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Picking up where we left off after last week's drool-inducing premiere, the 15 remaining Bachelorettes move into their Malibu mansion. In bikinis. Holla!

There will be two group dates this week on The Bachelor and there will be a rose handed out at each. The rest of these women will have to take their chances at the ceremony at the end of the night. The tension in the air is thick. Almost as much so as Brad Womack's abs. Guy is frickin' ripped!

Womack, Brad

What will the dates consist of? Just you wait. The first "date box" has already arrived by the time the cameras roll and inside are lots of wide brimmed hats and toy horses. It's a sign. Jade reads the note:

"Join me for a day at the races. Brad."

Eloquent, Brad Womack. Eloquent. The man keeps it short and sweet.

Those women angling for the hearts of The Bachelor and going to the track are Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade and DeAnna.

As they get ready, McCarten tells Hillary that she's going to get the first kiss from Brad. Hillary responds, "You want sloppy seconds? Because I'm kissing him first!"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

Jade says she thinks she has a good shot at getting the rose because she's one of the more competitive women there and also, "I, personally, think I'm better looking" than the rest of them. If you don't say! Damn, this is gonna be good!

It has only just begun. Continue reading the adventures of Brad Womack in this exclusive episode guide to last night's episode of The Bachelor ...

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Okay, not really. At least the last part. He's not Matthew McConaughey, although the actor did graduate from the University of Texas in Womack's home of Austin.

But he's certainly a successful entrepreneur, and some critics have called Brad Womack the "sexiest bachelor ever," a title that makes him laugh.

"I don't know how to take that, honestly," Womack said. "Yeah, it is laughable. It's a great title. But it's probably more laughable for my guy friends than anything."

At 19, he left Texas State University to work in oil fields for several years, saving enough money to open his first bar when he was 28.

And he swears he's not vain enough to go shirtless 24/7.

"Quite honestly, I don't walk around with my shirt off that much â€" especially when cooking breakfast," he said.

Not that Brad Womack doesn't work on his chiseled physique.

"I work out quite a bit and eat very healthy," he said. "That means lifting weights five days a week and running three times a week. I'm a little narcissistic about it."

He's also not on the show for stardom, he said. He's looking for love with a down-to-earth but beautiful, sweet, honest, loyal girl-next-door type.

Those are surely in abundance on a show such as The Bachelor.

Sexiest Bachelor of All Time

Turning to a reality TV show to find a woman may seem like an unnecessary step for Brad Womack, a hunk who runs several bars in a college town, right?

"People would think it's so easy to meet people in the bar business ... but it's just not my nature to go up and flirt with someone when I'm working," Womack said.

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If you haven't gotten the chance to meet Brad Womack, the 34-year-old bar owner and certified hunk from Austin, Texas, it's high time you did.

As the 11th season premiere of reality TV staple The Bachelor debuts, all eyes are on Brad Womack and whether he can break the curse of 10 straight drama packed seasons that have failed to produce a lasting relationship.

We all saw what happened to Andy Baldwin. One day, Tessa Horst. The next? Miss Iran. Yeah. Odds are 5:1 against Brad Womack marrying anyone.

Nonetheless, the 25 Bachelorettes are literally bouncing off the walls at the hotel in excitement over Brad Womack, whom they know nothing about!

First out of the limo at the beach house where he's set up shop is Sheena, who asks for a hug. She's looking forward to getting to know him. Who isn't!

Next is Jenni, who's wearing a short black dress. Ooooh la la. She's from Kansas, lived in Dallas for three years, and tells Austin native Brad this when she learns he's from the Lone Star State. He says, "We're going to get along already."

Brad says Kim's multicolored dress is "beautiful," and he asks her if he can "steal a hug." She's holding her shoes in her hand because she was worried she might be taller than him. She isn't, but no matter.

Brad Womack: The Bachelor

Sarah tells Brad Womack she's heard some wonderful things about him, but that she still didn't know his name was Brad. But it's all semantics at this point.

"We were trying to read your lips in the limo," she says, and had guessed his name was "Brian." She then gives him a hug.

Bettina, wearing a short, silver dress, appears more demure than the rest of the Bachelorettes. He tells her he likes her (strange) name.

So much hugging and a whole lot more follows. We have just gotten started on Brad's quest for everlasting love and reality TV quasi-fame. Continue reading what went down in this exclusive episode guide to last night's The Bachelor ...

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Two seasons ago, Lorenzo Borghese chose Jennifer Wilson over Sadie Murray, then dumped her for Sadie Murray, who he then broke up with.

Last season, Andy Baldwin chose Tessa Horst over Bevin Powers, then broke off his engagement to Tessa and has been seen with Sepideh Haftgoli.

With this kind of track record, is Brad Womack intimidated as he prepares to begin his turn as the star of ABC's long-running hit, The Bachelor?

Brad Womack Pic

"I am very well aware of the success rate of the past Bachelors - some have worked and some haven't," Womack said.

THG NOTE: None have worked. Look it up. Just saying.

"Honestly, I didn't even let that enter my mind. I just thought, 'This is my experience and only my experience.' I wanted to go into it with an open mind, and I did just that."

However, Brad Womack, 34, an Austin, Tex., bar owner, wouldn't give away whether he pops the question to his final bachelorette during the already filmed conclusion of the 11th season of The Bachelor.

"All I can say is ... I'm extremely happy with the turnout of the show. I know that's a generic answer, I wish I could give you more."

Interesting. Brad Womack said he's also "always been a very loyal person," so it should be relatively easy for him to remain faithful to his selected suitor while being away from her over the course of The Bachelor's broadcast run.

"It's a bit different in the aftermath [of filming The Bachelor]," he said. "But I think if a connection was made, then it's easy to keep it, for me anyway."

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This week, U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst, who met on the last season of ABC's The Bachelor, officially called off their engagement.

While Baldwin and Tessa Horst claim they are still dating, the decision to nix a wedding means that in 10 seasons, not one couple so far has tied the knot.

Of course, there are a few asterisks.

Spurned on one early season, Trista Sutter (formerly Trista Rehn) went on to star in The Bachelorette spin-off, where she met Ryan Sutter. They're married and have a baby!

Also, Lorenzo Borghese is reportedly dating Sadie Murray, who he rejected on the season finale, in favor of Jennifer Wilson, who he has dumped. So don't count out the prince!

Still, none of this bodes well for Brad Womack (above, right), the Austin, Texas bar owner who follows in the footsteps of Baldwin (above, left) on September 24.

Can Brad Womack be the first to find everlasting love? What do you think?

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So what if the previous star of The Bachelor was a naval officer? For how long can Andy Baldwin do a keg stand?

That's what fans of the ABC reality show are curious about, now that bar owner Brad Womack has been named as the latest stud to set his sights on 25 desperate, pathetic women.

Womack and his friends started The Chuggin Monkey, a raucous, popular locale in Austin, Texas. The bar's website describes it as "a place where everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or what you do. The only thing that is not allowed is a bad attitude."

Guess that means Cisco Adler won't be invited any time soon.

Considering how dorky (albeit impressive) Baldwin seemed - and how lame Lorenzo Borghese clearly was - Womack does appear to be the hippest Bachelor in a long time.

Hopefully, this leads to a record-numbers of tears shed by lonely young women that get sent home by the business owner.

The Chuggin Monkey

That's Brad Womack, the latest heart throb on ABC's The Bachelor, in the middle of a bar-owning crowd.

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Brad Womack PictureIn the past two seasons, we've seen an Italian prince and a Navy diver. Now it's time for Southern hospitality!

No, not Justin Timberlake's new restaurant. Though we're sure it's good.

We're talking about southern gentleman Brad Womack, who has been announced as ABC's newest star of The Bachelor, which returns next month.

Starring in a reality TV series about romance - the 11th edition of the matchmaking show, which boasts an astounding success rate - is a drastic change for the Atlanta-born, Texas-reared 34-year-old.

No pretty boy, Brad Womack says he spent much of his 20s working in the oil fields of Louisiana, North Dakota and California.

But perhaps it's not so different from tending bar, which is how the stud began his rise to success.

Working with his brothers Wesley and Chad (his twin), Brad Womack saved enough money to purchase his first drinking establishment in 2001.

He now co-owns four bars with his brothers - both married - and resides in Austin. He and his brothers are featured on the MySpace page for one of their bars, The Chuggin' Monkey.

Already, the show has dubbed him "The Bachelor's own McSteamy," likening him to Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane, while claiming he is "sincere" and "optimistic" about finding his wife.

The same could be said for his predecessor, Andy Baldwin. It remains to be seen if he will marry Tessa Horst, though they haven't broken up yet, which is a step in the right direction.

Womack is set to wrangle his perfect match among 25 lucky women he'll meet in the Monday, September 24, premiere. Sorry, Amanda Salinas. You missed out on this prize.

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He is touted as "a sincere, sexy, successful, self-made man who may be the series' hottest guy yet."

No, not Spencer Pratt of The Hills.

A Kiss For Emily

We're talking about Brad Womack, the newest star of The Bachelor, and a man TV Guide says has "good looks that make him The Bachelor's own 'McSteamy.'"

Eric Dane might take issue with that.

With his two brothers, Brad Womack owns four lucrative bars, and they are now in the early stages of developing a hotel.

He is "ready to find his soul mate, settle down and have the family life he has so long desired."

Born in Atlanta and currently residing in Austin, Texas, he is 34-year-old Brad Womack, and he is ABC's new star of The Bachelor.

Ladies, prepare to be wooed, scrutinized and culled down. In the end, only the fairest of you will be chosen as The One.

And then you'll break up. Sorry, Andy Baldwin. We know it's only a matter of time before last season's star (pictured) sends Tessa Horst packing for good.

The 11th edition of The Bachelor premieres Monday, September 24, at 9:30 p.m., with a 90-minute special. We can't wait.

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