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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pictures cause more than a stir within the gossip mill - they can cause legal action to be taken. Follow along as we relay this confounding, astounding story ...

Reports state the FBI and Massachusetts authorities raided a Westfield, MA home Tuesday night and seized photos of a baby shower held by Brangelina.

Ange J.

The bizarre story starts in Namibia, where the shower was thrown. James Haven, Jolie's scary brother, took a number of pictures of the couple celebrating the birth of Shiloh. When he returned to L.A., his camera brokem so he took it to Best Buy and asked them to fix it under the warranty.

The store sent the camera to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut. Makes sense, right?

At Precision, sources claim two employees, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures and Beckwith went ahead downloading them. After that - according to Keyes' mother, Madelon - her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Was this email an attempt tp sale the photos?.

"I don't think he would do something like that," Madelon said.

However, a sergeant from the Westfield Police Department confirmed that authorities searched Keyes' home and seized his computer. The sergeant also said a search warrant was executed at Precision Camera and Video Repair, where the actual camera that took the pictures was also taken.

Neither Keyes or Beckwith were arrested and the case is now in the hands of the LA County District Attorney. The sergeant says neither man violated Massachusetts law, but California laws are different.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney had no comment because the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. The Gossip, however, has something to say:

This story makes Lil Kim look normal.

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We know he's beautiful, but please stop stalking Brad Pitt and posing as Brad Pitt. Just sit back and ogle over Brad Pitt.

The most recent transgression occurred when a 29-year-old man tried to steal more than $23,000 from a money exchanger in the United Arab Emirates by crafting a fake ID card using a photo of Shiloh's dad.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards

Reports state the Jordanian had been informed by his brother â€" an employee at the Dubai money exchange - that more than $23,000 in cash had been transferred to the bureau for a client, but had not been picked up for more than three months.

The man, naturally, then downloaded Pitt's picture off the Internet and forged an identification card using the client's name, hoping his brother would hand over the cash and keep a photocopy of the fake ID as record of the transfer.

The genius plan failed. This idiot was arrested on a tip from an informant, charged with forgery and attempted embezzlement. He later confessed to police that he had no idea whose picture he had downloaded from the Internet.

Does that mean he's never seen Ocean's 11? Sucks for him.


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The Gossip will abide by the letter sent out to various media outlets by the lawyers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We respect their privacy.

The statement was sent as a response to "a digital memory card containing a number of personal copyright protected photographs" of Brangelina and their children. The item has been stolen and offered for sale.

Brad Pitt's Long Hair

Included among these Namibian photos are images from a private baby shower. As much as wish to see a wet Angelina, we've refrained from ponying up the dough for such persona pics.

The email, written by a lawyer for the powerhouse law firm of Lavely & Singer, threatens that anyone who publishes the photos "will be liable for substantial compensatory damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief."

We don't want any trouble, thank you very much! But we will mention this adorable picture of Shiloh one more time because that cutie deserves a world of attention.

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What this really necessary? If a paparazzo - or ANYone - wants to know about Brangelina, all he needs to do is visit The Hollywood Gossip.

Apparently no one mentioed this to Clint Brewer. The idiotic member of the phony press was arrested Thursday after he was discovered hiding in bushes outside a daycare center attended by Angelina Jolie's adopted son, authorities said.

Brad and Angie in Venice

Brewer, 25, was trying to take pictures of four-year-old Maddox, according to Cindy Guagenti, a Brad Pitt's. He was detained by security shortly before 11 a.m. and the property's owner made a citizen's arrest. Now that's a solid citizen right there!

Deputies arrested Brewer on suspicion of trespassing. He was later released on $1,000 bail.

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In the wake of Father's Day, Life & Style saw fit to pay tribute to the most underappreciated of roles: the famous father. Herewith is a list of those the publication considered worth recognizing (a write-in campaign for Kevin Federline is underway):

Brad Pitt, the new dad - How many men go from no kids to three in one year? While holding on to his boyish charm?

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Picture

Chris Martin, rocker dad - Married to Gwyneth Paltrow and father to two-year-old Apple and two-month-old Moses, this musician tastefully juggles life at home and on the road.

Matthew Broderick, city dad - Hitched to former Sex & the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a constant fixture on Broadway for years, Broderick shows three-year old James around NYC regularly.

Will Smith, funny dad - He wrote a song about one of his children and is always seen smiling brightly next to wife, Jada Pinkett. Five-year old daughter, Willow, will appear on screen with Smith shortly.

David Arquette, wacky dad - He frightens us sometimes, too, but Courtney Cox-Arquette doesn't seem to mind his antics; not does little Coco Riley.

Ryan Phillippe, Mr. Mom - Just try to track down this actor without daughter, Ava, and son, Deacon, by his side. And that gorgeous woman next to him is Oscar-winning wife, Reese Witherspoon.

Guy Richie, spiritual dad - His wife is a busy woman, leaving Guy often in charge of stepdaughter, 9-year-old Lourdes, and son, 5-year-old Rocco.

Heath Ledger, hipster dad - The ultimate bohemian, Heath has taken time off to remain close to seven-month old daughter, Matilda Rose. He also dote on fiance, Michelle Williams.

Ben Affleck, working dad - While shooting his directorial debut in Boston, Ben keeps wife Jennifer Garner, and newborn daughter, Violet Anne, close at all times.

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A beautiful couple. Gods among mortals. Colonial overlords.

Brangelina Love

Brangelina can now lay claim to all of those titles, the latter of which was thrust upon them by the Namibia's National Society For Human Rights (NSHR). Based on the treatment Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt received in Namibia in the weeks leading up to the birth of their daughter, Shiloh, last month, a NSHR spokesman said:

"To shut down a national border so she can give birth in peace is a massive abuse of power."

The representative accused the superstar couple of "using heavy-handed and brutal tactics" to get the African country's government to aid their desire for total privacy. That's rough language. Wonder what this person had to say about Taking Lives.

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Kingsley Aarons received quite the present when new parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were photographed, along with Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, for the recent cover of People. An article from Aarons' baby t-shirt line was gracing the upper body of America's favorite tyke.

What was Shiloh thinking when she chose this trendy, vintage-washed, raw-seamed gray attire? It's hard for us to say - and impossible for her to do so at the moment. The cotton tee bears the images of a skull and cross spoons, pots and pans, along with the words "The Pots & Pans Band" scrawled over a pair of angel wings.

Brangelina and the Twins!

"It just hit me how big of a deal this is," said Aarons, who was inspired by his 2-year-old son, Zephyr, when the youngster started banging away on pots and pans in the family kitchen.

Parenting magazine editor-in-chief Janet Chan thought Shiloh's threads were "quite in keeping with Brad and Angelina; the whimsy of a mini-rocker without being overly sweet," she says.

By dressing their daughter in a neutral-colored T-shirt, Pitt and Jolie were obviously refusing to buy into traditional pink versus blue gender stereotyping, according to Chan. However - BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! - she also said that children eventually grow into their own personalities, and later on, Shiloh Nouvel might prefer pastels, floral prints, ruffles and lace.

Kingsley, meanwhile, says other celebs who dress their kids in his shirts include similarly edgy parents Johnny Depp, Gwen Stefani, Seal and Heidi Klum.

"Brad and Angelina are definitely our customer," says Kingsley, who started his line of T-shirts two years ago. "The new generation of young, hip parents are looking for outfits they would wear themselves."

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Several sites including Hello! Magazine are reporting that Tom Cruise congratulated Brad Pitt on the birth of daughter Shiloh Nouvel with a card proclaiming, "Congratulations! You're following in my footsteps!"

So original and clever.


Tom also sent little Shiloh a teddy bear (pictured).

According to the Daily Mirror, "Tom and Brad have had a friendly rivalry since acting together in Interview With A Vampire. The card was taken in good spirits."

No word on whether or not Brad returned the favor and sent Suri, Cruise's infant daughter with Katie Holmes, a gift.

Tom reportedly sent Horace, the Longfellow Bear, manufactured by Steiff, the world's self-proclaimed best-known manufacturer of high-quality Teddy bears and plush animals.

Horace, a 1904 reproduction and a limited edition of 1,500 bears, costs a ridiculous $460, making him only slightly less overvalued than the Florida housing market. However, Shiloh will surely appreciate such decadence, given her humble Namibian roots.

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Now that super couple, Brangelina, has returned to the United States, rumors are already swirling about the next child to be added to this beautiful clan. No offense to Shiloh, but US Weekly reports that Angelina Jolie wants more kids.

Katrina Szish from the magazine said: "They say they definitely plan on adding to their family, but they're likely to adopt the next time around."

Brad Pitt's Long Hair

Think they could take Tom Cruise off the public's hands? The semi-insane new father himself apparently allowed Pitt and Jolie to charter his private jet for their return home. For a cool quarter million dollars, that is.

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First, we showed you the adorable picture of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and her proud parents.

Now, we can report that 10 days after the tyke was born, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made their first public appearance. Looking gorgeous as always in a long black dress, Jolie said the couple were grateful for the privacy they have enjoyed since arriving in Namibia in April.

Brangelina at Movie Premiere

"We both had travelled to Africa and loved this part of the world," Jolie said.

"On top of that, we received amazing health care," Pitt added.

The nation will be losing the globe's most glamorous couple in the next few days, however. Pitt and Jolie will come back to America shortly. Will they stop off in Australia first and say hello to Jen and Vince? Stay tuned to find out!

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