Bill Simmons is ESPN online columnist and pop culture guru. Also known as The Sports Guy.

Back in May, ESPN fired Bill Simmons unexpectedly, thus forcing sports fans everywhere (read: Boston) to go to Gisele Bundchen's Twitter page in order to read the boastful ramblings of someone who regularly fellates Tom Brady.

We kid Simmons, but he's really one of the funniest and most insightful sports journalists working today, and he deserved better than to be unceremoniously canned in very public fashion. Now, ESPN has twisted the knife by shutting down Grantland, the irreverent sports and pop culture site that Simmons created in 2011.

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Bill Simmons will soon leave the ESPN family.

The television personality and columnist, who serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the website Grantland, could not agree on terms of a new contract and will break from ESPN this fall.

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Man, how low must the ratings of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann have fallen?!?

After all, we can only imagine the host's random, personal attacks against columnist Bill Simmons stem from a need to garner attention. You can get caught up on the feud HERE, but in a nutshell:

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Earlier this week, Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") penned an online column, which argued the following thesis:

The eventual comeback by Tiger Woods on the golf course will be more difficult than the in-ring return of Muhammad Ali, following his hiatus from boxing that stemmed from avoiding the Vietnam War draft.

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Bill Simmons is an ESPN columnist known as "The Sports Guy."

During his most recent NFL picks feature, Simmons pointed out the most effective way to stop Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, Reggie Bush, who is tied for the league lead with eight touchdowns this season. We'll let him share it with readers:

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ESPN's The Sports Guy, a.k.a. Bill Simmons, was recently asked a by a reader what The Hollywood Gossip itself ponders daily: If you had the No. 1 pick in a death pool draft, would you take Britney Spears over Amy Winehouse?

Indeed, it's a question for the ages. While we would prefer the musings of his wife, The Sports Gal, Bill Simmons' response is pretty funny...

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