For generations of poets and authors, the Nobel Prize for Literature represents the height of achievement.

But Robert Allen Zimmerman ran out of f-cks to give right around the time he spent a weekend tooling around London trippin' balls with John Lennon, so when those snooty Nobel nerds told him he'd been selected to receive the 2016 award, he was all, "Go away from my window; leave at your own chosen speed, motherf-ckers!"

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Even though he's an American icon with slew of hit albums to his credit, Bob Dylan is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to a marriage no one knew about and a wife who somehow blew through a huge chunk his estimated $180 million fortune.

The National Enquirer reports that the 73-year-old rock legend married secretly married Darlene Springs in 2012. 

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Bob Dylan turns 70 years old today. But you wouldn't know it if you followed this legend's touring schedule.

The icon has played in Ho Chi Minh City and Australia, among other locales, over the past couple months. “I’m a firm believer in the longer you live, the better you get,” the rocker said. In 1968.

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