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We've gotten our hands on some new Britney Spears pictures from her New Year's party in Las Vegas, where the pop star once again made headlines. Check them out:

Little Bit of Brit

Just kidding about the one on the bottom right - we know that's an old one. But it was the best picture we could find in which Britney Spears was completely FUBAR (f*%ked up beyond all recognition), so we decided to go with it. That picture was taken late last year, back when Brit and Paris Hilton were BFFs and would go clubbing with no pants on. Those were the days.

But back to New Year's Eve and the controversy of the moment. Here's what an onlooker had to say about Britney's reported collapse, which she denies, claiming she merely fell asleep:

Before she was escorted out of Pure, the Britster counted down to midnight inside the club and said, "Happy f--king New Year! What happens in Vegas always stays in Vegas!"

THG NOTE: That's true - just ask Ron Jeremy and K-Fed's mom. Or Katie Rees. She would know - she's from Nevada! Oh, wait... guess those pics didn't exactly stay there.

Shortly thereafter, Spears headed upstairs to the club's VIP balcony and started chugging out of a Dom Pérignon bottle.

Always a classy move. Then again, this is a young woman who married Kevin Federline, so I guess we shouldn't expect anything less.

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The amazing Britney Spears was exhausted - not drunk - during a New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas, according to her representative.

"By about one o'clock, she was just done, so we took her out. [Britney Spears] was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep," says Larry Rudolph, her manager.

Short Shorts and Uggs

Monday, reports circulated that the 25-year-old mother of two fainted and had to be carried out of a Ceasars Palace's Pure nightclub in Sin City, where she was hosting a New Year's party. Instead, Rudolph said Spears walked out of the club and did not seek medical attention.

"There is nothing out of the ordinary here," he said.

A source at Pure corroborates his claim that this was not a Nicole Richie-style fainting episode.

"She was absolutely not carried out of the club. Her security and Pure's security walked her out... She didn't pass out or faint or any of that."

It would certainly make a funnier story if Britney passed out drunk at (or went commando to) the party, but maybe the new mom was finally acting like one - and falling asleep early! Before her exit, Britney had a good time with friends such as Brian Friedman (below).

In other Britney news, she was reportedly seen sucking face with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart Friday. The former USC star and Heisman winner, who just welcomed his first child with ex-girlfriend (or maybe current girlfriend) Brynn Cameron, has also been linked to Paris Hilton and Kristin Cavallari in the past year.

The guy's a player. No, really, he is - he plays pro football!

Lastly, a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by Britney against Us Weekly, which speculated on the rumored Britney Spears sex tape late last year. The judge said Britney Spears actively fosters a sexual energy, makes money off her sexuality and various sexual antics (such as kissing Madonna), so there was no damage to her reputation.

Lesson learned: If you want to want to claim someone damaged your precious reputation by printing false sex tape rumors, don't go parading around in no pants and offering up a crotch shot to any photographer within sight.

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She's our most gossiped-about celebrity, and certainly the favorite of at least half the staff. So it's only fitting that on the last day of the year 2006, T.H. Gossip offers a brief tribute to the year in Britney Spears, while hoping 2007 brings us more of the same.

The new mom almost killed son Sean Preston more than once. K-Fed became FedEx. New baby Sutton Pierce turned out to actually be Jayden James. Britney went from knocked up to f*%ked up. We got to hear the names Jason Alexander and Shar Jackson again.

Mid-Air Boinkage

Good God. If we were to recap every noteworthy story or funny incident, it would be the longest retrospective imaginable. So we'll keep it brief. For a full collection of Britney Spears pictures from the past year, check out our official gallery. And please see our expansive, archived Britney Spears news section for all the Brit happenings since we've been in existence.

Without further ado, here's 2006: A Britney Spears Odyssey...

ROW 1: A pregnant Britney caught considerable flak for driving with her first-born, Sean Preston Federline, on her lap. Later, she would have dropped the poor little tyke on the street, were it not for the efforts of a stranger. Amazing.

ROW 2: Brit guest starred on Will & Grace (left), and on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. Although the latter was actually an interview with the star, and as you can see, it didn't go all that well as Spears was in full train wreck mode.

ROW 3: Some strange, semi-hot nude Britney Spears pictures in Harper's Bazaar marked the first time in 2006 that we'd seen the pop star naked... but the last time in which she was pregnant. Over the summer, we saw Britney looking like a truck driver hopped up on crystal meth. Good times.

ROW 4: Fresh off filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, Britney showed off a newly-hot body and fun-loving attitude. She then proceded to link up with some unsavory characters, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The girl does not have the best taste in friends... or men, for that matter.

ROW 5: During a bizarre night on the town with Paris, Britney Spears' breasts stole the show... until they were upstaged by the unthinkable: A full-on, shaved, Britney Spears crotch shot. Seriously, who goes clubbing with no pants?

ROW 6: Showing off even more of her wild side, Britney made an appearance at a California strip club. And got up on stage. And did a little number. She was asked to get off the stage and leave by management. Finally, she hooked up with J.R. Rotem, a quote-unquote music producer and certified grease ball.

What a year. Here's to you, Britney, in hopes that '07 is half as fun.

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Memo to Britney Spears: The Hollywood Gossip will always love you.

Too bad another website is too petty and conservative to say the same thing.

Britney Spears Hairstyle, a faithful and well-visited chronicler of all things Britney since 2000, is closing up shop. Its webmaster claims the demise isn't due specifically to any Britney crotch shots, but we aren't buying it.

"As Britney keeps losing her identity and credibility within fans and industry people, so is [World of Britney]," writes Ruben Garay. "I believe Britney is unfortunately done (for me at least). No matter what anyone thinks or how they may disagree, it's very hard to maintain the respect needed to keep things going."

Ouch. How do you really feel, Ruben? What if Jayden James grows up and reads those harsh words?

Garay says he's going to start another celeb-themed site soon. World of Katie Reese, anyone?

The site manager also claims he still has respect for Spears "as a human being." He didn't mention how he feels about Famke Janssen and animal rights, however. So tear him apart, deranged animal lovers!

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Looks as if Gwen Stefani isn't the only celebrity doing a little moving and shaking in the real estate game this week.

No, we're not talking about Donald Trump, although he has built a large percentage of his fortune through developing real estate.

OMG Where AM I

The subject of this post is the incomparable Britney Spears, who has moved into a new house, real estate sources confirm. Brit's new digs: a nice $7.2 million Mediterranean-style home in an exclusive, gated community just off Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills.

Spears has already left the sprawling Malibu mansion where she lived with her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, and their two children.

"She's moved in," said one nearby homeowner who asked not to be identified. "She's a neighbor."

THG NOTE: Dynamite drop-in, neighbor!

The new 7,453-square foot house has five-bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, media room, library and a terrace with a view of Los Angeles. Although the property is officially listed as being in escrow, the commando queen liked it so much that she has taken possession of the dwelling and the previous owner's contents.

Given the high-profile neighbors in this Beverly Hills setting, the new community will afford more privacy for Spears and her two young sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline. Plus, she surely doesn't want any paparazzi snooping around trying to snap hot pics of that new tattoo.

"It's a great gated community where the tour buses won't be stopping at your front door or lookiloos driving by," said Kurt Rappaport, president of Westside Real Estate Agency. "She got good value for the property."

And we continue to get our money's worth out of these nude pictures. Everyone wins.

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The incomparable Britney Spears continued to celebrate her single status by taking off her pants and giving us some great new nude pictures getting a new tattoo in L.A. Tuesday.

In an effort to continue being brainwashed by Britney's bad behavior, her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, came along for the trip. It's good to see that once again, Brit couldn't bring herself to put on an outfit that covers her pink bra - except when she shows up in a parka. In Southern California. Yeah - real normal.

Soft Core

Britney already has some other tats - a list that includes a fairy on her back, a pair of pink dice on her left forearm (to match the blue dice her ex Kevin Federline has on his right forearm), a Hebrew tattoo on her neck, a butterfly and a vine winding down her foot, and a Japanese symbol that she probably doesn't even understand on her bikini line.


Now she's added a little star on her hand. Aww. So cute. Perhaps it symbolizes what she used to be, before she married K-Fed, then became a baby factory and walking train wreck.

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Apparently, if you're Britney Spears, you think that you can have your greasy man-cake and shove it in your estranged ex's face, too.

According to In Touch Weekly, the Britinator dialed up K-Fed's cell to ask how he's doing... and if he has, by any chance, seen any good Britney Spears pictures lately.

Sexy Spears

Specifically, pictures of her sucking massive amounts of face with new boy toy and quote-unquote music producer J.R. Rotem (below).

Britney proceeded to brag about a sexual escapade she'd just had with J.R. What's more, Britney has reportedly been taunting Kevin Federline about his new and significantly less-impressive financial status.

"It was really bad," says an eyewitness. "[Britney] just started pushing his buttons ... he started screaming at her."

Man. Hopefully Kevin can channel some of his obvious rage when he goes up against John Cena in a WWE Raw title match on New Year's Day.

Otherwise... well, this is the just kind of grating bull$h!t that can make a disturbed guy go O.J. Simpson on his ex-wife. If he did it, of course.

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Britney Spears just can't seem to keep her clothes on.

Not that she seems particularly worried about it

Over the weekend, she paraded around in a very classy see-through dress for her mom's birthday and then a cleavage-spilling blouse for a Lakers game, where she was mercilessly booed by the raucous Staples Center crowd.

Britney with Jayden

Then, later Sunday night, after that public embarrassment, Britney went over to Hollywood strip club 40 Deuce and decided it had been far too long since she provided the world with a good crotch shot. Okay, not that extreme, her pants did stay on.

Nevertheless, the Britster gave patrons a little show of her own between striptease acts... and received decidedly mixed reviews.

Cigarette in hand, Spears gyrated for the crowd, and bared her bra for all the world to see. Not that we haven't seen plenty of Britney's breasts before. Like, yesterday. Wonder if it was the same pink bra she wore in the picture below, taken Friday.

Amusingly, the strip club owner actually had to ask Britney to get the hell off the stage and leave the pole dancing to the pros (Lindsay Lohan, take notice). But she wouldn't budge. Finally, to refresh herself after all that booty-shaking exertion, Brit quenched her thirst by pounding the beverage of champions: Champagne and Coke.

You're a rock star, Brit. But don't you wonder how little Jayden James Federline is doing? Do you even know what he looks like? Not that we don't enjoy when you provide us with stories like this, but come on, girl. We love you unconditionally, but you're starting to make us think J.R. Rotem might be better off with Hayden Panettiere, and that just makes us sad.

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The parenting skills of Britney Spears are being called into question once again, but this time, the criticism isn't revolving around dropping Sean Preston or neglecting Jayden James. This time she's been voted the world's worst celebrity dog owner by two dog magazines.

"Britney Spears was the overwhelming choice," Hilary O'Hagan, editor of The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, said in a statement.

Confused as F*%k

"She once had three Chihuahuas... and never left home without at least one of them on her arm. As soon as she met [Kevin Federline] and had kids, (the dogs) disappeared."

Her pants seem to have done the same.

Britney's former BFF, Paris Hilton, placed second for "treating her dogs like accessories."

Oprah Winfrey, who owns five dogs, was voted this year's best celebrity dog owner. The talk-show host replaced 2005 winner Joss Stone, and beat out fellow dog owners Tori Spelling and Nicollette Sheridan.

We're not entirely sure that the criteria are here. Brit was named worst dog owner for leaving her dogs at home, and Paris was named second worst dog owner for toting her dogs everywhere like purses? These publications obviously need to get their points straight before hastily giving Britney and Paris such bad publicity.

Oh, who are we kidding, we fear for any dog that happens to come in contact with either celeb. Same goes for this pathetic Paris Hilton pussy.

Also, we're not sure that Spears' Chihuahua, Bit-Bit (pictured) would fare well at Hyde, where Britney's been spending most of her time these days.

Actually, it's probably good that Brit leaves her pooches at home... as long as Natasha Lyonne isn't dog-sitting, of course. What whuuuut!

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It looks like Paris Hilton never came to former BFF Britney Spears' defense in cyberspace after all - and instead, is the latest Hollywood "star" to incur the wrath of MySpace impersonators!

A Natural

News reports from several "reputable" sources have been reporting that Paris used her MySpace page to defend the parenting skills of Britney Spears, which have been called into question.

Which isn't too surprising, as the mother of two spends more time galavanting around and displaying her enormous breasts than anything else.

But it turns out that the blog in question does not belong to Paris.

In the fake MySpace page, the "heiress" supposedly states that Britney is a great parent who is, and who has always been there for her children, and that Spears' partying is considered normal behavior for any 25-year-old.

While these are thoughts that certainly could be floating around inside Hilton's tiny brain, that does not mean she's the one to put them online. In fact, says her publicist, Elliot Mintz, she doesn't even have a MySpace account.

"Paris did not write it. She does not even have a MySpace account," Mintz said.

You know who does have a MySpace account, though? Britney's ex, Kevin Federline. And you know who's no longer on his list of MySpace friends? J.R. Rotem, the quote-unquote music producer who is supposedly found work as the new Britney boy toy since she split from Kev.

In any event, let the MySpace wars (and impersonations) continue, people. Carry on.

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