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According to reports, Amy Winehouse says her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is over after he left her for blonde German model Sophie Schandorff.

Blake, who was recently released from prison, said he was looking forward to getting his wife naked ASAP. But he's apparently focused elsewhere now.

Amy in a Blue Dress

The drug-ridden songstress lamented: “It’s over. There’s no way back for us now. It was never going to last. We were only together for sex. I fancied him like mad, like no one else I’ve ever known. But it’s not enough, is it?”

According to the UK's News of the World, A-Dubs stunned pals with a bitter admission that her 17-month marriage will end in divorce - and by revealing secrets of their crazy sex life including girl-on-girl action and sordid threesomes.

A downright clean-cut Blake Fielder-Civil, left, and model Sophie Schandorff.

One of Amy Winehouse's friends said of the couple's split:

“She still loves Blake on many levels but she sees there’s no future between them. She says he wants to be with Sophie ... Amy knows he’s been in touch with her and it’s almost like she thinks they’re welcome to each other."

The same friend then revealed how Amy Winehouse unveiled some of the more intimate details of her sex life with 26-year-old Blake Fielder-Civil ...

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"It’s tough inside ... bloody horrible, but I’m out and that’s all that matters. It’s brilliant. I’m gonna get myself sorted. I’m gonna get my life back ... I’m gonna see my wife and take her knickers down." - Blake Fielder-Civil

With these words, Amy Winehouse's husband reentered society after a year in jail. He was released from prison on the condition that he enter rehab immediately.

Blake Fielder-Civil may have to wait a little longer for the removal of any knickers, as the Back to Black singer can't visit for at least seven days. But it's progress.

Upon his release, he was also in high spirits about world news. Giving the peace sign, he told reporters: "It’s a welcome to the free world for me and Barack Obama. I heard about the U.S. election on the car radio - it’s got to be good news!"

Free Blake Fielder-Civil!

It's great to see Blake Fielder-Civil again. Seriously, guy is pure entertainment.

Although looking well, his arms were covered in scars and what appeared to be fresh scratches. He was due out at Christmas but freed this week by Edmunds Hill Prison, Suffolk, after agreeing to rehab at the Life Works Community centre in Surrey.

Prison Service sources insisted that Blake Fielder-Civil - who had been sentenced to 27 months - was eligible for early release and was not granted special favors.

He is tagged, under curfew and banned from leaving rehab.

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Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, 26, was released from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk, England, today. He is free for the first time in 12 months.

His freedom was somewhat short-lived - Fielder-Civil is believed to have checked into rehab at a facility immediately as part of the terms of his early release.

Amy and Blake Picture

He was to serve as much as 27 months behind bars.

Amy Winehouse remained holed up at her home after checking out of a London Clinic Monday, where she was receiving treatment for a "chest infection."

It is not yet clear when the couple will be reunited.

AH, THE HAPPY DAZE: With Blake Fielder-Civil free for the first time in a year, a return to his carefree, drug-abusing days with Amy Winehouse can't be far off.

The freed Fielder-Civil was grinning from ear to ear as he emerged this morning wearing his typical apparel: ripped jeans, striped T-shirt and a trilby hat.

He was, however, showing signs of his time behind bars (not to mention hard drug use), sporting a chipped front tooth and red scratches down his arms.

Blake Fielder-Civil pleaded guilty to assaulting James King, 36, outside a pub, then plotting to bribe him £200,000 to skip the country and not testify.

It's almost a year to the day since eight plain-clothed officers handcuffed Fielder-Civil at the couple's flat in Bow, East London, and led him off to jail.

Fielder-Civil's own mother, Georgette, has expressed concern about his return to Winehouse's world and his family are desperate for him to stay with them.

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Amy Winehouse's incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, needs to be at home with his mother - not with the troubled singer or in a rehab center.

So says his mother, Georgette Fielder-Civil.

Mr. Fielder-Civil

"I don't think rehab is the answer," she said.

What is? "Coming home to us." Obviously.

The momma's boy is currently serving a sentence for assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Yes, that's what it's called in the UK.

Blake Fielder-Civil has been in jail since November 2007, and media reports said his application for early release this Christmas has been denied.

"We don't know when he will be released," Georgette Fielder-Civil says. "I can't really say because I don't want to jeopardize our efforts."

She says she speaks to her son "sometimes every day" – but never to A-Dubs, who Mrs. Fielder-Civil recently said she wishes were locked up.

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Blake Fielder-Civil has rejected a second chance to leave jail early — after prison bosses said he would have to go straight into rehab when he got out.

They offered to cut his stay at Suffolk’s Edmunds Hill prison by more than two months if he agreed to enter a detox facility. He turned down the deal.

Whine House

A week ago, Blake was told he would be released if he went to live with his mother, Georgette Fielder-Civil, and agreed to wear an electronic monitor.

He chose to stay behind bars rather than freedom in that case, too.

Mr. & Mrs. Blake Fielder-Civil in happier times.

Last night a friend of Amy Winehouse, Blake's wife, said:

"This will be another blow for her... Blake could have gone to rehab and sorted himself out but would rather see out his sentence in prison. All he wants is a free reign when he leaves, which means living with Amy back in Camden."

Of course, if he is turning down these chances to leave jail and get off the smack, it doesn’t exactly bode well for him and Amy when he does get out.

For now, at least, they are committed to each other. Amy's even been posting pics of Blake Fielder-Civil nude on Facebook. Whatever passes the time.

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The headline of this post, along with the ridiculous picture below, pretty much tell you everything you need to know, but we'll elaborate a little.

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse posted this photo – in which a nude Blake Fielder-Civil exposes himself – on her Facebook profile recently.

But Amy, who just celebrated her 25th birthday, will have to wait a little longer to see the real thing as Blake has chosen to remain in prison.

That's right. Rather than accept early release, he'll be staying in the can.

Blake Fielder-Civil Nude

Yes, that's Blake Fielder-Civil nude. Don't ask us about the eye patch.

In his defense, living with one's parents does suck. In order to be granted an early release, Blake Fielder-Civil would have to be under house arrest in the residence of his mother, Georgette, and wear an electronic monitor at all times.

A source told the UK's The Sun: "It was all set for him to be released, but Blake refused to go to anywhere other than Camden. He doesn’t want to go somewhere where he can’t be reunited with Amy and his friends. He’d rather stay inside."

At least he can send her naked photos in the meantime.

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Amy Winehouse's mother-in-law, Georgette Civil, has called for her to be arrested after the junkie was caught again on video snorting cocaine.

The crackhead Back to Black crooner was secretly filmed hoovering up the quite illegal drug - smack in the middle of a packed London pub.

Smokin' Wino

This is the first time Georgette Civil has spoken out about the shocking 36-second footage, which was filmed last month during Amy's DJ set.

Her sensational comments come in the week that walking corpse Amy Winehouse is set for another rehab stint at the Focus 12 Clinic in Suffolk.

A spy cam catches Amy Winehouse in the act!

Amy has been booked into the clinic just a short drive from the jail where hubby Blake Fielder-Civil is serving a 27-month sentence.

But rather than pushing for Blake's rumored, possible early release, Georgette Civil wants Amy locked up right along side addict son.

“Prison will do Amy far more good than Rehab,” she said. “I’m shocked by the video. When I look at Amy I think: ‘For Christ’s sake, just get a grip of yourself.’ Enough is enough. As the police know, Amy is a drug addict - and she has now been caught twice on film taking illegal drugs - they should arrest her and put her behind bars. Rehab clinics are a waste of money."

Watch the video and read more of Georgette's advice here.

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The countdown is on.

In 142 days, Amy Winehouse's jailed husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, may be released from the slammer, according to a new report out of the UK.

Blake Fielder Pic

Blake has been told he may be released on December 30 - just in time to shoot up on the outside with the wife and celebrate New Year's!

Of course, he has to stay clean for this to happen.

Word has it he may even be let out next month for a weekend visit if he behaves himself and stays drug-free, but we seriously doubt that.

Regardless, Blake Fielder-Civil's mother, Georgette Fielder-Civil, has pleaded with him to go home to her - not Amy Winehouse.

“We’re hoping his probation officer will advise him to stay with us. If he’s linked with drugs on his weekend visit he will lose the right to come out early,” Georgette said.  “He will be released December 30 if he’s a good boy.”

Blake Fielder-Civil has been in jail for the past year for inflicting grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

He was given a sentence of 27 months but apparently it may be cut short. Stay tuned as to whether he holds up his end, though.

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Love is indeed a losing game. Or one you have to wait 27 months for.

Amy Winehouse will have to smuggle heroin into prison in her beehive for two-plus years after Blake Fielder-Civil was sentenced today for beating up a pub manager, then offering him $400,000 to conveniently not show up at trial.

Blake Fielder-Civil's sentence includes 15 months for unlawful wounding of the man and 12 months for his perverting the course of justice. Really.

He's already served close to nine months whilst awaiting trial, making it effectively a three-year sentence. Better hope for conjugal visits, Blake.

Blake Fielder-Civil Mug Shot

This Blake Fielder-Civil mug shot is an oldie but goodie.

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Amy Winehouse was out with friends last night. Why? Because that's what she does. She gets trashed. Whenever she can. But specifically this time, she may have been pre-gaming for the impending release of Blake Fielder-Civil.

It's not a guarantee. He receives his sentence today and given the charges against him, a judge could sentence him to five years or so in the slammer. However, he could also be let off with time served and probation.

Toweling Off

Blake's mom, Georgette Fielder-Civil, begged the judge to set him free - but to send him home with them and not A-Dubs, the News of the World reports:

"I'm dreading it because I don't want him to go straight back to Amy. If he goes it could be a death sentence for the two of them. Blake thinks he's going to be Amy's saviour and has every intention to try to stop the drugs. But Amy is completely unstable. Blake is a recovering drug addict and he's not strong enough to resist the temptation. If they are reunited, I know they will be back on drugs within days."

Well, that's a fair assessment.

Mrs. Fielder-Civil thinks that if he goes back to Winehouse, they will both overdose. She wants Amy to go back to rehab - and stay there - ASAP.

"She needs to prove that she loves him enough to stop. Then, once they are both drugs-free, they can have a real future together."

Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, said that Blake Fielder-Civil needs to go straight into rehab after he's released. Blame game, anyone?

Will Blake be set free or stay in jail? Will he go back to Amy or to Melissa Goldstone? We can only wait and see. We can only wait and see.

Blake Fielder-Civil Biography

Fielder-Civil, Blake A true Casanova, Blake Fielder-Civil is the guy who rocks the universe of Amy Winehouse. He also rocks her body, and for once, we're not... More »
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Blake Fielder-Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil Quotes

Me and Amy are always gonna be close but we've decided we're better as friends. The fact is we're in an open relationship (well I didn't know we were til recently!!!) but I don't want that. I just want a loyal sweet, staunch, slutty girlfriend.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]

Everyone blames the drugs for [Amy Winehouse] being a f****** mess (or they blame me), but to be honest I've done drugs all my f****** life and it didn't turn me into a complete **** ... well a little bit I guess.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]
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