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Bobby Brown is looking to get his life in order.

The singer - who embarrassed himself at Whitney Houston's funeral and whose own daughter snubbed his wedding in June - has reportedly checked into a rehab facility for alcohol abuse.

Bobby Brown in Brooklyn

"He realized he couldn’t do it on his own," a Brown insider tells TMZ of the artist's recent decision to get help, adding he “decided that he needed help and wants to make the best out of the rest of his life for his children's sake."

Let's hope that is very much the case.

In late March, Brown was booked on suspicion of DUI. It was his second driving/substance related arrest, following a 2002 incident in which he was cited for marijuana possession, speeding and driving without a license.


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Bobby Brown married Alicia Etheridge on June 18. But the blissful day was not as magical as it could have been, due to a noticeable absence: daughter Bobbi Kristina was not in attendance.

The troubled teen has a notoriously icy relationship with her dad, even contemplating a name change at one point to create further distance.

Despite the contention, Bobby reached out to Bobbi, a source tells Us Weekly, using a "go-between" to contact his child and persuade her to attend his nuptials. Alas…

"She told them she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York."

Bobbi Kristina Brown on Stage

Bobbi has grown especially tight with her aunt, this insider adds, who is reportedly "trying to act like a mother figure."

"Pat does not like Bobby Brown and was pleased that Bobbi Kristina did not go to the wedding, as she feels that her father will always try and take advantage of her," the mole says.

Bobbi has been in the news often since her mom's tragic passing on February 11, breaking down so heavily soon after Whitney died that she was hospitalized on multiple occasions. Concludes this source:

"She was really her mom's caretaker and biggest cheerleader and biggest fan... I don't know how she will be able to go on."

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Bobby Brown and fiancée Alicia Etheridge got married Monday.

Bobbi Kristina Brown? Not on hand for the Hawaiian celebration.

The R&B singer and ex-husband of Whitney Houston was surrounded by other family and friends, including his older kids Landon, 23, La'Princia, 22, and Bobby Jr., 19, as well as Brown and Alicia Etheredge's only child together, Cassius, 3.

Bobby Brown-Alicia Etheridge Wedding

The groom wore a red suit and Adidas sneakers ... obviously.

Bobby, who has been arrested numerous times over the years for suspicion of DUI, not paying child support and more, posted the photo of the wedding party.

The couple became engaged in a very public way in 2010, when Brown popped the question to Etheridge during a New Edition show in Jacksonville, Fla.

Brown has often credited Etheredge with giving him a new lease on life following his 2007 divorce from Whitney Houston, who passed away in February.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, Bobby's daughter with Whitney Houston, is "not on good terms right now" with her dad and was MIA, according to a source.

As for a honeymoon ... Bobby and Alicia, who is also his manager, will continue traveling with the New Edition tour, resuming June 23 in Oakland, Calif.!!!!

Congrats we guess.

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Bobby Brown took to The Tonight Show stage to debut a new song he wrote about life since Whitney Houston's death ... we wish we were kidding.

The song, released online a week ago but little-noticed because Bobby Brown's career has been on a 15-year tailspin, is a confession of sorts.

Bobby admits he "messed up pretty bad" and begs his late ex-wife ... "Don't let me die." That's right, even after her death, it's all about BB.

The song also features the lyrics, "I didn’t realize that every breath I took was from you ... You were my air.” That's actually somewhat nice.

Brown also sings. "I didn’t know who you were, didn’t know what we had. Now I’m stuck living in the past ... trying to get the pieces back. But I guess now you’re gone."

Guess so.

Brown, who's been making the media rounds to reiterate that Whitney's death is not his fault, performed the track live last night for the FIRST TIME EVER, will be releasing the sensual track on his new album in June, just months after she died.

Hey, gotta strike while the iron is hot.

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Recalling the night Whitney Houston died in her hotel room, Bobby Brown tells Ellen DeGeneres that he performed because she would've wanted him to.

Despite many critics feeling it was poor taste for her ex-husband to perform at his scheduled show February 11, Brown has zero regrets ... big surprise.

"I was in Mississippi performing and I got the call. Of course, I tried to get a flight. Tried to rent a jet. Whatever I had to do," he told Ellen Wednesday.

"But it was impossible. So I knew the best thing that she would've wanted me to do was perform. You know, we are performers. That's what we did."

"That's what we do and she would want the best for me."

In retrospect, she might have wanted several other things from Brown that we don't even need to get into here. Nevertheless, Bobby is guilt free.

Which isn't to say he wasn't saddened. Brown broke down backstage pre-show and declined to join his New Edition bandmates for the opening song.

Once he took the stage, he shouted, "I love you, Whitney!" and blew a kiss to the sky, looking visibly teary at the tragic news he'd learned hours ago.

One week later, Brown peaced out of her funeral early with his family in tow, then showed up to perform that night at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

Somehow, Alicia Etheridge plans to marry this guy.

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Having made headlines over the past couple months for his marriage to Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown is now making plans to walk down the aisle once again.

On June 15, to be exact.

Alicia Etheridge and Bobby Brown

According to TMZ, that's when Brown will exchange vows with long-time girlfriend Alicia Etheridge - and the wedding will take place in Honolulu on the same weekend during which New Edition will perform a concert in the area.

Etheridge and Brown have been engaged for exactly two years. They have one child together and we wish them all the best. We suppose.


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The June issue of Vanity Fair takes an in-depth look at the life and death of Whitney Houston.

Written by Contributing Editor Mark Seal, the article delves into the late singer's love life, which is best known for her 15-year marriage to Bobby Brown, but which also included a dalliance with Kim Kardashian sex tape partner, Ray J.

  • Karrine Steffans Photograph
  • Ray J Red Carpet Pic

Karrine Steffans - a self-proclaimed "Video Vixen," who has dated Brown, Ray J and Bill Maher, among other celebrities - is featured in the piece, telling Seal that Ray used to taunt Brown on a frequent basis.

One evening, according to Steffans, she received a call from J.

“He said, ‘Is Bob still staying with you?’ I said, ‘Yeah, he’s right here.’ And Ray said, ‘Tell him I f-cked both of his chicks, you and now his wife.’” 

Ouch. Slam, yo!

Steffans goes on to side with Brown, who recently gave a defensive interview in which he shirked all responsibility for Houston's drug use.

“Bob’s big thing was everyone blamed him for her downfall, but when he met her she was already using drugs. He always felt very angry about that. He told me, ‘What everybody saw wasn’t the real Whitney.’ He always said her private persona - which you saw on Being Bobby Brown - was who she really was.”


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Bobby Brown taped an interview with Matt Lauer this morning - for segments on The Today Show that will run Wednesday and Thursday - and made it a priority to defend himself against accusations that his hard-partying lifestyle played a role in the tragic death of Whitney Houston.

"I didn't get high before I met Whitney," Brown says, seemingly blaming HER for HIS problems, although clarifying that he did smoke "weed" and drink prior to their relationship.

But Brown emphasized that he wasn't "the one that got Whitney on drugs at all" and that he feels "terrible" folks think otherwise.

Bobby Brown on Today

Because, really people, the important thing here is how Bobby Brown feels.

Houston and Brown were married from 1992 to 2007 and are the parents of a daughter, Bobbi Kristina. The singer told Lauer that their one year of filming Being Bobby Brown had a profound affect on their recreational drug use.

Continue Reading...

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Bobby Brown has reached a deal with prosecutors that will keep the singer out of jail.

Bobby at Whitney's Funeral

As first reported by TMZ, Brown pleaded "no contest" today to one charge of driving with a blood alcohol content over .08, stemming from an incident in late March when cops pulled him over for driving erratically.

In exchange, attorneys dropped the DUI count and Brown was sentenced to 36 months of probation and one day he's already served in county prison.

The artist has been in the news far more than anyone would like since the tragic death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. Brown made the wrong kind of headlines for leaving her funeral early, and insiders claim he's considering a memoir about his marriage to the legend.

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Not so fast, Cissy Houston.

While Whitney's mother is reportedly telling friends she feels vindicated by Bobby Brown's DUI arrest this week, an attorney for this controversial singer says her client was not actually drunk when police pulled him over.

Bobby Brown Funeral Pic

"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Mr. Brown was not driving erratically. He was speaking on his cell phone. Mr. Brown has not been convicted of anything associated with this incident," Tiffany Feder tells E! News.

Brown was taken into custody on Monday after allegedly failing a field sobriety test. He is "taking this matter seriously and an investigation is under way," Feder adds. "The legal process shall run its course."

The artist already has a drunk driving conviction on his record. He was also arrested for battery in 2003 and jailed for a parole violation in 2004.

UPDATE: Bobby has been charged. Police say he blew a .12 on the field test and they have suspended his license he got a speeding ticket in 2010 and failed to show up for his court date.

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