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Bridget Marquardt is showing support for Holly Madison and Melissa Rycroft on Dancing with the Stars.

With that in mind, allow our staff to show its support for Marquardt upcoming series, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. It looks fantastic!

The show premieres on the Travel Channel tonight. Its concept is simple, yet brilliant: send the former Playmate across the globe, and have her pose on various beaches in a bikini. Watch the ratings soar!

Here's an example of what viewers will see:

Free from Playboy

Want more of a sexy sneak peak at a bikini-clad Bridget Marquardt? Of course you do. Click on the following images to enlarge them...

  • Bikini-Clad Bridget
  • In Turks and Caicos
  • Bridget's Sexiest Beaches Promo
  • A Beach Babe
  • A Beach Beauty
  • Getting Very Wet

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Bridget Marquardt is supporting her reality TV brethren on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

While the former Girl Next Door has to cheer on BFF Holly Madison, Bridget also told Us Weekly she has a soft spot for scored Bachelor suitor Melissa Rycroft.

"I heard Holly got seventh place out of 13th, so that's good because she had very little time to practice," Marquardt said of her pal's season premiere performance. "I heard the [Bachelor's Melissa] did really well too."

She did. Rycroft sits in second place, based on the judges' scores, after opening night.

Dmitry and Holly Photo

Marquardt added that she "would love to see Holly take it all the way, but it would be great for [Rycroft, too]... what a fairy tale ending!"

Indeed. Somewhere, Molly Malaney is wondering if she'd be better off with a shot at a crystal ball trophy, as opposed to Jason Mesnick's heart.

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Kendra Wilkinson is marrying Hank Baskett this summer.

Holly Madison is taking part in season eight of Dancing with the Stars.

But what about the third ex-cast member of The Girls Next Door? What's going on with Bridget Marquardt?

Nothing but a happy, healthy relationship with Nick Carpenter, Marquardt told People Magazine. She even added that Hugh Hefner approves of the new man in her life.

"Hef said that Nick's a really nice guy, and that as long as I wanted, he's welcome at the mansion anytime I'm there, and at all the parties and events," Bridget said.

Bridget Marquardt and Nicholas Carpenter

We can only stare, but Nick Carpenter gets to squeeze Bridget Marquardt's bunnies every night.

Does this mean wedding bells are in the future for Marquardt, whose new series, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, debuts on the Travel Channel March 12? No.

"Not engaged – not even talking about that kind of stuff!"

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Bridget Marquardt is crying over spilled wrinkles.

The ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner has moved on, and she's done so with a new man in her life: little-known movie director Nick Carpenter.

Bridget Marquardt and Nick Carpenter

In interviews with Us Weekly and E! Online, Bridget shared a few thoughts on Carpenter, as well as her former reality TV cohorts:

On plans for Valentine's Day: "I’m doing a club appearance in Vegas at Studio 54, so he’ll be my valentine and go along with me."
On Holly Madison and Criss Angel's future: "I do think they’ll get married. I really do."
On Kendra Wilkinson marrying Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion: "It’s supposed to be there, and Hef really wants to walk Kendra down the aisle."

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Hugh Hefner might have the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris, but his ex-girlfriends aren't sitting at home, pining over wrinkles lost.

A day after Bridget Marquardt was photographed leaving a Grammy Awards party with Nicholas Carpenter, the former Playmate has confirmed her relationship with the small-time movie director.

"He's funny and sincere and really sweet," Marquardt said to E! of Marsi Tomei's ex-boyfriend. "He's so cute!"

Marquardt met Carpenter after he directed Holly Madison in the random, indie horror flick The Telling. They look very happy together, don't they?

Bridget Marquardt , Boyfriend

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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It's official: all of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends have moved on.

We already knew about Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett; as well as Holly Madison and Criss Angel.

But Bridget Marquardt left a Grammy Awards party over the weekend, hand-in-hand with a new man.

Or is this an old man, specifically one named Nick Carpenter?

Bridget and Carpenter were rumored to be an item in September 2008. He's a small-time movie director that actually dated Marisa Tomei years ago.

Can anyone help us verify that the man below is, indeed, Nick Carpenter? **

Bridget Marquardt and Nick Carpenter

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

** It's been confirmed that, yes, this man is Bridget's new boyfriend Nick Carpenter.

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Sorry, fellas.

While The Girls Next Door individually grace three distinct covers of the February 2009 edition of Playboy, there is nary a Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson or Holly Madison nude photo among the cover shots.

Still, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends all look ravishing in their bikinis.

Click on the following pics to see larger images of them for yourself:

  • Bridget Marquardt, Playboy Cover
  • Holly Madison, Playboy Cover

We'll ask again: Who is your favorite Girl Next Door?


Coming next month to Playboy: Aubrey O'Day nude! (Consider yourself warned.)

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Soon, they will no longer be The Girls Next Door.

But before Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison officially exit the embrace of Hugh Hefner, they'll pose naked in the upcoming issue of Playboy.

Kendra Wilkinson Book Signing

With that in mind, it's not too late to chime in: Who is your favorite of Hef's ex-girlfriends?


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Bridget Marquardt doesn't have to worry about Hugh Hefner being a jealous ex-boyfriend. In fact, he wants the Girls Next Door star to find new love.

"He's so excited for me and happy for me. Hef says if I ever want to come back to the mansion and bring a date, that's no problem," says Marquardt, who moved out of the Playboy mansion last week after living there for seven years.

"He's just being really sweet about it," B-Marq said of her old lover. "We have gotten closer than ever. I will love him forever, there's no question."

Marquardt's departure from the house follows that of fellow Girls Next Door star and #1 Hef girlfriend Holly Madison, who is now dating illusionist Criss Angel, and Kendra Wilkinson, who is engaged to NFL player Hank Baskett.

Bridget Marquardt says it was a shock to her system to leave the Mansion.

"I packed the final stuff from my room," says the Playmate and host of the upcoming Travel Channel show Bridget's Sexiest Beaches (which debuts on March 12). "I was just standing in my room and it was empty. I was thinking, 'I can't believe this.'"

While she's saying goodbye to Hugh for now, Bridget Marquardt knows there will always be a place for her - along with The Shannon Twins, and Crystal Harris, and hopefully Amy Leigh Andrews - at the Playboy mansion if she needs it.

Says Bridget: "Hef's like, 'You can always come back here. Come back to eat all your meals. Come here to spend the night if you need to.'"

What a swell guy. Click to enlarge more Bridget Marquardt pics ...

  • The Girls Next Door Nude
  • Bridget Marquardt Nude
  • Bridget Marquardt  Picture

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Kendra Wilkinson made her feelings about Karissa and Kristina Shannon a few weeks ago.

Now, Bridget Marquardt is also speaking in a less-than-flattering ways about Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends.

Free from Playboy

While promoting her new Travel Channel show, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, the most quiet Girl Next Door told Life & Style that the new Playboy Mansion residents haven't exactly been the most gracious skanks on the planet.

“The only thing I have remotely hard feelings about is that we weren’t even gone yet and all the pictures throughout the house were changed to the new girlfriends, and I thought, 'That’s kind of rude,'" Bridget said.

We're sure Hef will give Karissa and Kristina a good spanking for it.

Bridget Marquardt, seen here with Holly Madison, doesn't like the Shannon twins. No word yet on how she feels about Crystal Harris.

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