Nothing awesome ever happens to me on flights.  Well, except the one time some dude offered up his first-class seat for me so he could hit on the woman next to me.

Other than that, when I was a teenager, my first time in an airplane, the lady next to me offered me some pill and proceeded to tell me how many planes crash a year.  

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Last year, both Brad Pitt and George Clooney got married, and neither attended the other one's wedding.

The old "scheduling conflict" excuses were bandied about, but are we really expected to believe that multi-millionaire A-list celebrities are incapable of taking a day off to go to a wedding?

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Our seven-year-old was searching the word 'weapons' on Google the other day and ended up on some white-supremacist site. I'm sure now we're on all kinds of watch lists.

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I'm impervious to poo, snot, urine, vomit. You can't get me. You cannot break me down.

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