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On a day that has already brought us Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker and Lindsay Lohan with J.R. Rotem, we're still shocked by the pairing below.

Stacy Ferguson (a.k.a Fergie) is a woman who once peed her pants in concert and who used to do mounds of crystal meth. Yet seeing her do lunch with Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, grosses us out most of all. Yes, it's true. See below ...

Fergie dines with Brandon Davis. Something tells us it was a greasy meal.

Reports say Fergie and Greasy Bear may have dated a few years ago. If so, it must have been during a crystal meth-induced haze. Right? God, we hope so.

Either way, we don't think they're together now. Fergie has been with Josh Duhamel since forever, and Greasy is back with Aussie model Cheyenne Tozzi.

Also known as Koala Bear.

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Farewell, Miranda Kerr. We barely got to know you. But we trust that you'll be back and dating another random celebrity in no time. Keep your chin up.

Sources say Brandon Davis has been cut off from his oil tycoon family's fortune, which would seemingly ruin his chances of getting laid forever.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

Well, think again on that. After a reported dalliance with Miranda Kerr, Davis' previous fling, Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi, is back in the picture!

A photo of Cheyenne Tozzi. Yes, Brandon Davis hits this.

Yes, Cheyenne Tozzi is dating the oil heir. The pair were spotted hitting up the Whiskey Bar in L.A. on Sunday night - great for Brandon Davis' sobriety.

Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, has already been to rehab numerous times. Hopefully Tozzi, a.k.a. Koala Bear, can restrain him from his usual obnoxious antics.

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Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr left Diavolina in L.A. on Monday night with her arm wrapped around ... say what!? ... greasy oil heir Brandon Davis.

When Miranda Kerr spotted members of the celebrity news media, she broke off and walked the other way. Guess what they always say about sleeping with a fat, Greasy Bear is true - it's all fun until your friends find out.

Miranda Kerr and Brandon Davis: Now that's a strange couple for you!

We're guessing this means the demise of Cheyenne Tozzi (a.k.a. Koala Bear), the Aussie model who Brandon Davis was somehow shagging earlier this year.

As for Kerr, she had reportedly been seeing Orlando Bloom for a few months, and was spotted apartment hunting together with the hunky star back in March.

Another wrinkle: Bloom was reportedly backstage this past week to cheer on Miranda Kerr at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The plot thickens!

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Looks like Arizona Cardinals quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and oily heir Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis have a lot in common.

And we're not even talking about the fact that Matt has likely hooked up with Brandon Davis' BFF, Paris Hilton. We're talking about sweating. Hard.

Seriously, anybody got a towel? Check out this pic of Matt Leinart (right) inside a club in Scottsdale, Ariz., last weekend, up against this file photo of Greasy Bear...

Matt Leinart and Brandon Davis: Kindred, greasy spirits?

We're going to have to go with Matt Leinart, although this image of him all sweaty in a club isn't likely to help in his nasty custody fight with Brynn Cameron. The USC basketball player and mother of his son, Cole, adamantly disapproves of his party-boy lifestyle.

As for Brandon Davis, well, he's gross. But at least this isn't a picture of brother Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear. We're grateful that the latter bear is in no way part of a story on our site today. For once. Although that is subject to change if TMZ posts any pictures of him.

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Aww. How sweet. Check out this cute couple canoodling in the Big Apple.

Well, at least it would be a cute couple if that weren't Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, under that hoodie. That's a cute girl with him, though!

Kim and Brandon

Below, a sweatsuited Greasy Bear and his new girlfriend (seriously), model Cheyenne Tozzi of Australia, a.k.a. Koala Bear, were spotted having an early dinner in Manhattan.

Among the qualities of Cheyenne Tozzi that Brandon Davis admires is her ability to absorb copious amounts of the sweat and smoke emanating from him.

Despite Cheyenne's love, we can't help but notice that Brandon Davis looks a tad sad. Perhaps it's true that Greasy Bear's oil heir parents have cut off his money supply?

Or maybe he is depressed about getting kicked out of his brother Alexander's wedding… or can't shake the image of his other brother, Jason Davis, brawling with Perez Hilton.

Either that, or like the rest of us, he's praying for Britney Spears.

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Oil(y) heir Brandon Davis, a.k.a. "Greasy Bear," was spotted yesterday in Miami Beach. He was even more oiled up than usual, but that's not even the point of this post.

Brandon Davis was spotted with, get this, a hot girl.

Kim and Brandon

Guess having access to tens of millions carries some allure. In any case, Greasy Bear apparently landed Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi… a.k.a. Koala Bear?

Davis, who freaked the f*%k out at the wedding of his oldest brother, Alexander (a mysterious, as yet un-nicknamed bear) appears to be in better spirits than the last two times we've heard from him. Which is good to see from this Paris Hilton pal.

The same can't be said for his other brother, Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear. Guy has some serious issues… and hates Perez Hilton somethin' awful.

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Now that he's "shed a few pounds," oil(y) heir Brandon Davis, a.k.a. "Greasy Bear" is apparently having trouble holding his liquor.

Or he's just a jackass. Or both.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

Spies at the recent wedding reception of his older brother - Alexander - yes, there is yet another bear - snitched that Brandon Davis caused an uproar.

He celebrated Alexander's marriage to his Greek girlfriend (sadly, not a relative of fellow heir / club fixture Stavros Niarchos) by "getting into an enormous fight with his father," Turkish-American wine importer Nebil Zarif.

Yes, Greasy Bear, along with brothers Alexander and Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, is partly a Middle Eastern Bear.

One who, of course, ridiculed Paula Abdul's Middle Eastern heritage in the not so distant past. Yeah. He's not smart. Or classy. At all.

He also has more grease in his hair than Spencer Pratt. Thus the nickname.

Sources at the reception say Brandon Davis, whose oily sheen is one of the seven wonders of the celebrity gossip universe, was "acting belligerent" and "knocking over chairs and flower arrangements" at the Mantage Resort in Laguna Beach.

"[Brandon Davis] got so upset, he sent tables crashing ... he had to be carried out of the reception," says a witness.

Davis, a Hollywood rich kid who is notorious for obnoxious outbursts and screaming rants (remember Firecrotch), did not return calls for comment.

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The Tony Parker - Eva Longoria wedding extravaganza was perhaps the most notable event of the weekend in terms of pure celebrity news.

But in honor of Saturday's date, 07-07-07, our friends at TMZ created their own seven wonders of the world - and they're too good not to share.

From the walking train wreck that is Britney Spears to Spencer and Heidi's fake relationship to the glory that is Greasy Bear, behold the 7 Wonders of Celebrity Gossip ...

Nicole Richie's Pregnancy
Was it a pregnancy bump, or had Nicole simply decided to ingest food? For weeks, rumors swirled about whether or not the skinny one was pregnant - or eating for a change. Turns out Nicole - ever the trendsetter - is going to be the first mom among the worthless young Hollywood set.

Matthew McConaughey's Missing Shirt
For months now, Matthew McConaughey has wandered the world, playing his bongos and collecting sexy accolades sans shirt. Where could the shirt have gone? And does anyone object to its absence?

Lindsay Lohan's Driving Skillz
Disaster seems to strike whenever Lindsay Lohan is behind the wheel. It's a wonder the girl ever gets anywhere at all. Besides into the pants of A.J. Lamas, of course.

The Britney Spears Train Wreck-a-Thon
First there was the quickie Jason Alexander wedding. Then came the decision to marry Kevin Federline and the ensuing divorce. Then the partying with Paris. The head-shaving debacle. The umbrella rage incident. The panty-free partying. The rehab. The post-rehab. The propensity for getting naked ... and on and on and on and ...

Brandon Davis' Oily Sheen
Despite being an heir with infinite cash, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis can't seem to stop sweating. Brother Jason Davis, a.k.a. "Gummi Bear," almost looks normal by comparison.

The Heidi Montag - Spencer Pratt "Relationship"
Spencer Pratt and Heidi's new fake boobs have managed to stretch their 15 minutes of fame to at least 20. The obnoxious, obviously conniving Pratt even convinced a girl to marry him. Talk about defining the dumb blonde stereotype. Ugh. Just give us Lauren Conrad.

The Lack of Underwear in Los Angeles, California
Apparently there are no Victoria's Secrets in L.A. That or some fraternity pledge is frequently raiding the underwear drawers of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and company. How else do you explain the deluge of crotch shot and nipple slip photos?

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Brandon Davis, a.k.a. "Greasy Bear," reportedly decided in the recent past that he was rather unhappy with what his image had devolved to.

That being a worthless, spoiled rich oil heir and friend of Paris Hilton with a propensity for vile outbursts and sweating like a pig.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

The New York Post's Page Six reports that the ball of lard has been on a diet and was proud to show off his "leaner form" at a party the other night ... where he only drank water.

Normally, we revere the Post. Their sleuths break many stories, including the Stray-Rod / Joslyn Noel Morse scandal and the revelation that Shar Jackson may be pregnant again.

But come on guys. Brandon Davis? Leaner form? You gotta be kidding, right? April Fool's was two months ago. Are you smoking up with Nicole Richie or something?

Here's Greasy Bear in a screen capture from his infamous "Firecrotch" rant (in which he immortalized Lindsay Lohan as such) in May 2006. That incident is on the left. Compare it to this picture of a "svelte" Davis taken at a Hollywood party Tuesday.

Wow, you can really see the difference. Not. Preparing to light a cigarette despite being drenched in oil, this guy is still greasier than Spencer Pratt, albeit less conniving.

Although he may have bribed the Post to discuss his "leanness." That's the only explanation we can think of. What's next, Kevin Federline, Rhodes scholar?

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Brandon Davis is so unpopular, even his friends don't want to be associated with him.

The obnoxious, toxic grandson of the late oil tycoon Marvin Davis showed up to the Details magazine party March 29 at producer Mary Parent's house in Hollywood and became enraged when he was denied access.

Kim and Brandon

According to a New York Post spy, "he started demanding that staffers get Stavros Niarchos.

The Greek shipping heir, who is newly single, evidently told Davis about the party and was already inside.

But when staffers found Stavros Niarchos, he pleaded with them to tell Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, that he wasn't there, saying, "I didn't invite him here, and I don't really want to be around him."

Nice. Niarchos, who used to date Davis' best friend, Paris Hilton, then joined the other revelers. Davis eventually made such a fuss that he was allowed in - and Niarchos beelined to a Details editor to apologize.

"You know I would never bring him here," said the Greek God of Poontang, who once tapped the voluptuous booty of Lindsay Lohan as well as Mary-Kate Olsen.

We would hope not. Davis is guaranteed to make a scene wherever he goes. This is a guy who ridiculed Paula Abdul's Middle Eastern heritage when he himself is Middle Eastern. And greasy. Very greasy.

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