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Alright, stop ... collaborate and listen. Favre is back with a brand new invention. Something grabs a hold of him tightly ... unfortunately, it's not Jenn Sterger.

Last year was not a great one for Brett Favre. Dude blew a shot at the Super Bowl with a costly interception, then retired, unretired and had a bad season.

The end of his consecutive starts streak and the whole Jenn Sterger sexting scandal topped it off. Oh, and he has small junk, making things even sadder.

But that through it all, he's still in good spirits. If anyone can benefit from a little Vanilla Ice-inspired dancing, it's him. Here's Brett doing "Ice Ice Baby" ...

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Embattled Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has certainly been in the news a lot lately, with all the errant passes he's made on and off the field!

Under investigation by the NFL for voicemails and lewd pics allegedly sent to reporter Jenn Sterger, Favre admits hollering, but denies sexting any photos.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live lampooned the legendary QB and Wrangler jeans spokesman with a faux line of pants he can endorse going forward ...

NO FLY ZONE: Brett Favre's just too covered up here.

Cast member Jason Sudekis, shown playing touch football in a pair of denims with the crotch blurred out, spoofs Favre and Wrangler's "Open Fly" jeans.

"I've tried all kinds of jeans – button fly, zipper fly, you name it. But nothing works better than the all-new, open-fly jeans from Wrangler," says faux Brett.

The joke jeans ad notes that the pants are the first of their kind to feature no fly whatsoever, "an ultra-relaxed fit, right where you need it most."

How could Jenn Sterger possibly resist? Watch the SNL Brett Favre ad here:

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