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Hey, Bobby Brown, you've got a friend.

After two weeks of sulking over his divorce from Whitney Houston - and probably bending Karrine Steffans over a few times - Brown arrived in Las Vegas on Friday and partied at Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace.

Bobby Brown Sucking

On Saturday, the soon to be ex-Mr. Houston was spotted with - who else? - former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson. The two were in good spirits, greeting fans as they made their way through the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Evidently, there are fans of a singer that hasn't had a song on the radio in ten years and a convicted rapist.

But there seem to be fans of Tara Reid out there, too. Maybe. Let's move on.

What would Whitney say about this friendship? It's hard to say. She may just ask for more drugs and then stare at Halle Berry pictures all day. Can you blame her? That's one gorgeous actress.

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In a bold, profound statement, Bobby Brown spoke up for the first time about his recent divorce.

"I'm really saddened by the whole situation," he told People magazine.

Triumphant Return

Wow. And you thought Brown did his best lyrical work in "Every Little Step I Take."

The singer was in Boston over the weekend to celebrate the 17th birthday of his eldest daughter, Laprincia (with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward). Yes, Laprincia, a name that makes Sutton Pierce Federline seem absolutely poetic.

Brown also caught a Mike Epps show with a group of pals at Boston's Comedy Connection on Sunday night. He seemed to be in good spirits, said a source, until someone asked him to draw devil horns on a Whitney Houston album cover. Just kidding.

Houston and Brown were married for 14 years and have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 13. Divorce proceedings are expected to begin next month and Whitney is reportedly asking that she get custody of the child.

Bobbi, meanwhile, is probably wondering whether or not she'd be better off with Kate Moss and Peter Doherty than either of these troubled stars.

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Hey, we love Bill Maher. The liberal talk show host is able to cast a humorous light on George W. Bush adminstration, while debating serious issues simultaneous.

Evidently, though, the woman accused of prompting the Whitney Houston divorce from Bobby Brown REALLY loves Maher.

Whitney Houston Red Carpet Pic

Karrine Steffans, the "video vixen," is adament that she had nothing to do with the ending of this couple's long-time nuptials.

"It's not my place to speak about their marriage," she said. "I can't break up a 16-year marriage in a few months. I'm not that super."

At that, Paris Hilton scoffed at her lack of competition in the mistress department.

Steffans then ended the brief interview by stating, once again, who her real soulmate is.

"I still love Bill [Maher]. He's the love of my life. I know you'll see us back together."

Hey, if Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson can keep finding each other - and getting married - we have faith.

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Perhaps Bobby Brown didn't read the fine print in his marriage vows with Whitney Houston:

I will aaaaaaaalways love you ... unless you cheat on me with some video skank.

The Brown/Houston Family

We bring this up because reports have suggested that Karrine Steffans, the self-proclaimed "Video Vixen," may have stuck the final nail in the Brown/Houstin coffin. Perhaps in fear of Osama Bin Laden, Brown often stays at Steffans' L.A. home and Karrine actually ponies up for Bobby's pre-paid cell phone.

Steffans has written a best-selling book about her music video experiences, "Confessions of a Video Vixen."

We hear that the body of Nicole Richie is gonna write a similarly titled memoir, "Confessions of a Skeleton."

Anyway. Steffans recently told the New York Daily News' Lloyd Grove that her relationship with Brown was "a really tricky situation" and called him her "dearest friend," but wouldn't admit to having a physical relationship. But that's her perogative. Get it?!?

Brown has referred to Steffans in the past as his "tenderoni." We're guessing that's a mix of "tender" (meaning: gentle and sweet) and"oni" (meaning: slutty and loose, see: Hilton, Paris).

Ironically, Steffans said last month that she didn't want to "wreck any marriages" and that she was "a big fan" of Whitney's. Apparently she's an even bigger fan of Whitney's husband.

Looks like Houston and Shanna Moakler have something to bond over now.

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Hey, Osama, you've still got a chance with Whitney Houston!

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney

After more ups and downs than a season of Melrose Place, Houston and Bobby Brown have finally split, according to the diva's rep, Nancy Seltzer.

"She has filed for divorce from Bobby Brown," Seltzer stated.

The filing is technically a legal separation, Seltzer clarified, adding: "We're saying she filed for divorce because that is (Whitney's) intent." Divorce proceeding are expected to begin next month.

Houston, of course, can consult now with Ashlee Simpson for break-up advice. Although a friend already says the singer is doing fabulously well."

For now. But just wait until Brown is seen making out in public with Paris Hilton, Whit. Then we'll see how well you're doing.

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Osama bin Laden once professed his love for Whitney Houston in an interview, saying she is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, and adding that he'd like to have her husband, Bobby Brown, killed. While Osama would probably say the same for us, and you, reading this at home, it's possible he held Brown in particularly strong contempt, given that he gets to wax that booty. And he does, Osama. Hard.

In any case, we put together the following image of the crazy Al Qaeda mastermind expressing his true feelings for Mr. Brown. One might go so far as to say it's bin Laden's prerogative to off him. Eh? Forget it.

The Brown/Houston Family

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