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Rumors that Blake Lewis has seen Antonella Barba nude were never confirmed.

Neither is the following story regarding the second place finisher's love life, but it's our duty to report it anyway: Blake may be dating Jordin Sparks.

Park, John

TMZ says these American Idol finalists have denied hooking up, but they were spotted "holding hands" while shopping at a Fry's Electronics store near L.A., a source reports.

They wandered around the store, seemed "happy" together and then Blake was overheard saying Jordin: "We should call your mom." And why would that be the case unless these two were more than friends, right?

Blake Lewis may be beat boxing in bed with Jordin Sparks these days. Call it celebrity gossip, but call it an exciting possibility, as well.

Lewis and Sparks will join other contestants from this season, such as Melinda Doolittle, during the American Idol summer tour. It appears, however, that these two have formed their own, naked duet.

But be careful, Blake: Jordin is only 17. We're talking about Hayden Panettiere territory here.

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Amy Winehouse may think her new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is great.

But that's nothing compared to the feelings of gratitude another Blake possesses for American Idol.

Seen here, Blake Lewis is performing in front of a slew of new fans. Despite his second place finish on the world's most popular reality show, the beat boxer from Bothell (Washington) is certainly not short on supporters.

And the ones in the front row aren't half bad looking, either. Should Antonella Barba be jealous?

Or should these ladies be worried? After all, Blake's most talked about rendition this season was a cover of the Bon Jovi classic, "You Give Love a Bad Name." So consider yourself warned, fans. Lewis may be a heart breaker in the mold of Simon Monjack.

Or he may just like that song.

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In case you haven't heard, Jordin Sparks was crowned this season's American Idol last night.

But Blake Lewis did his beat boxing this well as usual, and looks to have a successful career ahead of him. Below, the man that makes many young ladies swoon talks with MTV...

MTV: Let's talk about your collaboration [with Doug E. Fresh]. Sorry, Bette Midler, but Blake's performance was definitely the hottest thing tonight. Was it a dream come true?
Lewis: That was Doug E. allowing me to hang out with him onstage, and that was an honor. Forever etched in my brain. It was one of the hottest times I will ever have onstage. It was just a dream come true. Hopefully I'll get to get him in the studio, and we'll have to do, like, a beatbox track, you know? Get something really down.

MTV: Let's talk about the album. Any news on that?
Lewis: You know, I can only hope in the next, like, two weeks or before the tour that I get signed and get management. Things take [their] course, it seems, from the show. Hopefully I get represented by the creative people I surround myself with and get to make the album I've always wanted to. I've tried to stay true to myself this whole entire time, and I think I've represented myself as creatively as I could with what I got on the show. So I'm excited to do that even more so singing my own songs I've written and, you know, just be me 110 percent.

MTV: If you had any dream collaborator in the studio, who would you pick?
Lewis: B.T. He's my favorite producer pretty much ever. I've been talking to him. He hasn't seen American Idol, but I opened for him a long time ago and he wanted to work a long time ago. And now we have the opportunity to maybe get together and work. It's not official, but I talked to him for a couple hours about it. ...

There's so many amazing producers out there that are more underground. I like DJ Shadow, I love Dan the Automator. Will.I.Am is an amazing producer, and he lives in that realm of hip-hop, dance and pop. ... I'd love to work with anyone that would really want to work with me. I'd love to work with Danger Mouse and Gnarls Barkley and Cee-Lo. Robin Thicke ... The possibilities are endless. I'm putting it out there. If you want to do something, call me!

MTV: What can we expect on the tour?
Lewis: Tour! Oh, I'm very excited about the tour, because I get to use my loop pedals and my guitar. We're all playing instruments this time. That's never been done before. I think maybe Chris Daughtry played some guitar last year. But everyone plays a different instrument, like Chris Richardson plays drums; he's been playing drums for, like, 15 years. [Chris] Sligh plays guitar, Phil [Stacey] can play keyboard, I play guitar and keyboard, bass.

For me, I'm excited because I'm gonna do a one-man band show because I have all my loop pedals from beatboxing and then I play guitar and sing over that, so I'm gonna do kind of like a little medley that I used to do â€" the only two songs that I used to ever cover. One of them I sang on the show.

Sadly, he Blake say a word about possibly seeing Antonella Barba nude.

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We know, we know: these two have a lot more to worry about on tonight's American Idol than which photograph Entertainment Weekly goes with later in the week.

But we don't. We're a celebrity gossip blog.

Sparks, Jordin

So we're asking readers to decide between magazine covers right here and now. You see, the good people at EW will be publishing an issue with the American Idol victor on the cover. But they haven't decided which Blake Lewis photo to go with (if Blake wins) or which Jordin Sparks photo to go with (if Jordin wins, as she should).

What do you guys think? Which photo shoot is the best? And do either look better than the recent spread of a nude Jodie Marsh?

You can also vote in our new American Idol poll and voice your view on which singer has the brightest future.

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The night is almost upon us. When American Idol broadcasts its season finale this week, millions - and millions and millions - of eyes will be upon the show.

Before we learn who will follow in the winning footsteps of Carrie Underwood, though, let's hear from the final two contestants.

Katie Stevens Promo Pic

Both Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis talked with reporters after they moved on in the competition last week. Here are some highlights, beginning with Jordin:

If she loses: If I don't win, it won't be the end of the world. It's not going to be, ‘Oh my God, I'm never going to sing again.' I'd be happy if I win. I'd be happy if Blake wins.

Simon Cowell saying she sounded old last week: Simon's comments always stay with you. But at the same time, I can't really base what I'm doing on that. Sometimes I do. But he says what he feels. It was old fashioned. But it was a song I loved. I just wanted to sing it really badly.

Favorite judge and best advice: I loved meeting Martina McBride. I've listened to her music for so long. She's amazing. I loved meeting Gwen Stefani… I think I cried when I met her. The best advice came from Jennifer Lopez. She was just so amazing. She made us feel so relaxed. ‘Don't worry. Sit down, let's talk awhile.'

Favorite past Idols: I love Kelly Clarkson… the way her career has gone so amazingly well for her. She manages to stay out of the tabloids. She is so amazing. Also, Carrie Underwood has had an amazing career so far.

Now, let's hear what that hottie, Blake Lewis, had to say...

Continue Reading...

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The Hollywood Gossip is about more than just pleasing our male readers. Sure, we talk a lot about the Kristine Lefebvre Playboy issue.

And guys can check out pics of Holly Madison nude any time they want.

Trying to Stay Alive

But we aim to satisfy the ladies, as well. Why else would we post photos of David Beckham nude? Or Matthew McConaughey without a shirt? (Not like he gives us a choice, though.)

Anyway, with the fairer gender in mind, here are a slew of Blake Lewis pictures. We know how women swoon over the beat boxing skills and boyish charm of this American Idol finalist.

It's just too bad Antonella Barba has reportedly gotten to him first. Guess oral sex photos do work out in the end for some.

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Chris Richardson might need to actually find a girlfriend now.

After all, the budding romance with his American Idol buddy, Blake Lewis, may be coming to an end.

Such a rumor has been circulating after the one and only Antonella Barba attended the show's performance last week. She remained mum throughout the evening - until Lewis caught her eye at the end of the night and blew her a kiss. She promptly returned the favor, he "caught" the airborne smooch and promptly held it close to his chest.

We don't know for sure what these gestures meant. But Blake better keep his eye on the singing ball for another few weeks, lest he lose the chance to beat out Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle for the American Idol crown.

There will be plenty of time to see Antonella Barba nude later. For Blake and any guy with an Internet connection.

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As if the love life of American Idol contestant Chris Richardson hasn't been talked about enough.

First, he was rumored to be an expert on Alaina Alexander nude ... if you know what we mean.

Finale Trio

Then, talk of at least a one-night stand with The Hills hottie, Lauren Conrad, was prevalent after these two were spotted outside a night club together.

And now? It looks as though Richardson has found comfort in a fellow Idol hopeful, Blake Lewis.

Granted, it's possible this picture was actually photoshopped to just appear as though these two singers were as tight as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - but is it so hard to believe that a couple of males might also just cuddle up for warmth from time to time?

That being said, we'd have chosen Haley Scarnato over Blake for such a purpose, Chris. To each his own, though.

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The men finally took center stage on American Idol last night.

Not literally, of course. All contestants sang from the middle of the stage - but the guys were more impressive than the gals for the first time this season. For whatever reason, British invasion night certainly agreed with Blake Lewis, for starters.

No More Joy

He sang "Time of the Season" by the Zombies and was right on tune throughout.

The other male to nail his performance was Chris Sligh, also pleasing fans of the Zombies with "She's Not There."

No, we hadn't heard of these tunes, either. The only modern Brit we're particularly familiar with is Leona Lewis. But that didn't stop us from enjoying last night's show.

In female news, Melinda Doolittle was solid as usual. Her song just seemed boring. There is a chance that Stephanie Edwards is voted out tonight, however, as Simon suggested she was "losing her soul." That's never fun.

Finally, Sanjaya Malakar was ear-drum-bleeding awful again. But the kiddies love him.

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The time finally came for Antonella Barba last night.

Fortunately for the now former American Idol contestant, she has a plethora of opportunities at her disposal. Give Joe Francis a call, Barbs.

Season 10 Panel

There weren't too many other shockers as America's favorite reality show got chopped down to the final 12. On the men's side, Chris Sligh and his afro moved on.

So did human beat boxer, Blake Lewis.

Few would've predicted that Sabrina Sloan would go home as one of the women sent packing - but Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones and Stephanie Edwards expectedly moved on.

Lastly, Ryan Seacrest announced an impressive, admirable project: Idol Gives Back. The show will be adapted to become a two-night special (April 24 and 25). It's described as a special "raising awareness and funds for organizations that provide relief programs to help children and young people in extreme poverty in American and Africa."

For more details, click here.

But Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Pink, Michael Buble, Annie Lennox, and Il Diva will all perform for a VERY good cause.

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