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It's been quite the week for Beyonce.

She sang farewell to Oprah, received a major honor at the Billboard Awards and then hit the stage with the female finalists on last night's American Idol finale.

First, the singer joined Haley, Pia and company in a fun rendition of "Crazy in Love." You can watch the ladies dance it up below, followed by Jay-Z's prettier half later returning to debut a ballad off her new album, "1+1." What did you think of both performances?

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Kids around the country are heading back to school. But they aren't the only ones being graded as summer turns to fall.

Multiple artists have released new albums over the last couple weeks. The critical folks at Entertainment Weekly have taken the time to grade each CD - and those from The Gossip figured it was our duty to present such estimations to readers everywhere:

  • Beyonce Nipple Slip?
  • Jessica Simpson Bustin' Out
  • The New Panel
  • Beyonce, B'day: B+. The magazine said you have "search far and wide to find a vocalist who sings with more sheer force ... [while obsessing] over the intersection of love and lucre ..."
  • Jessica Simpson, A Public Affair: C. EW accuses Jessica of basically ripping of the 80s, with tracks that sound eerily like Madonna and samples from bands such as The Cars. She does get points, however, for no Nick Lachey-like "confessionalism."
  • American Idol, Season 5 Encores: C. Describing a CD as "expertly crafted mediocrity" isn't exactly a recommendations. At least praise is given to Chris Daughtry for singing multiple parts on "Wanted Dead or Alive."

The publication stayed away from the most important grade of all, however: the booty battle between Beyonce and Jessica. What do you think?

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