an angry tirade aimed at "false tabloids," calling out Us Weekly, In Touch and Star in particular for printing lies and employing liars.

The Rebuttal:
"Unlike other magazines that pay for access to Britney, the writers at Us Weekly have high journalistic standards and do their own researching and reporting for all stories. Our coverage of Britney has proven to be accurate," the magazine said in a statement.

Yikes. Maybe Spears should just start up her own publication, as she told Matt Lauer she wanted to while being interviewed on Dateline.

"You know what? I need to create my own magazine. These people like â€" I mean, they want stories to sell and they're very good. I need to come up with my own magazine and say the real deal," she said.

We have another idea, Britney. Just read The Hollywood Gossip instead! We have no love for Us (or Paris Hilton, or Ashlee Simpson). Tell you what â€" you can have your own column, and we won't even edit it! Deal?


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How does Paris Hilton celebrate America's birthday? But strutting her white girl dancing stuff!

At Pure nightclub in Las Vegas, the hopeful mother boogied down to Britney Spears' "Toxic." The song's title, ironically, also described the effect Paris has on most human beings. Sources, moreover, say she enjoyed the stylings of The Pussycat Dolls and Christina Aguilera.

Paris at Playboy Party

Hilton must have done Britney proud by performing her patented "clutch my breast move/seizure."

That somehow implies that Hilton has visible breasts, however.

So hopefully it was an actual seizure.

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Just when we thought Britney Spears was finally getting it together and doing something about the train wreck that is her life, we came across this picture in US Weekly.

Well, just kidding about her getting it together. Obviously that isn't happening anytime soon. But this image is too good to let pass by. Here we see little Sean Preston, in all his infintile glory, dressed like a little... um... Kevin Federline. Gross! Mom is looking pretty trashy here as well. Late night, Brit?

Britney, Sean

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Sure, Britney Spears' public image has taken a beating. But has it really fallen to the level of terrifying rapper and convicted felon Lil' Kim?

At least one high-profile publicist thinks so, and is trying to lure Mrs. Federline away from the dark side as a result.

Spears Live

In an e-mail sent to Britney's manager and leaked to Lloyd Grove, Tracey Nguyen of 5WPR writes that the pop princess is in a similar position as Lil' Kim (also Nguyen's client) was two years ago and in dire need of a thorough image rehabilitation.

For the record, Lil' Kim just got out of prison last week after serving a ten-month sentence for perjury. While nude Britney Spears pics showing off the singer's pregnant body in a magazine may never be construed as tasteful, she's clearly not in Kim's disturbing league.

But Nguyen echoes the sentiments of The Gossip and many other celebrity new sources when she attacked Spears' current public relations rep, Zelnick.

"I would never allow any of my clients to do an interview, let alone such an important one, without being there," Nguyen said, in reference to the pathetic display Spears put on in her Dateline NBC chat with Matt Lauer.

Zelnick shot back, stating that Nguyen "must not have taken PR 101, where they teach you that when trying to steal other people's clents, don't diss your own."

Regardless, Spears isn't taking her PR business anywhere, at least for the time being. After a couple of uncut scenes from season two of Chaotic hit the Internet, however? That could be a different story entirely.

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In a possible attempt to squash rumours of her marriage collapsing, the unflappable Britney Spears has signed on for a second season of the hit reality show she stars in with her white trash, deadbeat freeloader of a spouse.

Beaming Britney

Following the singer around during her everyday life, Britney And Kevin: Chaotic will end speculation surrounding her private life, Spears hopes.

The last few months have been brutal for the couple, as press reports have been harping on Spears' banishing of Federline to the basement, hiring Manny as his full-time replacement, the pop star's parenting skills (or lack thereof), K-Fed's bizarre campaign to save the penny, etc.

Oh, and we can't forget about the recent, controversial Britney Spears nude photo spread in Harper's Bazaar. Much as some of us would like to.

The 24-year old, who is pregnant with her second child less than a year after birthing son Sean Preston, is hoping this new look inside her life will put to rest some of the tabloid nonsense that has been hounding her.

"I know that things are fine, but this show will put an end to those rumours finally," she said.


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Perhaps the counter-culture bad girl of pop has a soft side after all. Alecia Moore, the oddball singer better known as Pink (left), shocked fans at a show last night by dedicating a song to beleaguered pop star Britney Spears.

Pink, who performed in front of a sold-out crowd at hotspot Avalon in L.A., dedicated "Don't Let Me Get Me" to Spears.

  • Almost Nude
  • Distraught Britney Spears

The star, who makes a living on stirring up trouble and has made headlines in the past for clowning on Jessica Simpson and other ditzy pop figures, told the audience she has always loved Spears -- and wanted "everyone to send her some good energy and love, because she could use it right now."

Spears has recently been criticized for her bad mothering skills, marrying a deadbeat freeloader, and looking like a human train wreck on Dateline NBC.

Just as all that was blowing over, critics returned in force this week as Harper's Bazaar released its forthcoming Britney Spears nude photo gallery (below). Pink did not comment on whether she approved of the pictures, which some have called hot, others believe are tasteful, and others still have derided as inappropriate.

Regardless of her views on that issue, this was certainly a nice gesture on the part of Pink, and the sellout crowd reportedly reacted by cheering and breaking out in loud bouts of laughter. It's good too see that Pink doesn't consider Britney a "Stupid Girl" in spite of all she's been though. Friends need friends at times like these!

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First, we learn that the cast of The O.C. might be (mercifully) closing up shop. Now, reports say Britney Spears is serious about leaving California as well -- and is planning a return home to her native Louisiana.

Convinced that her hectic lifestyle in Malibu is taking its toll, Brit is reportedly in the process of moving back to Kentwood, La., and has been upgrading her mother Lynne's house so she can move back in.

Gettin' Low

The town, which can be found in the northeast part of the state, right off of Exit 57 on Interstate 55, near the Mississippi state line, would be thrilled to have its native daughter back.

"She wants to come home," Mayor Harold Smith said. "She's building more rooms for her growing family. She wants a nursery and some kids' rooms."

Britney is spending $200,000 to renovate the house in Kentwood where road rage queen Lynne Spears resides. She is also scouring the Louisiana real estate market, looking to buy a second home specifically for deadbeat husband Kevin Federline to stay in if the increased in-law interactions intensely irritate him.

Seriously. We didn't make that up, although we did add awful alliteration.

"He likes Lynne but doesn't like her getting involved in their relationship," a source told InTouch Weekly.

Moreover, Spears has reportedly met with an OB-GYN in nearby Baton Rouge to discuss having a Caesarian section there when her second baby arrives in September. In case you haven't heard, the pop star is pregnant again, less than a year after birthing little Sean Preston. Don't believe us? We have the Britney Spears nude, pregnant pics to prove it.


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Rapper Ne-Yo thinks Britney Spears can do better than current deadbeat husband Kevin Federline, and is encouraging the pregnant popster to drop it like it's hot! It being Federline.

The 23-year old Ne-Yo, who is helping Spears work on some new material, doesn't like what he hears about her wannabe rapper spouse, and considers K-Fed to be a worthless, gold-digging mooch.

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"I don't know the guy, but I know people that know him and he seems to be a guy who caught a break," Ne-Yo said. "He's a bit of a freeloader."

The rapper confirms that he's working with Spears, but is staying tight-lipped about the collaborations... for now.

"I've done one session for her, but now she's pregnant it may be put on hold for a while. I'm not allowed to talk about her sound though, her people want it kept under wraps," he said.

We have to agree with Ne-Yo on this one. Federline should get his ass in gear or get out of Brit's life. But he won't. The chances of K-Fed getting a job are only slightly greater than someone busting a cap in Heather Mills. Busting something else in Heather Mills? That's another story. Did we mention the Britney Spears nude pics we came across earlier today? Don't get your hopes up, guys, but there is something alluring about them...

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