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On The CW series Gossip Girl, popularity is the name of the game for Serena van der Woodsen.

But for the actress who plays her, Blake Lively, it takes a little more getting used to.

Blake Lively: Marie Claire Cover

"It is a crazy and completely insane business," Blake Lively says of her new celebrity status in CosmoGIRL!

"I'll go to an event wearing some designer gown and tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry that was lent to me for the night, and I'll walk around and meet people who I always thought were such a big deal."

Despite being a stunner herself and starring on a new hit show, the 20-year-old Lively insists that she isn't overly starstruck.

"Stars really are like anyone else," the Gossip Girl star says. "At the end of the day, Brad Pitt poops - as handsome as he may be - and so does Angelina Jolie. I'm still baffled by how odd this job is."

Well put, Blake. Lively tries to keep it in perspective, and refuses to condemn other young actresses who have had difficulty in that regard.

"I think people who bash girls in Hollywood who are struggling with addiction or going into rehab aren't being totally fair; it's not solely their fault," she says.

"When you don't have someone to model yourself after, you're eventually going to make mistakes. There's no one there to tell them what's right or wrong, who's a positive example and who isn't."

THG NOTE: Sounds like an indictment of Lynne Spears to us!

Even as she gets used to the glitz of the entertainment business, Blake Lively still remembers the goggle-eyed young fan she used to be.

"As a kid, I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and, my gosh, Justin Timberlake," she says. "They were the two I can really think of just being in love with."


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Britney Spears is getting around these days.

Recently, she's been spotted hanging out with ex-lover J.R. Rotem. We assume they were talking about wheelbarrows and such.

Stripped Down

The train wreck of a human being was also seen this week strutting down New York City sidewalks with Gossip Girl star Blake Lively.

Despite sharing a love for small dogs with Britney, Lively does not look pleased with her pal. Maybe it's the huge sunglasses. Or the low-cut dress. Or the fact that Spears is staring straight ahead, almost as though Blake isn't even there.

She's treating the actress like she's Sean Preston or Jayden James. That would piss us off, too...

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